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Neoflam is inviting you to join our world wide success.

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1 Neoflam is inviting you to join our world wide success

2 Headquarters in Korea China USA UK Poland Israel Brazil Taiwan Singapore Australia Factory (8 locations) Plastic injection & blow molding for cutting board, food storage and hydration products (2 factories in China) Die cast aluminum cookware with ceramic coating (China & Korea) Triply bamboo with non-slip grips (China) Flame-proof ceramic cookware (Korea) Color-coated stainless steel knife (China) Porcelain food storage (China) Business Overview Sales revenue in 2010: $250M Sales forecast in 2011: $400M Global distribution in over 60 countries Sales offices in 9 countries Neoflam Overview

3 What makes Neoflam so successful? The world is changing as well as the consumer behaviour Neoflam has it all!!!

4 The Healthy Cutting board Worldwide exclusive licensee for Microban 10M pieces of annual production Various materials: Plastics (PP/PE), Bamboo, and Green Plastics (under development) The Healthy Knife Colour –coated Japanese carbon stainless steel 3M pieces of annual production The Healthy pan Colorful ceramic coating with Ecolon superior non-stick performance 6M pieces of annual production for die cast aluminum cookware Nature cook Flame-proof ceramic cookware Food Storage and Hydration Food storage: plastics (PP/Tritan) and porcelain Hydration (Tritan)

5 Neoflam - Ecolon Coating – Midas Set of 9 with a detachable handle - Bamboo products – Microban Cutting board – Nature Cook – Please click on the pictures to watch the movies

6 About Ecolon Our multi-layer ceramic coating both on the outside and inside of the cookware ensures a coating that will last for a long time. The die-cast manufacturing allows different thicknesses of the wall and bottom to resulting in a cookware that is light and provide optimal heat for cooking.

7 Business opportunity The Healthy pan the brand that has swept away millions of consumers around the world. Neoflam has proven that it will attract customers like a magnet to your shop Branded small swivel display stand that can handle large amount of stock. Our product more often than not leads to impulse buying: I always wanted a green fry pan!! Oh my goodness a red frypan, that will match my kitchen!... Healthy, modern, fresh, vibrant, natural, eco-friendly, unique, functional and infallible customer service are just some of the popular traits of our company and products.

8 Organic Expo & Green Show 2010 Awards

9 Sales and Marketing Support Neoflam marketing budget covers in-store promotions, POS Materials and outside store events, we also PR and advertising. Neoflam is continually invests and increases the marketing budget In store marketing Dedicated sales manager to assist stores, achieve budgets and keep momentum behind the brand POS materials – A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, signage in shop, display stand, LCD screen, aprons with Neoflam Logo for the sales team in stores. Team training sessions focusing on product knowledge and sales techniques. Representatives that visit the store on a regular basis. Outside store marketing Events sponsor High saturation public relation campaigns Social network campaigns Advertising across all media Give-away, promotions and competitions

10 The Australian Organic Market Source: The 2010 Australian Organic Market Report – BFA New research reveals more than 6 out of every 10 Australian households now buy organic on occasion, up from 40% in 2008. The organic sector is showing strong patterns of sustained growth through what has been an extremely challenging Global Financial Crisis (GFC) period. Organic domestic retail sales have grown over 50% in 2 years (from $623M to $947M). 91% of Australians say chemical free is important to them, being a stand out feature of organic production requirements in the Australian Organic Standard. Organic, green & health community

11 Media Neoflam has been highly acclaimed by the media and has received amazing and vast coverage.

12 Media



15 Event sponsor Neoflam is proud sponsored of big events like the Good food & wine show and the Organic Expo & Green Show, Renown Celebrity chefs like Kylie Kwong, Tobie Puttock, Gary Mehigan & George Calombaris, Poh Ling Yeow, Matt Moran, Manu Feilde, Anna Gar and more are cooking with Neoflam healthy cookware. Our highly coveted products have been even more popular than could have been anticipated, and as such our company has grown at a very rapid rate.

16 Event Calender Good Food & Wine – Melbourne 3-5 June 2011-Sponsor of the Celebrity Theatre Good Food & Wine Good Food & Wine – Sydney 1-3 July 2011-Sponsor of the Celebrity Theatre Good Food & Wine Good Food & Wine – Perth 15-17 July 2011-Sponsor of the Celebrity Theatre Good Food & Wine Organic Expo & Green Fair – Sydney 5-7 August 2011- Sponsor of the Celebrity Theatre Organic Expo & Green Fair Good Food & Wine – Adelaide 7-9 October 2011-Sponsor of the Celebrity Theatre Good Food & Wine Good Food & Wine – Brisbane 4-6 November 2011-Sponsor of the Celebrity Theatre Good Food & Wine

17 Celebrity chefs

18 Thank you. we appreciate your time and consideration

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