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The First HD Touch Screen Embedded Voice Logger in the World The Brand New 2013 Artech AQ Series.

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1 The First HD Touch Screen Embedded Voice Logger in the World The Brand New 2013 Artech AQ Series

2 History In year 2006, most voice loggers are integrated by PCI interface cards and PC.. Artech launched her very first standalone embedded voice logger AR8

3 Innovation In year 2013, most voice loggers are still made by line cards and PC… Artech launched worlds first HD touch screen voice logger AQ8

4 A Big Step Forward AR8 SeriesAQ8 Series Year of Development20062012 CPUSamsung S3C2410Samsung S5P6450 ARM Version and SpeedARM9, 203MHzARM11, 633MHz RAM32MB256MB Booting Timeabout 90 secondsabout 25 seconds Storage3.5 HDDSD card or 2.5 HDD HDD CapacityMax. 120GBBuilt-in 500GB, Max. 2TB Display1.8 Mono 128 x 645 full colored 800 x 480 with touch screen Local PlaybackN.A.Available Answering MachineN.A.Available

5 Why Standalone? Compare to PC based voice loggers, AQ series is like the camera, a real solution for recording phone conversation If you want to take a picture, you can buy a PC and a webcam. With operating the mouse and keyboard, you can shoot some photos… or, just buy a camera and a single click

6 Leading the Industry Standard Voice LoggerArtech AQ Series HardwarePC, Operating System, PCI Line Interface, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Multimedia Speaker A standalone voice logger SizeBigCompact Power ConsumptionHighLow FanRequired. Noisy and can be damaged Low heating, no fan required PC VirusRiskySafe ReliabilityLow, practically when the PC execute other tasks at same time High CostHighHigh C/P value

7 AQ Series High Light Fully Standalone 5 HD Touch Screen Various Options Voice Announcement and Answering Machine Multi Recording Interface SMRD Connectivity via RS232 and RJ45 Brand New PC Client Software Powerful Networking Features Centralized Management System Excellent User Experience High Reliability and Stability

8 Fully Standalone Non-PC No Fan Required Dedicated for Phone Recording PC not Required while Recording or Playing Back PC Virus Free

9 5HD Touch Screen 5 800 x 480 Pixel Display Touch Screen Easy Setting Status Indication Record Search and Playback

10 Various Options Optional LCD, 4/8 Ports, SD/HDD Storage ModelLCDPortStorgae AQ4NA4SD Card AQ4LYes4SD Card AQ4LHYes4500GB HDD AQ8NA8SD Card AQ8LYes8SD Card AQ8LHYes8500GB HDD

11 Voice Announcement After the agent answers the call, AQ will play a pre-recorded voice file to announce this call is been recorded.

12 Answering Machine Programmed timer to turn On/Off this feature While this feature is ON, AQ answers the call, play greeting message and take callers message.

13 Recording Interface (1) PSTN lines and analog phones Each port of AQ record a PSTN line (one telephone)

14 Recording Interface (2) Record trunk side of PBX All inbound/outbound calls are recorded Extension number is identified and kept as a part of CDR if PBXs SMDR port is connected.

15 Recording Interface(3) Record extension side of PBX Only dedicated extensions will be recorded

16 Recording Interface(4) Radio system recording Connect earphone output of one of the radios to AQs line port. The whole radio networks interactions will be recorded

17 Recording Interface(5) Live recording meeting

18 Recording Interface All interface can be integrated on one single logger

19 PBX SMDR Integration Extension number is identified and kept as a part of CDR if PBXs SMDR port is connected. Compatible with almost all PBX models in the world SMDR data can be retrieved via RS232 or RJ45 port

20 Brand New PC Client Software The Brand new PC software BlackBox brings a fresh and stylish look Multi language available, convenient for multi-national companies

21 Powerful Networking Users can access to the voice logger on desktop PC which is connected via internet or intranet, at work or at home With PC based software, users can monitor the line status, review statistical charts, search for records and listen to the live phone conversation

22 Centralized Management The Vault centralized management software is a great tool for multi site scenario The administrator can monitor all devices on a single PC lively This software also work as a cloud storage tool to backup all recording data

23 Other Feature List(1/2) Optional 4 or 8 port Built-in 500GB HDD for 35,000 hours recording (HDD version), or 4GB SD card (SD card version). Compatible with HCSD up to 64GB Built-in 5full colored touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution Speaker for playback on the device Low power consumption, low heating, fan-less Ethernet port for networking Firmware can be upgraded online or by USB flash Password protection for LCD operation Line status indication Line voltage indication Universal Caller ID for incoming and outgoing calls Unanswered call counter Programmed time table for daily recording Multi account, multi level authorization for data access

24 Other Feature List(2/2) Call detail record export to Excel format Records sent by email Preset phone numbers as exception (non recording) Preset extension numbers as exception (non recording) Manually recording mute for privacy information (e.g. ATM card password) Caller ID pop up on PC Multi conditional search System log SMDR Import phone book from outlook Manually and fully automatically back up Adding remark on records Multi language user interface

25 Excellent User Experience Voice logger is an industrial product, but we design the user interface like a consumer product The response of touch screen and PC based software is quick and smooth User-friendly design allow users to operate most of features without professional training Tutor video clips helps users learn operating quickly

26 High Reliability and Stability Stress test: full loading, 24 hours non-stop, 20,000 simulation calls per day for 28 days with zero fault Pass strict environment test includes drop, vibration, temperature, humidity and more CE and FCC certified

27 Advantage of Being Distributor Various of options available, suitable for all kinds of scenario The only affordable standalone voice logger with touch screen in the world Competitive price offered Marketing material (include PPT, brochure, tender specifications, video clips) provided

28 Contact Information Exclusive Distributor for Middle East Bahraa Trading Co. Riyadh 11573 P.O Box 52938, Al-Malaz-K.S.A Tel:966-1-4771007 Fax:966-1-4763122 E-Mail

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