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LCL LOGISTIX INDIA PVT LTD visit us on It is more than just Shipping Globally Local.

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1 LCL LOGISTIX INDIA PVT LTD visit us on It is more than just Shipping Globally Local

2 - It all began in Our Mission, Vision & Values - Expanding our Horizon - LCL India presence today - LCL presence India West, East, North & South - LCL Global presence today - LCL proposed global offices - WHY LCL Logistix - Service offerings – Ocean freight - Service offerings – Air freight - Service offerings – Buyers consolidation - Service offerings – Road & Rail combination - Service offerings – Container Freight Station (CFS) - Service offerings – Specialized industrial cargo solutions - Discover business in Canada – Through LCL - Dharamtar Infrastructure Limited - LCL business outlook They BUY & SELL with us Welcome Abroad. At LCL Group, We Share One Basic Aspiration: To Be The Worlds Best Logistics Company. LOGIX PARK Container Freight Station Globally Local

3 IT ALL BEGAN IN LCL's own CFS at Pipavav commissioned. Tuscan VenturesTuscan Ventures invests. Name changes to LCL Logistix 2006 Cargo Management, LCL South and LCL Freight Solution integrated their businesses with LCL Agencies India Pvt. Ltd Acquired Lyman Container Lines Canada LCL Enters warehousing business LCL Canada Limited established in Canada. FMC-OTI License issued for USA operation and LCL Lines New Jersey Branch opened 2003 LCL Agencies (South) Pvt. Ltd. was established in Kochi 2002 LCL Freight Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. was established in Kolkata IATA License obtained 2001 FMC Registration as Foreign NVOCC 2000 MTO License obtained 1998 LCL Agencies becomes Private Limited company Cargo Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Established in Kolkata 1997 LCL Agencies partnership firm established Strengthening our Foundations Globally Local

4 OUR MISSION To become a leading integrated global logistics & supply chain management company providing business enabling solutions & exceeding customer Expectations. OUR VISION To deliver customized and unique logistics solutions globally ensuring time & cost savings for Customers in a responsible & sustainable Manner. OUR VALUES At LCL, we believe the customer comes first, we are focused to ensure customer delight, superior quality of delivery and increased customer profitability. At LCL, at our operations all over the world, we practice and enduring value system based on an open culture, honest & fair business & personal conduct, earning the confidence & trust of our Associates & customers. At LCL, we practice transparency with all agencies that we are involved with. At LCL, we value the importance of our colleagues, evolving a sence of togetherness and passion to deliver. COULD YOU REACH THE SKY ? IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING Globally Local

5 LCL Logistix (formerly LCL Agencies partnership firm) founded in 1997, is one of the Asias fastest growing, integrated, end-to-end logistics companies and supply chain solution providers today. Headquartered in India with Global presence across North America, Europe and Asia, LCL Logistix is today the preferred logistics and SCM partners for leading international companies. The Company has invested in own assets-led business services such as CFS, Trucks, Equipments & Warehouses. LCL Logistix offers customers a truly integrated range of services : Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Container Freight Station, Supply Chain Management, Buyers Consolidation, Road & Rail Transportation, Projects – Specialized Industrial Cargo solutions. LCL Logistix has grown along with its customers, and today, it is a people company with fully owned subsidiaries in Canada, USA & Singapore. It operates a close –knit network of over 30 self owned offices in India, and has cooperative relationships with over 200 partner companies. EXPANDING OUR HORIZON In the new wave of technology, you cant do it all yourself, you have to form alliances Globally Local


7 visit us on LCL PRESENCE – INDIA WEST LOCATIONS Mumbai Pipavav Kandla Ahmedabad Pune Baroda Indore Goa Kolhapur Service offerings : Ocean Freight (LCL Lines) Air Freight (LCL Air) Container Freight Station (CFS) at Pipabhav & Panvel, Mumbai Own fleet of Trailers / Road transportation Projects : Specialized Industrial Cargo Solutions ( LOGIXLIFT) Buyers Consolidation Supply Chain Management solutions LOGIX PARK Container Freight Station Globally local

8 visit us on LCL PRESENCE – INDIA EAST LOCATIONS Kolkata Vishakhapatnam Bhubaneswar Jamshedpur Service offerings : Ocean Freight (LCL Lines) Air Freight (LCL Air) Own Warehousing & Districentre at Haldia Own fleet of Trailers / Road transportation Proposed Container Freight Station at Haldia Projects : Specialized Industrial Cargo Solutions ( LOGIXLIFT) Reefer & Perishable cargo LOGIX PARK Container Freight Station Globally Local

9 visit us on LCL PRESENCE – INDIA NORTH LOCATIONS New Delhi Jaipur Jodhpur Ludhiana Kanpur Moradabad Bhadohi Kota Amritsar Service offerings : Ocean Freight (LCL Lines) Air Freight (LCL Air) Projects : Specialized Industrial Cargo Solutions ( LOGIXLIFT) Road & Rail Transportation Buyers Consolidation Supply Chain Management solutions Globally Local

10 visit us on LCL PRESENCE – INDIA SOUTH LOCATIONS Chennai Tutichorin Cochin Coimbatore Tirupur Bangalore Karur Hyderabad New Mangalore Service offerings : Ocean Freight (LCL Lines) Air Freight (LCL Air) Projects : Specialized Industrial Cargo Solutions ( LOGIXLIFT) Road Transportation Buyers Consolidation Supply Chain Management solutions Globally Local



13 visit us on WHY LCL LOGISTIX … The future has arrived – Lets grow together We dont do different things, We do things differently Globally Local

14 WHY LCL LOGISTIX … -Transparency of our operations - Real-time information of operations status -Young & well motivated company - Strong processes -Structured but not rigid -Very flexible organization - Communication : easy access to the whole team - Stable team and management - Integrated in a well established group - Audited by our valued customers about our performance and delivery. -We deliver more than cargo. Reliability, Value and trust. visit us on You know whats interesting about LCL Group ? Its the kind of place where you can get the right & timely information about Worlds Maritime direction. Globally Local

15 SERVICE OFFERINGS – OCEAN FREIGHT OCEAN FREIGHT SERVICES : Full Container Loads (FCL) Less than Container Load (LCL) Break Bulk Our own offices handle your cargo on both sides of the ocean, ensuring secure, efficient and cost-effective delivery. Our widespread agency network ensures that we are on hand to deliver customer satisfaction. Our integrated operational style, with our on-ground service capabilities, ensures access to unlimited capacity for your cargo - anytime, anywhere and in any quantity. India is becoming a leading manufacturing hub, services center and consumer market. Thus, international trade has been steadily increasing. LCL Logistix offers ocean freight services to a large portion of this vast market, currently ranked 5th in India among ocean freight providers. Our core business offering is ocean freight forwarding to service the large loads of cargo required by international businesses. Due to the large volume of goods shipped by us, we can negotiate the best price from shipping lines for our customers. We have extensive experience in handling both general and specialized shipments to over 500 ports around the world.


17 SERVICE OFFERINGS – AIR FREIGHT LCL Logistix is an IATA* licensed cargo agent and one of India's leading freight forwarders. Our Air Freight division has grown steadily in the last few years, and we were ranked 42 nd in India in 2007 amongst other logistics players in terms of cargo volume. Our team handles all kinds of specialized cargo such as priority cargo, perishables, oversized and fragile items.IATA Our air freight services are offered from every major international airport and from hubs across the world. We even book chartered flights to destinations across the world to service each and every need for our clients. We have established separate branches and partnerships overseas for maximum reach. Our clients always benefit from the convenience of dealing with a local representative. With our integrated service offerings, we offer full documentation and insurance services, customs clearance, warehouse space, and further transportation as required. We ensure that the quickest, most efficient and cost- effective transport cycles are maintained, while ensuring the secure delivery of our air freight goods. The Air Freight division integrates with our service offerings of road and rail feeder service and ocean freight to ensure delivery of your cargo - any size, any time, any where!


19 SERVICE OFFERINGS - BUYERS CONSOLIDATION LCL Logistix is one of the leading global players providing Buyer's Consolidation services due to the large volume of cargo handled by us. Our services include large volumes of cargo handling, local level vendor support services and global delivery. We ensure that we provide significant value addition to our client's supply chain needs. Freight consolidation As we handle a large volume of ocean and air freight, we consolidate Less Than Container (LCL ) from multiple customers into Full Container Load (FCL). We then separate the items for 'just in time' delivery. This service avoids the premium for LCL as well as inventory costs for our customers. Vendor-Managed Inventory Vendor-Managed Inventory is one of the best ways to build transparency and visibility between a manufacturer and a supplier in the management of supplies. Vendors take ownership of the inventory; the customer buys directly from the supplier, and we handle all of the inventory management issues. LCL Logistix imports, stocks and delivers inventory based on its customers' forecasts and release schedules. Real Time Reporting We provide constant monitoring and reporting including in-transit information, deliveries, status of shipments and more. Up-to-date information lets buyers avoid logistical mishaps that can result in plant down- time or in expediting costs. We provide customers with online status and inventory reports. Repackaging & labeling Cargo that is brought to the warehouse in economical load quantities can be repackaged into convenient labeled containers in quantities suitable for the end user. To manage inventory and just-in-time delivery to manufacturing lines, we can repack part of the cargo for delivery.

20 SERVICE OFFERINGS – ROAD & RAIL COMBINATION Road With a focus on developing its asset led business with integrated logistics infrastructure, including overland haulage, LCL Logistix has invested in its own fleet of trucks. This truck fleet: Extends our services to remote regions in India Allows for efficient and timely delivery Saves on additional third party costs such as insurance and storage Road connectivity is a vital part of LCL Logistix's integrated supply chain services and logistics solutions. With international expertise in analysis and management of the transport supply chain and reach across India, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet business transport requirements. Rail LCL Logistix leverages India's well established rail network - the 5th largest in the world - to optimize the overland transport flow of goods. Our integrated supply chain strategy is to build complimentary railway services linking key road and port corridors. Our overland services are fully integrated with other services such as supply chain consultancy, sea freight, air freight, and warehousing. With a unique balance of service, cost and reach across India, LCL Logistix is the preferred road and rail logistical partner for leading multinational parties.

21 SERVICE OFFERINGS – CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION LCL Logistix is investing in modern logistics infrastructure to support the escalating business transportation and logistics management demand in India. LCL Logistix has begun operations at its own Container Freight Stations (CFS), 'Logix Park', located at strategic port locations in India. Logix Park offers various logistics services and facilities under one roof, including: Warehousing Container parking Container repairs and maintenance Storage of reefer cargo Hazardous cargo handling Packaging of cargo Labeling Inventory management The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment including reach stackers, forklifts and mechanized cranes. These are powered by CNG/LPG to prevent oil spillage and to ensure sustainable energy conservation practices. Special facilities are available to provide safe handling and storage of agro products. Security features at the Logix Parks include: CCTV CAMERAS, EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTER, FIRE HYDRANTS AT EVERY 30 METERS LCL Logistix has set up a 40-acre Logix Park near Port Pipavav in Gujarat. We are planning to develop several large scale Logix Parks in India, with ongoing developments near the eastern port of Haldia with a storage capacity of 3000 TEUs, and another in Nhava Sheva with a storage capacity of 6000 Teus. Warehouses As part of its integration strategy to be present throughout the transportation value chain, LCL Logistix operates warehouses for storage and inventory management across the country. LCL Logistix has its own custom-bonded and general warehouses in locations such as Mumbai and Haldia for its customers' storage needs. LCL also operates a 7-acre empty container yard and repairing facility at New Delhi. LCL Logistix's heavy investment in infrastructure assets will continue to add to a seamless supply chain experience of global standards LOGIX PARK C ontainer Freight Station

22 SERVICE OFFERINGS – SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT LCL Logistix's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions are geared to deliver success to business enterprises, from multinational manufacturing companies to single traders. The SCM logistics team focuses on improving, streamlining and optimizing costs in the complex flow of goods across the world. From production lines till the final market, we ensure that each step of the supply chain is optimized for business cost and productivity. LCL Logistix designs and develops Supply Chain Management solutions based on a few simple process-oriented guidelines: Cost-effective solution Efficient global delivery integrated with local needs Reduction of inventory Reduction of supply chain costs Shorter lead times Improved productivity Coupled with these guidelines, we follow a consulting-led model to assess logistics requirements. LCL Logistix delivers results based on our experience, network and insights of over two decades. Warehousing LCL Logistix maintains a network of warehouses with inventory control and distribution services throughout India. Our Logix Parks in strategic locations are designed to support global sourcing and Just-In-Time supply chain management needs. With our custom-bonded or general warehouses, we can save our clients the expense or investment of maintaining dedicated warehousing facilities in multiple locations. LCL Logistix provides door-to-door delivery of goods, including landing cost calculations, declarations and reporting, monitoring, port authority charges and other processes. We enable the transportation of goods across borders with ease.

23 SERVICE OFFERINGS – PROJECTS: SPECIALIZED INDUSTRIAL CARGO SOLUTIONS LCL Logistix provides its customers with tailor-made industrial cargo solutions for any atypical or oversized industrial cargo. Some of the special types of cargo that our Projects division's custom solutions deal with are: Marine chartering for specialized cargo Heavy lift cargo requiring reinforced cranes Oversized cargo with special loading and offloading facilities (RORO* shipping) Bulk cargo such as food-grains or metal Industrial hazardous materials Flat rack and Open Top equipment Perishable cargo such as flowers LCL's mission is to become a strong player in these niche markets, with its innovative approach and high-grade client servicing. We support our clients at each level of project preparation and planning, enabling the best possible handling of their goods. LCL Projects division co-ordinates and optimizes our services to offer the most economical and safest handing of specialized industrial cargo, supported by risk assessment and control measures. LCL Logistix offers completely integrated transport solutions from our range of services by sea, air or overland, to deliver specialized cargo directly to the project site. We work directly with our clients to reach even the most challenging project objective

24 visit us on Put your finger to any place in Canadas map, and we are the specialist…..Handover your cargo and depend on our fast reliable services….. Nobody knows CANADA better than us Globally Local

25 DHARAMTAR INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED ABOUT US Dharamtar is situated along the Amba River, approximately 2 km from Wadkhal village On NH-17. The Port is 0.5 km from the state highway that runs through Pen to Alibaug and is 2 km away from Mumbai Goa National Highway (NH 17). The Port is also adjacent to Mumbai-Goa-Konkon Railway line with an approved railway siding. It is a trimodal port with rail, road and sea links with Nhava Sheva and Mumbai Port. FACILITIES The Port of Dharamtar offers the following facilities : Container/Cargo transportation by Sea/Road (Rail under dev.) Bulk & Break bulk transport by sea/road (Rail under dev.) Large scale warehousing and distribution for all commodities CFS facility Custom Notified warehousing Empty containers management & repairs Customs clearance 24 hours security

26 DHARAMTAR INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED TRANSPORT WAREHOUSING Dharamtar Port is a unique tri-modal port with focus on logistics engineering. It handles container transportation as well as bulk and break bulk transportation b y road, sea and rail (under dev). Dharamtar Port also carries out transhipment of containers. It is known for providing special scheduled barge services using the Inland water mote. Dharamtar Port has warehousing and distribution for all commodities. The Port is well Equipped with (2,40,000) sq. ft. of customized, cost-effective, State-of-art warehousing Space which is customs notified. Dharamtars scalable & modern warehousing space is Ideal for shippers, with cargo generation or end use with reasonable trucking distance From Nhava Sheva.

27 DHARAMTAR INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED RAIL SIDING Dharamtar Port, with its ongoing rail siding development will soon be able to handle Cargo across the region. In future, a sizable portion of Dharamtars container transportation as well as bulk and break bulk transport will be carried by Rail transport. CONTAINER HANDLING Dharamtar Port with its suitable barge jetty complete with cranes helps to bring about Efficient container movement. The port has all the special equipments such as reach stackers, Trailers & fork lifts required for container handling at jetty and yard. The Port also undertakes Activities like container repairs & maintenance. PRESS & NEWS Port of Dharamtar executes first major container shipment to JNPT and connected to EPIC service of CMA CGM. Container Trade takes to Coastal sea route, lowers logistics cost.


29 THEY BUY AND SELL HERE Globally Local

30 THEY BUY AND SELL HERE Globally Local


32 All success has few keywords Reliability Trust & Service Globally Local

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