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The Future is In Our Hands Sodexo Campus Dining. What is Sustainable Development? Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising.

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1 The Future is In Our Hands Sodexo Campus Dining

2 What is Sustainable Development? Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. -Brundtland Report, 1987 United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development

3 Sustainable, the Triple Bottom Line The simplest way to think about being sustainable is in terms of a triple bottom line: -environmental sustainability, -economic sustainability, -and social sustainability. The ultimate goal behind the triple bottom line is to preserve, or even enhance, resources for future generations.

4 Our three pillars of sustainable development


6 Growing Social Conscience to be More Than Just a Consumer Seeking Something Greater Purpose Driven Consumption Understanding the Impact of Individual Choices on Our Collective Wellbeing Moving from Simple Consumption to Socially Responsible Purchasing

7 Future View 2010 How to respond to the market place? From Brand as Cause Marketer to Brand as Social Service Provider Early Indicators Brand Aides

8 Rising Concerns Over The Results of Our Actions Its a pity those awful people were right about the environment % Saying Worry About the Environment a Great Deal Source: Gallup, cited in Crashing the Culture, January 2007 Prompted in part by rising awareness of global warming, there is a renewed concern for the environment

9 Which is Translating to a Greater Concern About Where Our Food is Coming From % Chefs Saying Item is Hot Source: National Restaurant Association Survey, October 2006

10 Our 3-Year Priorities Fighting malnutrition worldwide Developing and promoting healthy eating offers to fight obesity Implementing and expanding our STOP Hunger program Improve the quality of life of our people Ensure safety and protect the health of our people Provide employees with professional & personal development Protect the environment Creating a global waste management program Creating a global energy conservation program

11 Sodexos Act as a Corporate Citizen Report Comprehensive report featuring Sodexos global efforts in: Human Rights Labor Standards Environment Anti-Corruption Available online at

12 Sodexo and BSR; Creating our Carbon Footprint Plan BSR: Business for Social Responsibility Non profit business association that serves 250 member companies and Global 1000 enterprises Leading global resource for the business community Equips companies with expertise to design and implement successful socially responsible business practices. Sodexo and BSR Evaluate Sodexos global environmental footprint Create and benchmark specific KRIs Will publish in our Corporate Citizenship report 2008 Will be incorporated into our 2015 goals

13 Environmental Sustainability Global Executive sponsor: CEO George Chavel New VP of Corporate Citizenship starts November 5, 2007 Cross Divisional Cross Functional Task Force Supplier Code of Conduct So Ethics: Captures over 190 local environmental sustainability initiatives globally for our sustainability report, best practices and speed to market Results are in the CC report Development of a branded program with product offerings: PLANit! -Using a branded approach for fair trade-certified coffee, organic produce, sustainable seafood, green chemicals, recycling. Increased communication, education and awareness building with clients and with employees: Sodexos Environmental Sustainability Efforts

14 Introducing Arlin Wasserman, VP of Corporate Citizenship Education MPH, Public Health Policy & Administration, University of Michigan M.S., Natural Resources, University of Michigan B.A., Political Economics & Creative Writing, University of Michigan Founder and principal of Changing Tastes Brand and business strategy, community development and sustainability consulting to private and nonprofit sectors. Past recipient of a national Food and Society Policy Fellowship Sponsored by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation Former Policy Director and founding President of the Michigan Land Use Institute Directed Solid Waste and Environmental Services for several Michigan communities

15 The Future is in Our Hands Sustainable Food offer Dairy & Eggs Meat & Poultry Locally Grown & Sustainable Produce Sustainable Seafood Sustainable Coffee Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Environmentally Sound Chemicals

16 New Warewashing System Apex uses a unique combination of detergents, rinse additives, equipment and consultative services The Apex management approach uses a PC and wireless technology to establish each foodservice operations rack-to-guest ratio. The system reduces the amount of water and energy used at each facility, and improves total operational efficiency. Supports Sodexos sustainability initiatives with non- caustic chemistry It uses 95 % less packaging material than current methods. Apex products come in a compact solid form that reduces transportation shipments compared to liquid detergents Installed at the Dining Center on April 23 rd.

17 Xpress Napkin Program Hundreds of our accounts have switched to a single serve dispensers This simple change has saved: 10 million gallons of water 23,000 Trees Half a Million gallons of oil Five Million Kilowatts of Energy Drexel made the switch April 1 st.

18 Earth Day at Sodexo Leave the car at home: carpool, use public transportation, walk to work Skip a Trip – using Webinars and Conference Calls instead of driving/flying to meetings Trayless program at hundreds of our food accounts Community Service projects


20 Features & Benefits of Sodexo Program Comprehensive & consistent Training modules for all staff Marketing collateral created Supported by Sodexo supply management Safety controls & support in place Costing & pricing worksheets Standards and recipes Education and resources Approved by Sodexo leadership Carries Indemnification

21 Regional Distribution Network 100% of our regional vendors participate in locally grown product list Purchasing Locally Grown Produce from well over 600 community farms Reduces Food Miles and Carbon Footprint Reduces the need for more trucks on the road, the numbers of drops by trucks Insures: Proper handling Packing Food safety Insurance 100% of our distributors report out buy local!

22 Sustainable Programs – Drexel Travel Mugs that can be used for a 99cent refill at most retail locations New one at a time Xpress napkin dispensers in the resident dining center Trayless Tuesdays during April – saves 480 gallons of water and over 200 pounds of food waste each day we are tray less

23 Sustainable Programs – Drexel 5 cent discount when you opt out of using a plastic bag at Northside Market Recycle Cardboard at all dining locations Batch cooking to reduce food waste at the resident dining center Organic and Vegan grocery products available at Northside Market Fair Trade coffees at Starbucks, Creese Café and Bookmark Café

24 Sustainable Programs – Drexel Catering Brochures are now available on line to reduce printing and paper usage Low Flow nozzles used in the dish room Zero Trans Fat oils Waste Oil is refined and used for industrial lubricants and biofuels Local produce company – J Ambrogi (Thorofare, NJ)

25 Sustainable Programs – Drexel Dairy Company – Balford Farms all milk comes from Pennsylvania cows Specialty Foods – Peartree Specialties (Easton, PA) and BK Enterprises (Philadelphia, PA) Sodexo was the title sponsor for the Philadelphia Walk Against Hunger 2007 and 2008

26 Sustainable Programs – Drexel Future Initiatives Resident Dining Center Recycling – add plastic and aluminum can recycling programs Food Salvage Program Controlled portion sizes 100% of waste oil converted to biofuels

27 Sustainable Programs – Drexel Future Initiatives Catering Zero waste catering service Catering Composting Compostable disposable service ware standard Sustainable menus

28 Sustainable Programs – Drexel Future Initiatives Retail Restaurant Dining Humane-certified cage free eggs Food Composting PLA and compostable Grab & Go packaging

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