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The appeal of eBay Reading Unit 10.

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1 The appeal of eBay Reading Unit 10

2 The history of the Internet is 1) l_____ed w_____ tales or businesses that were set to take over the world… 1) containing a lot of 1) littered with A 2) st______ing success story that just keeps on growing. 2) shocking, surprising 2) staggering

3 Major corporations use eBay to 3) sh____ unwanted stock.
3) to get rid of 3) shed It was launched in 1995 and was the 4) br_____d of Pierre Omidyar. 4) a clever and original idea, plan or invention. 4) brainchild. Also brainwave, though with a slightly different connotation: a SUDDEN clever idea.

4 Seeking to answer that question turned Omidyar into one of today’s most successful 5) ent________urs. 5) someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity 5) entrepreneurs As one 6) in_____te observer of social trends put it (…) 6) someone who does something very often and cannot stop doing it 6) inveterate

5 She was an 7) a____d collector of sweet dispensers.
7) extremely eager or interested 7) avid I was quickly 8) h_____ed. 8) to become addicted to something 8) hooked

6 After a while I began 9) s____ing through a category of interest to me – cycling 10) m______lia.
9) to move text or other information on a computer screen in order to view a different part of it 10) objects that are collected because they are connected with a person or event which is thought to be very interesting 9) scrolling 10) memorabilia

7 There was a day and a half to go until the conclusion of the sale and I started 11) b____ing
11) to offer a particular amount of money for something which is for sale and compete against other people to buy it, especially at a public sale of goods or property 11) bidding When I got the news that I had won the auction, I was 12) e____ed 12) extremely happy and excited, often because something has happened or been achieved 12) elated

8 You probably wouldn’t find any of those people standing next to you at a ) car-____ s_____ on a Sunday morning… 13) an event in a public place where people sell their unwanted possessions, often from the backs of their cars 13) car-boot sale

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