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Where customer feedback meets operations Moment In Time.

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1 Where customer feedback meets operations Moment In Time

2 Customer Experience Management is a strategy that focuses the operations and processes of a business around the needs of the individual customer. Easily said! What is the current strategy to measure customer experience in your organisation? Is it working?

3 So we all know its critical to understand what customers are thinking? However, customer experience is perceived and managed in different ways by different stakeholders. The challenge is to bring them together in one holistic way….who are these stakeholders and how do they think?

4 Every industry has various stakeholders each with their own AGENDA! The Chef in a restaurant will have a totally different daily agenda to the Area Manager focussing on compliance Illustration: What each stakeholder may value above other issues in the food and beverage industry

5 So what happens in reality when it comes to measuring customer feedback? The marketing department kicks in utilising clever tools to measure what it perceives as important. The area manager presents adhoc feedback with operational issues to the franchisee. The franchisee briefly glances over the impressive document and whilst accommodating the discussion shows little interest as they cant see the real value that this will add. The store manager listens, wishing the conversation would end as they need to place orders with suppliers. The chef and floor manager believe that the report is rubbish as they havent seen any unhappy customers!! The Interdepartmental Struggle Marketing vs. Operations All stakeholders are not working together as a cohesive unit!

6 Whatsup is a customer centric solution bringing all stakeholders together REAL TIME ensuring that each agenda remains the key priority of each cog in the wheel. Lets go through the process…

7 Ground Zero So the customers are smiling….mmm? Whats really on his mind? Yeah right, thats a great joke but I need the bill now as I am already late for the kick off!! 97% of customers will never let you know their true thoughts…..understanding customer experience real time is critical.

8 The Customer is incentivised to provide feedback by simply SMSing the keyword Nothing advanced required, system works on entry level mobile devices. (SMS & WAP 2.0)

9 A feedback form pops up on the customers mobile phone, allowing the customer to express their feelings. A quick 2 minutes and you stand to win an ipad?

10 The information is captured and intelligently assessed in real-time. If the customer has an issue that needs to be dealt with right away the system kicks out an immediate recovery notification to all the required parties within 60 seconds! The chef, manager and restaurant owner are all instantly aware of a specific problem.

11 The alert is selected and the current feedback form is immediately pulled up in the APP. The issue can be instantly dealt with and the customers mobile number is displayed on the form. The manager can either phone or SMS the customer, dependent on the severity of the issue.

12 The operational team are instantly aware that the current issue is the Speed of Service. The customer has been appeased, however this is just one opinion. Does the establishment have a real issue with the speed of service or not?

13 The restaurant owner navigates through the app and after analysing this aspect of her business it becomes clear that there is a definitive, quantifiable issue with the Speed of Service in her establishment. This can be seen by viewing the relevant data and how the establishment performed against the industry average.

14 At Ground Zero Immediate customer recovery becomes the order of the day. Instant trend analyses is available to see what operational changes are required. An understanding of true customer experience becomes the norm. How well you are doing compared to other outlets becomes a serious point of interest, i.e. getting buy-in at an operational level is simple as the process is non administrative and the key benefits are accepted by all parties.

15 The area manager has the ability to view the same information as the restaurant on the same basis. In addition they have a further access level whereby they can benchmark internal outlets to the current outlet visited in real-time. So while discussing various issues Whatsup data can instantly verify or potentially question key points of discussion. The analysis is now accepted by all parties and the playing field has been levelled! The end result is that real value add is brought to the table.

16 Incredible Data Mining Possibilities

17 Data is captured en masse. Mobile numbers are captured. Its now easy to poll relevant respondents that have opted in with respect to SMS promotions and get to the bottom of those never ending subjective questions. Head Office gets an instant macro overview with the required data to drill deeper as required.

18 Whatsup brings all parties together with respect to understanding customer experiences, micro managing critical events and analysing trends to manipulate strategic initiatives in both the medium and long term. Plus….its really SIMPLE!





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