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Family Search & Engagement

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1 Family Search & Engagement

2 Trainers Kimberly Mineard Steiner Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter Northeast Ohio Adoption Services Nikaeda L. Griffie, MSSA, LSW Adoption Resource Manager Summit County Children Services Mike Kenney co-Director Waiting Child Fund

3 Our Agenda for Today Introduction to 6-steps of Family Search & Engagement (FSE) Step 1 - Setting the Stage Step 2 - Discovery Case Study Step 3 - Engagement & Exploration Step 4 - Planning Step 5 - Decision Making Step 6 - Sustaining the Relationship Taking FSE to your Organization

4 Introduction History Created by Kevin Campbell when working at Catholic Charities in Washington State Grew from research about Red Cross efforts to locate family members affected by natural disasters Being implemented successfully across the country on both the public and private level

5 Introduction Goal The goal is to identify members of the child’s extended biological (and non-related) family and other caring adults from the child’s past who Will commit to an ongoing, meaningful presence in the child’s life Can offer support and love throughout the child’s lifetime Will help the youth to find permanence and/or commit to being a permanent placement plan for the youth.

6 Introduction Overview of 6 Steps
Want Find Hook Meet Encourage Remember Them Them Them Them Them Them

7 Setting The Stage & Discovery
Children in Permanent Custody Determine the decision makers Present FSE to them Team meeting to clarify roles File mining Find 40 relatives Interview child Mobility mapping

8 Setting The Stage & Discovery
Children in Temporary Custody Referral Process Where to start? Family Team Meeting Meeting w/ case manager At this level, we have access to bio parent(s) Relative notification letter

9 Setting The Stage & Discovery
Tools Background checks Releases of information Ecomaps Genograms Internet search engines ACCURINT CRIS-E Gen-Pro Meetings, reports, and lots of communication!


11 Setting The Stage & Discovery
Barriers Procedural issues (case plan amendment) Lack of role clarity Buy-in (courts, foster care agency) Access to records Unorganized files Child-related issues (when to introduce new worker & engage in process)

12 Case Study

13 Engagement, Exploration, & Planning
Children in Permanent Custody Contact relatives, other important connections Let them know truth of what child has endured Restoration of dignity Gauge their interest in & appropriateness for team Hold “Network for Life” meeting Share child’s mobility mapping drawings Fill in calendar Begin permanency planning conversation

14 Engagement, Exploration, & Planning
Children in Temporary Custody Helping relatives to understand that they are not "interfering" by getting involved Relationship does not have to lead to placement Defining the goal for the team True concurrent planning

15 Engagement, Exploration, & Planning
Tools Supervision checklist Kinship notification letters Phone call scripts Communication!!! Monthly logs and reports


17 Engagement, Exploration, & Planning
Barriers Agency history with family Location of relatives Balancing act Handling inappropriate family members Coordinating visits

18 Case Study

19 Decision Making & Sustaining the Relationship
Children in Permanent Custody Hold follow-up meeting to note progress & address challenges Celebrate successes!! Engage in more in-depth discussion of permanency planning Develop Plans A Z & decide next steps Are necessary supports in place? “Plans fail, but our children do not.” Choose team member to facilitate future meetings

20 Decision Making & Sustaining the Relationship
Children in Temporary Custody Different outcome goals (Legal Custody) Connections can serve as support if child is reunified Helping connections to keep the relationship open with biological parents Dealing with family conflict

21 Decision Making & Sustaining the Relationship
Tools Permanency Pact Diligence Communication!!! Success Stories (celebrate success)


23 Decision Making & Sustaining the Relationship
Barriers Engaging too late (children bonding to foster parents while FSE is being explored) Agency policies and procedures Keeping continued buy-in Family follow-through Red tape (home studies)

24 Case Study

25 Taking FSE to Your Organization
Identify those who “buy in” first Assemble a team Task Force Work Group Management Team Develop goals and objectives Develop/attend FSE training Identify needs for overcoming barriers Policy & procedure Supervision checklist Accountability measures Measure & celebrate success Adapt & adjust

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