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Global Financial Datafeeds LLP

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1 Global Financial Datafeeds LLP
Presents AmiBroker-ZerodhaTrader Trading Bridge Financial Data… delivered

2 Global Financial Datafeeds LLP
Presenter Rama Reddy Business Development Manager Financial Data… delivered

3 What is it It is an interface between AmiBroker and ZerodhaTrader (Trading Platform provided by Zerodha). This bridge automates most of the tasks associated with placing Buy/Sell orders.

4 Pain-point Currently traders maintain non-connected setups for Technical Analysis and Order Management. Whenever trading signal triggers in charting platform, traders place order in their trading platform manually. For frequent day-traders, this is error-prone, time-consuming & needless duplication of efforts. Also, if multiple orders are getting triggered from one or more trading strategies, the same cannot be handled effectively in realtime. How it is addressed Global Datafeeds addresses this pain-point by connecting the Analysis and OMS setups.

5 A. If the user is a Dealer :
How it works Whenever signal triggers in charting / analysis platform, it instantly reflects in OMS – picking up the details of the intended trade from the analysis platform automatically. Then depending on the status of the user, the order will be placed on the exchange as per following 2 scenarios*. A. If the user is a Dealer : The order so reflected in charting platform will directly be placed on the exchange. B. If the user is a Retail Trader : The order so reflected in charting platform will reflect in NEST OMS. The user will have to review and accept the order so that it is placed on the exchange. * As per SEBI / Exchange Regulations

6 AmiBroker ZerodhaTrader NSE
How it works – flow diagram User : Dealer AmiBroker ZerodhaTrader Trading Bridge Charting Platform Order Triggered BUY : NIFTY12DECFUT QUANTITY : 2 ORDER TYPE : MARKET CLIENT ID : <CLIENT_ID> OMS Order Received BUY : NIFTY12DECFUT QUANTITY : 2 Exchange Order Placed Order Placed Directly on exchange User : Retail Trader Order Reviewed by user & then Placed on exchange AmiBroker ZerodhaTrader NSE

7 Minimum Requirements Free Trial
Users desirous to have this facility will need following : AmiBroker (you can purchase it from us or our sister concern - who are official vendor of AmiBroker in India) Realtime data from us (Any of our data products) Trading plugin (provided free of cost by us for all our data platforms and is included with the standard installation) Trading Account with Zerodha Active NestPlus Account from Omnesys Technologies (For more details & subscription, please visit NestPlus Website) For more information about the Trading Bridge, how it works, video tutorials and to request a trial, please visit Here. Free Trial

8 About us – who we are & what we do
Global Datafeeds is Authorised Realtime Data Vendor of NSE. We disseminate authentic, accurate & affordable realtime data with low latency (1sec update frequency) which integrates with multiple charting platforms at once (AmiBroker, MetaStock Professional, Advanced Get, NinjaTrader, Ensign & Elwave). Having started commercial operations in August 2010, today we enjoy an enviable reputation across user communities and are growing rapidly. Hundreds of professional traders, funds, brokerage houses as well as individual investors use our realtime data products to make their trading and investment decisions everyday. We are sister concern of – the authorised and only distributor of AmiBroker for India. We are head-quartered at Nashik (Maharashtra) where our central support is located. We also have marketing & server setup at Mumbai and Development facilities in Bangalore.

9 Contact >> Global Financial Datafeeds LLP D3, City Plaza, Old Mumbai Agra Road, Nashik State – Maharashtra. India. Support Billing On Web Rama Reddy – Business Development Manager Handphone >> Zerodha 175/176, 2nd Floor, Bannergatta Road, Bilekahalli, Bangalore Phone Support On Web >>

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