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Make Money online through &

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1 Make Money online through &
Revealing the secrets of How to earn Money through online

2 Internet Usage in India
The number of Internet users in India stood at 112 million in September 2011, with 88 million of them coming from the urban cities and 24 million from the country’s numerous villages and small towns. Internet usage in the country is driven primarily by young people, with over 75% of the Internet users being school- or college-going kids and young men.

3 Google Adsense Google Adsense is free to join programme. You are not going to pay single penny for this adsense programme. 100% Genuine Income. Since Adsense introduced the double approval method for adsense approval, People have now a new headache. They don’t get approval if they are new or doesn’t have a standard website yet with a lot of traffic. Even then we are able to provide you fully approved adsense approval service for most of the countries in the world. To Participate in Google Adsense Programme You must have a Website. Then you have to put quality content in that website. Which (content) not copied from any website or blogs or any web-pages. For now, Adsense is the best way to make money free online informational sites even if there are no obvious related affiliate programs. But you don't need to disregard affiliate programs. You can combine both these ways to make money free online and double your income.

4 About Us ROXA INFOTEK LTD. (Hong Kong Regd. Company) being a global technology services and outsourcing company delivers world-wide State-Of-The-Art Services to any complexity of clients. ROXA INFOTEK INDIA LTD. (Registered in India since 2006) has been carving itself successfully in the web design and development business. We provide hosting, branding, website design, software development, search engine optimization and a lot more. If you purchase website from Roxa Infotek you get the following additional benefits Free Google Adsense Fully Approved Account Free Affiliate program accounts First 2 year webhosting Free Domain Charges on Reseller/wholesale price

5 Our Packages

6 Marketing Support Option – 1
 All Google Adsense and affiliate program accounts will be in your personal name. All ad codes in your website will be placed from your adsense or affiliate account.  100% payment cheque will be in your name directly from Google,,, etc.  Company shall train you for increasing the traffics to your website and earn maximum.

7 Marketing Support Option – 2
Roxa Infotek’s Google Adsense ad codes, affiliate codes will be placed in your website. Based on the revenue generated from banners placed on your website up to 90% of such revenue will be shared with the website owner. You can earn an unlimited income. Also company shall provide you monthly incentive/reimbursements on your effort for online promotions, content writing, internet expenses etc. based on the number pages you are managing. This benefit is limited for first 24 months. 1 Pages website – Rs. 500 (10 USD) 5 Pages website – Rs (20 USD) 10 Pages website – Rs (50 USD) Company shall train you for increasing the traffics to your website and earn maximum.

8 Company Adsense Account

9 Adsense Earnings

10 Top 10 Adsense earners in India
Name - Amit Agarwal Blog - Estimated Adsense Revenue – INR 18 Lacs ($ 36,000) per Month Name – Amit Bhwanai Blog – Estimated Adsense revenue – INR 7.50 Lacs ($15,000) Per Month Name – Harsh Agrawal Blog – Estimated Adsense Revenue – INR 5.50 Lacs ($11,000) per month Name – Jaspal Singh Blog – Estimated adsense revenue – INR 5 Lacs ($10,000) per month

11 Top 10 Adsense earners in India
Name – Arun Prabhudesai Blog – Estimated Adsense Revenue – INR 4.50 Lacs ($9000) per Month Name – Nirmal Blog – Estimated Adsense Revenue – INR 4.25 Lacs ($8500) per Month Name – Rohit Langde Blog – Estimated Adsense Income – INR 4 Lacs ($8,000) per month Name – Rahul Bansal Blog – Estimated Adsense Revenue – INR 3 Lacs ($6500) per month

12 Top 10 Adsense earners in India
Name – Honey Singh Blog – Estimated adsense Revenue – INR 2.25 Lacs ($4500) per Month Name – Srinivas Tamada Blog – Estimated Adsense revenue – INR 2 Lacs ($4000) per Month

13 Affiliate Marketing

14 Affiliate Marketing

15 E-Commerce Packages E-Commerce Business Opportunity in Your Own Brand Name (Free Domain) Stat your online e-Commerce Business and earn in Lacs of rupees monthly

Comparison Chart Sl. No. NORMAL DIRECT MARKETING CO. OUR COMPANY 1 High Product Cost/High Margin Our rates are competitive in the market 2 Traditionally not proven business Our Business Model is traditional proven model 3 Many Survey companies came in to market which is not a traditional proven business model on individual level Our Businesses like mobile recharge, travel booking, online shopping and earning from Google adsense or affiliate marketing is a proven business model. 4 Not Next Generation Products Our Products are Next Generation Products 5 No Affiliate Income We earn from affiliate income 6 You can count only members and their data is not much worthy so less chance of Advertisement Income. If we have 10 Lac resellers we will be having 10 Lac websites to place advertisements. We can bargain with any Advertiser for placing ads. 7 No Extra Sales Opportunity We can sell many products like logo designing, flash and customized features, webhosting and domain booking etc. 8 No Opportunity of Direct Sales from the public. Purchase minimum package then you can buy products. For booking an air ticket or purchasing a laptop from us no restrictions to join as a member anyone can buy from us. So it generates real sales for the company. 9 No Marketing and Promotional Support Company Supporting for brand promotion for first 2 years. 10 Company generates profit one time normally Company can generate profit from resellers at any time and from their customers. Repeated Sales available.


18 Legal Roxa Infotek Limited is a registered company from Hong Kong for the global operations except for India. (Reg. No under ROC Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as an offshore company with 100% Tax free benefits) Roxa Infotek India Limited is a public limited company registered in India under the Companies Act,1956. (Reg. No. U72300DL2006PLC Dtd. 25th May 2006) Roxa Infotek India Limited is filing its Annual Reports, Audit Reports, Income Tax and other related returns in time from last 5 Years. Roxa Infotek India Limited does not require any prior permission of the Government of India to set up IT/Software units in India. Roxa Infotek India Limited is following the guidelines of Kerala Government for the Direct Selling Companies.

19 Legal We are not charging any membership fee from resellers as per the Kerala Government Guidelines We shall be maintaining a regularly updated website giving details of our products, services, price etc. as per the Kerala Government Guidelines. Roxa Infotek India Limited is a 100% Strong Legal e-commerce/software development Company & we are following Indian Government Service Tax rules. Get TDS certificate on your income including e-wallet for Indian Citizens. We have registered office in India and all details available in the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs Roxa Infotek India Limited does not accept any investments from public.


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