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Tips to Increase Your Chances of Passing the CPLP

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1 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Passing the CPLP
Presented by Mary McWalter, CPLP Technical Trainer Boston Private Bank & Trust Company Boston, MA Tel: (617) January 2014

2 What is CPLP? Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

3 Based on Revised ASTD Competency Model
January 2014

4 CPLP CI Questions Contact the ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) for specific procedural steps. Pat Byrd

5 CPLP Components Knowledge Exam Work Product Eligibility

6 Eligibility Requirements
At least 5 years T&D experience Time and commitment Have the funds. Cost of test is $ (ASTD national members) and $ (nonmembers.)

7 Knowledge Exam 150 multiple choice questions Computer based exam
10 Areas of Expertise (AOE) “Application” of knowledge

8 Work Product Recent work project within last five yrs. Choose an AOE
Instructional Design, Training Delivery, Performance Improvement or, Managing Learning Programs 10 essay questions Provide supporting evidence Signed forms

9 What I Did… Knowledge Exam 3/13
Delivery of training project 8/13: 20 min video recording, leader’s guide, 10 essays, and evidence.

10 Tips Use Resources Allow plenty of time Choose the right AOE
Choose the right project Build an internal network

11 Tips Reward participation Submit quality evidence Write great essays
Submit by the deadline Reward yourself

12 1. Use Resources Review website ASTD-Certification-Institute

13 1. Use Resources, cont’d Review current: CPLP Orientation
CPLP Certification Handbook (formerly the Candidate Bulletin) Part 1: Program Overview Part 2: Knowledge Exam Part 3: Work Product Part 4: Recertification

14 1. Use Resources, cont’d Work Product: Chapter for your Specific AOE
Scoring Guide Templates Submission Guidelines Scoring Process Critical Flaws/Pitfalls

15 1. Use Resources, cont’d ASTD Learning System ASTD Flashcards
ASTD instructor led workshops (includes online version) Not required

16 1. Use Resources, cont’d Sample CPLP Work Product Materials: (Delivery of Training)

17 1. Use Resources, cont’d Join CPLP Candidate group on LinkedIn
Form or Join Study groups Webinars and classes Other materials/books on the AOE

18 1. Use Resources, cont’d

19 2. Allow Plenty of Time Estimates: 10-12 weeks for Knowledge Exam
40 to 80 hrs for work product submission (excluding time to do actual project) Plan work product when studying for exam

20 3. Choose the Right AOE Choose AOE – where you have “Expertise”
Instructional Design Training Delivery Performance Improvement or Managing Learning Programs

21 4. Choose the Right Project
Choose a project that meets the ASTD criteria Must be a real work project Be able to describe the process

22 5. Build an Internal Network
Get sponsor approval for the work product early: Explain CPLP process Ensure confidentiality Get buy-in from project team for process and level of formality

23 5. Build an Internal network, cont’d
For delivery of training: Need participants willing to be video recorded: Explain purpose ahead of time Offer incentives …lunch!! Need someone to video tape the session

24 6. Reward Participation Thank them Free food!!
Let them know when you passed

25 7. Submit Quality Evidence

26 7. Submit Quality Evidence
s, meeting invites, agendas Photos: flip charts, room set-up Reports, project and evaluation plans Conceal confidential information

27 8. Write Great Essays Write several versions of your essays
Use the correct font size Be careful with grammar Use “I” Get someone else to review

28 9. Submit by the Deadline Has to arrive by the deadline
FedEx, UPS, or US Mail Don’t require a signature

29 10. Reward Yourself

30 The Result!

31 Recertification Every three years Accrue 60+ recertification points

32 Are You Certifiable?

33 Thank You and Good Luck! Mary McWalter, CPLP January 2014
Technical Trainer Boston Private Bank & Trust Company Boston, MA Tel: (617) January 2014

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