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JEOPARDY. Lets Play! Click the selected clue. The slide for that clue will open. Click to display the clue. Click again to show the correct answer. Click.

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2 Lets Play! Click the selected clue. The slide for that clue will open. Click to display the clue. Click again to show the correct answer. Click thelogo to return to the gameboard. Two ways to play: 1)Give each team a different noise (Moo!, Ding!, etc) or a noise-maker (bell, horn, drum) to signal their answer – first team to sound out AFTER the clue has been read gets the first chance to answer. 2) The team that selected the question is given 15 seconds to answer, after which the other teams can steal the points if they answer correctly.

3 100 200 300 400 500 Hunger 100 200 300 400 500 Food Production 100 200 300 400 500 Food Facts 100 200 300 400 500 Causes of Hunger 100 200 300 400 500 Development and Peace

4 Hunger 100 THIS is the worlds #1 health risk, affecting more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Hunger

5 Hunger 200 THIS PROPORTION of the worlds people live in chronic hunger. 1/8th

6 Hunger 300 People suffering from THIS are weaker, less able to focus, and cannot work as hard as those who are well fed, which contributes to the cycle of poverty. Malnutrition

7 Hunger 400 Despite growing 80% of staple food in Africa, women own THIS PERCENTAGE of the land. 1%

8 Hunger 500 THIS is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced in ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. Food Sovereignty (Definition taken from the 2007 Declaration of Nyéléni)

9 Food Production 100 Products with THIS label ensure farmers receive a fair wage for their work.

10 Food Production 200 Industrial agriculture and industrial food systems produce THIS PERCENTAGE of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions. 50%! Industrial farming requires greater equipment, more processing and more transportation than small-scale farming.

11 Food Production 300 Having been a staple food in Bolivia and Peru for centuries, the international popularity of THIS nutrient-rich superfood has raised both farmers incomes and the price of this food beyond what they can afford, causing them to turn to other cheaper, more processed, and less nutritious foods. Quinoa

12 Food Production 400 In the Global South, THIS PERCENTAGE of women work in the agricultural sector and in food production. 79%

13 Food Production 500 TWO OF THE REASONS farmers represent half of the worlds chronically hungry. -Recurring droughts -Depleted Soil -Limited water -Land grabbing -Displacement -Debts -Over-fishing - Policies that favour imported food -Polluted soil and water from extractive industry -International trade agreements which do not favour local markets -Floods and typhoons -Selling livestock in times of crisis

14 Food Facts 100 THIS PORTION of the worlds food is wasted every year. 1/3 YES… ONE THIRD!!

15 Food Facts 200 In Canada, the average household spends THIS PORTION of its income on food. 10%

16 Food Facts 300 In developing countries, the average household spends THIS PORTION of its income on food. 70%!!

17 Food Facts 400 The banana does not actually grow on a tree, but on the worlds largest form of THIS type of plant. Its a herb!

18 Food Facts 500 Though there are more than 50,000 edible plants in the world, THIS MANY of them provide 90% of the worlds caloric intake. 15 Only 3 (rice, wheat and corn/maize) make up 2/3 of the 90%

19 THIS seemingly uncontrollable contributor to hunger can disrupt food production systems and cause food insecurity around the world. Changing Weather Patterns Also: - Climate change - Extreme weather events - Floods, severe storms, droughts, etc Causes of Hunger 100

20 Causes of Hunger 200 Selling (any of the following) - livestock - land - agricultural tools - household items When crops fail, hungry farmers may do THIS in order to afford food, which reduces other long- term income sources and slows the farms recovery after a drought.

21 Causes of Hunger 300 In any of THESE situations, governments often divert money from food and development programmes to other priorities. (name one) - Economic Crisis / Recession - Civil conflict or war - World event (e.g. Olympics) - Investment choice (such as diverting funds to expand another industry) - Public concern on another issue

22 Causes of Hunger 400 TWO OF THE FACTORS which contribute to more women being hungry than men. - Higher nutritional needs when pregnant or nursing -Women are more likely to eat less in order to feed their children - Fewer women own the land or livestock they work -Inequality, in any of these forms: -Female farmers have fewer rights than male farmers -Female farmers have less access to resources such as education, credit and financial services than male farmers -Because of the above, women are less likely to adopt new technologies or techniques

23 Causes of Hunger 500 THIS TYPE OF FARMING is already feeding half of the worlds population, and is seen as the single biggest opportunity to reduce hunger and poverty, and to increase land productivity. Small-scale farming For example, Canadian agriculture is still dominated by small- scale, family-owned and operated enterprises. Large, corporate farms (those earning over $1B/year) make up less than 5 percent of Canadian farms.

24 Development and Peace 100 Development and Peace is the Canadian branch of THIS international network and confederation of over 160 members who work toward a more just world.

25 Development and Peace 200 Development and Peaces fall campaign, A Voice for Justice, calls on the Canadian government to create THIS mechanism to hold Canadian mining companies to account for their activities overseas. An Ombudsman

26 Development and Peace 300 THIS PERCENTAGE of funds collected through Development and Peaces Share Lent collection are reserved to provide immediate emergency assistance to those facing crisis situations. 10%

27 Development and Peace 400 Development and Peace places a special focus on the social and economic justice of THESE PEOPLE, because in their hands family income improves, childrens health and nutrition improve, and because when their access to productive resources increase the crop yields can increase from 20-30%. Women

28 Development and Peace 500 A big part of Development and Peaces work is the education and mobilization of Canadians for a more just world. We can all choose to buy food from THESE SOURCES, contributing to local sustainable development rather than to multinational profit, and reducing our environmental footprint. - Community-supported agriculture programs - local Farmers Markets - local, sustainable food sources - Fair Trade

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