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Chargold International Resources (SL), LLC Accredited Investor Private Placement Opportunity This summary shall not constitute an offer to sell or the.

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1 Chargold International Resources (SL), LLC Accredited Investor Private Placement Opportunity This summary shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale is not authorized. The offering is made solely by the prospectus which will be offered to accredited investors only who are known by and/or who have registered their accreditation status with the company.

2 Established Gold and Diamond Exporter Established relationships with Small Scale/Artisanal Miners Introducing world-class alluvial mining techniques and equipment to leverage relationships Taking advantage of the strong gold prices in the world market Taking advantage of favorable West African government mining policies Facilitating both the Buy-side & Sell-side of Gold and other precious metal transactions Controlling an end-to-end consortium and process

3 A Licensed Gold Exporting Company which has done small test pit mining and is currently a Buyer and Exporter of Gold. Has established Gold buying network in Sierra Leone & Ghana. Has ability to expand into Liberia, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Mali. Has established relationships with refineries in United States and Canada as-well-as ready, willing and able buyers of Gold. Controlled Consortium process, strategic vision, business devmnt. model based on global teamwork among its remote Project Mgrs. & Consultants working with small scale miners & Gold sellers. The management team negotiates purchase, refining & secured sales of the gold shipments.

4 Small-scale mining chiefdoms and small-scale mining operations throughout West Africa. Consortiums marketing approach is through native Project Managers in key gold-bearing regions - directly connecting with villagers, small scale miners & respective chieftain or mining operators. Develop bottom-up trust relationships and reinforce by mutually reciprocating benefits (i.e., community development) The basic investment strategy is quite simple…acquire Gold dust, nuggets and Dore bars in the field for the best possible price negotiated or use company mined gold, ship to the U.S. and sell as soon as possible to create the best margin prior to any negative downturn in the price of Gold.

5 Gold is safe haven investment during financial market turbulence & hedge against inflation & a weak dollar. 2010 may mark the halfway point of a historic, generational bull market and golds shift from ancient relic to respected asset class. Historically bull market cycles last 15-23 years. Swiss America 12/15/09 Riding The Gold Bull - Inspiring investors to grasp the 21st century gold rush! Central banksthe long-time nemesis of the gold sectorare doing an about-face to become its biggest supporters. The advent of net central bank purchases of gold is "virtually assured" in 2010 and beyond. John Embry, chief investment strategist at Sprott Gold and Precious Metals Fund. The Dollar is on the cusp of a disorderly move lower that will lead to despair. Although investors are embracing a weak Dollar, central banks are beginning to question it as a reserve currency and are diversifying into gold. Richard Russell October 09 21st edition of Dow Theory

6 Chargold maintains a simple low-risk business model and process of conducting repetitive monthly buy-side and sell-side transactions in Gold dust, nuggets and Dore bar acquired from small scale operators. Chargold creates a minimum 20% margin in each transaction. The Chargold Consortiums marketing culture and business model philosophy lends itself to the art of strategic development through close in-field relationships and the power of controlling its own niche environment through an end-to-end process. Chargold has identified and positioned itself to capitalize initially in the Gold Exportation market to create immediate cash flow and attractive monthly returns for its investors.

7 Brad Hostetler - senior management in mining, petroleum and construction sectors. Partners in Lintail Mining - pioneered new approaches to operative status using EPA CERCLA REGS. Developed professional relationships, with West Africa government officials & excellent business relationships with vendors, suppliers, airport, customs officials, regional/local politicians & Chiefs. Jim Nash is an accomplished C level professional with 30+ years experience in senior leadership positions and operations, with a proven record of success in developing creative structured finance strategies, funding solutions & implementing securities offerings. Steve Hall with 20-years in and retired from the Marine Corps, was CEO of Nortex Holdings Inc., and successfully parlayed a large oil company package to a publicly traded corporation where he was asked to participate as COO.

8 Issuer Proceeds $1,000,000 40 Units at $25,000 Par per Unit Notes with $36% Coupon payable at 3% per month Issuer Call Option at 24-months at $150% of Par Senior Secured and Convertible Development Round Capital

9 Gold Mining and Buy/Sell Operations: Brad Hostetler (303) 668 3129 Private Placement Memorandum Request & Related: Jim Nash (949) 485-5252 Website:

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