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Weight Management A Mindful Approach Presenters: Kim Jordan, RD, CD, CNSD.

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1 Weight Management A Mindful Approach Presenters: Kim Jordan, RD, CD, CNSD

2 Similar Strategies for Cancer Prevention: Eat mostly plant based foods, which are low in energy density Be physically active Maintain a healthy weight (via steps one and two, plus portion control) Weight Loss: Eat mostly plant based foods, which are low in energy density Be physically active Reduce portion sizes

3 Why a Plant based diet?

4 Naturally low in fat Naturally high in fiber Naturally high in fluid Low calorie/fat AND high bulk Bulk = Full, satiey center switches off

5 Fat Type counts Quality matters Amount counts Too much of a good thing is still bad

6 Fat: Snack Choices? Granola bar (1 oz) 5 gm fat Snickers bar (2 oz)14 Potato chips (1 oz)10 Almonds (~22 nuts)15 String cheese (1 oz) 5 Peanut butter (2 T)16 Apple0.5

7 Fat: Dinner Choices? Baked chicken breast (3 oz) 7 gm fat Macaroni and Cheese (1 c) 7 Pizza (slice)10 Burrito (5 oz) 8 Salmon (3 oz) 6 to 12 Lasagna (13 oz) 9 to 30 Tofu (1/5 block) 6 Chicken teriyaki (9.5 oz) 6 Big Mac34 Chicken strips (McDonalds)55 Pepperidge Farm Chicken Pot Pie64 On the Border Grande Taco Salad with Beef102

8 Fat: Worst Foods Outback Steakhouse Aussie Fries with Ranch Dressing 2,900 calories 182 gm fat Chipotle Mexican Grilled Chicken Burrito 1179 calories 47 gm fat Quiznos Classic Italian Sandwich 1528 calories 92 gm fat

9 Fat: Healthy Foods that Arent Bran muffins Chicken Caesar salad Tuna melt sandwich Chicken wrap Turkey burger Granola bars Pasta salads

10 Fiber Typically low in our diets Low fiber results in high calorie intake: 5# of food used to = ~2,500 to 3,000 calories Now 5# of food = ~9,000 to 10,000 calories Higher intake of processed foods is responsible for low fiber intake Shoot for 25 to 35 gm daily – gradually

11 Fiber Apple (1 average)5-6 gms Whole grain bread2-3 gms Sprouted wheat bread5-6 gms Garbanzo Beans (1/2 c)5 gms Chocolate bar (2.6 oz bar)~5 gms Granola bar~2 gms Potato chips (~10 chips)~1.5 gms Almonds (~22 nuts)3.3 gms Broccoli (1/2 cup ckd)~ 3 gms

12 Fresh Untampered with Looks like it came out of a tree or out of the ground Dont buy a food that contains more than 5 ingredients Found in: Produce aisle Frozen aisle Canned legumes Farmers markets…

13 Fresh Best to buy organic – the dirty dozen: Apples Bell peppers Celery Cherries Imported grapes Nectarines Peaches Pears Potatoes Raspberries Spinach Strawberries

14 Fresh Not as important to buy organic: Asparagus Avocados Bananas Broccoli Cauliflower Corn Kiwi Mangos Pineapples Onions Papayas Peas

15 Fresh (think plants!) Usually contain less calories than processed foods More fluids More fiber Better fatsboth type and amount A variety of colorful fruits and vegetables provides many phytonutrients which can enhance your health

16 Fluids (Think Your Drink!) Often overlooked We consume 450 calories per day from fluids – can result in a 23 pound weight gain per year…………. Lack of hydration can result in: Headaches… Low energy level Overeating Nausea

17 Fluids: Think Your Drink! Minimize intake of calorie-dense fluids: Smoothies Juices Frappuccinos… Soda pop Best choices: Water Weak teas Minimal caloric fluids Non-carbonated

18 Fluids – Can be Calorie Dense Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Latte 600 calories 22 gm fat Starbucks Venti Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino (20 oz) 750 calories 120 gm sugar Jamba Juice Chocolate Mood Power Smoothie 900 calories 10 gm fat 183 gm carbohydrates

19 Fluids – Read the Label Honest Green Dragon Tea (16 0z) 60 calories 10 gm sugar Arizona Iced Tea with Lemon (16 oz) 200 calories 25 gm sugar

20 Fluids Calculate your fluid requirements: Weight in pounds / 2 = ounces per day Check your skin!!!! Look at your urine Should be pale yellow

21 Fitness We need to walk: 110 minutes to burn offlarge taco 72 minutes1 cup potato salad 49 minutes½ cup raisins 39 minutesbagel 33 minutesplain donut 31 minutes12 oz beer 30 minutes2 Tbsp blue cheese dressing 12 minutesapple 22 minutes 1 Tbsp vegetable oil OR mayo OR 1 oz cheddar cheese 12 minutesapple 4 minutes½ cup carrots

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