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Recycle-101 Basics steps for greening your classroom.

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1 Recycle-101 Basics steps for greening your classroom

2 What will you Learn? How much trash is there? The 3Rs Start a recycling Program The Benefits

3 Trash Facts o Americans use approximately 1 billion shopping bags, creating 300,000 tons of landfill waste. o 38,000 miles of ribbon are thrown away each year, enough to tie a bow around the Earth o Approximately 6.7 Billion bottles of water trash our landfills every year o Without Losing its quality, Aluminum can be recycled over and over


5 The Solution Reduce- To make something smaller or to use less o Buy only what you need and use ALL of what you Buy o When youre through with something, pass it along to other people who can continue to use it o When exercising, drink water from a reusable sports bottle

6 The Solution Reuse- find &discover new ways to use old items o HERE are a few ways you can reuse an old t-shirt (Make sure to ask mom & dad for help) o Girls can make a skirt o Boys Can make a grocery bag Everyone can have fun and use their imagination to think of new ideas

7 The Solution Recycle- To make something smaller or to use less Almost everything in your classroom and at home can be recycled o Plastic Bottles can be made into t-shirts o Old books can be recycled into new books Recycling is easy, Can you recycle these things? o Aluminum cans o Cardboard o Electronic equipment o Glass (particularly bottles and jars) o Magazines o Metal o Newspaper o Paper o Plastic Bags o Steel Cans o Writing/Copy Paper o Yard Waste (leaves, grass)

8 Recycle at School o Leadership-Youll need a teacher or parent to help launch your program o Teamwork- Once you have a leader, Youll need a team: other students, supporting teachers, and custodians o A plan- Set goals and discuss how to reach them decide which materials your school will recycle- i.e. Paper, Plastic, Aluminum? o Make Posters- hang posters about recycling in the cafeteria & classrooms

9 Recycle at School Below are a few resources/ links that can help you start a recycling program at school Environmental Protection Agency http://www.kab.org Keep America Beautiful http://www.resourcefulschools.org Resourceful Schools Project Waste Management Recyclebank

10 The Benefits o Less Trash- Recycling helps divert 32% of waste from crowding our landfills o Saves Energy- making new items from recycled materials uses less energy o Reduces Pollution- When trash decomposes it gives off a toxic soup called leacheates which pollutes our air o Saves Money- Recycling helps Companies use less resources to make new products

11 Start Now Theres no time like the present Recycle and keep our planet happy!!!!!

12 Presentation BY Eco Falls RAISE MONEY for your school visit learn how to FUNDRAISE by using reusable @ecofallssports

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