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From the Wheat Field to the White House The Centre story of virtual education.

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1 From the Wheat Field to the White House The Centre story of virtual education

2 400 square miles 260 students

3 Taking the zip code out of education

4 Table 14


6 Invite to the Invitation to the White House

7 The White Meeting on Virtual Education with NNDS

8 Next steps Board Approval to start KOLP Sought application to the state to have a virtual program Approved in July and started the program in August

9 KOLP 2011 25 sudents 3 SLAs Coordinator 25 sudents 3 SLAs Coordinator



12 If I hear one more person say that buy-in is necessary for change to occur, Ill scream, Doug Reeves told a packed Thought Leader Session at the AASA national conference in Houston. Changes do not need buy-in, they require leadership.


14 Leadership Lessons so far..... Network....You dont know what you dont know! Firm understanding of the change process Be brave

15 Change Lessons: Ron Heifetz 1. Get on the balcony- get perspective of the problems 2. Identify the adaptive challenge 3. Regulate the stress and distress- creative tension (Senge) 4. Maintain disciplined action 5. Give work back to the people 6. Protect the voices of leadership from below. Listen to opposition.

16 Adapting to Change Normal curve 2.5% Innovators 13.5% early adopters 34% early majority 34% later majority 16% Laggards

17 McRel Leadership Concentrate on problem not solution Leadership responsibilities: McRel Research Leadership responsibilities associated with 2 nd order change. knowledge of curriculum, optimize, intellectual stimulation, change agent 4 Leadership responsibilities that do not correlate well with second order change: Culture, communication, order and input.

18 Back to Washington D.C.


20 The White House is watching and so are the neighbors

21 Next leadership lesson continue to network!

22 Take some time for fun!

23 Text Year Two and we have grown

24 From 25 students To 88 students

25 Our first graduate.... this year we will have 8 graduates!



28 Why do we invest in technology ? Because it makes our poorest students rich!



31 Jerri Kemble email: Jerri Kemble

32 Distance Learning Through the Ages 1 11891: The University of Chicago began allowing students and teachers to work via the post office rather than a classroom. Eventually, the parties evolved to two-way radio transmissions and prerecorded TV broadcasts. 2 21988: The federal Star Schools program awarded grants to rural schools to foster distance-education technologies with telecommunication companies. 3 31995: The CyberSchool Project in Eugene, Ore., was launched to provide supplemental courses online. 4 41997: Florida established the first statewide, Internet-based public high school. 5 5November 2005: According to the North American Council for Online Learning, the United States supported 32 virtual charter schools, three online home-school programs and 53 public, noncharter virtual schools across 42 states.


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