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Riding the Foreign Languages Roller-Coaster or... Dr Murray Hill Aberdeen Business School The Robert Gordon University SCHML, Belfast 18 January 2006.

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1 Riding the Foreign Languages Roller-Coaster or... Dr Murray Hill Aberdeen Business School The Robert Gordon University SCHML, Belfast 18 January 2006

2 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 2 Or.... White knuckle ride... Aunt Sally stall... Trench warfare syndrome... Internecine warfare… Guerrilla tactics... Ambushes... Hijacking...?

3 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 3 Overview (45m incl Q/A) Brief history/Languages brief Restructuring (management/FL courses/modules) Languages in decline/transition Redeployment (highs & lows) Survival Tactics: maintaining visibility: internal/external alliances; marketing initiatives New portfolio development Internationalisation agenda/drivers (EQUIS/AACSB) Specific Indicators of Internationalisation (EFMD) GAP Analysis >short/medium/long-term issues

4 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 4 Brief history RGU: a post-1992 university 2 campus sites (previously 4) 1 campus site (2007) No traditional languages department First f/t linguist appointed 1990 1 SL, 3.5 Ls + p/t staff Faculty of Management Educational Development Unit (EDU)

5 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 5 Languages brief Single European Market euphoria University Policy on Europeanisation French & German Original Portfolio: hybrid language degrees (not a UWLP in classic sense) BA European Architecture with Languages BA European Business Administration with Languages BSc Technology & Languages BA Communication with Languages*

6 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 6 Restructuring Educational Development Unit > Centre for Modern Languages (no budget) Centre for Modern Languages, School of Librarianship > Information & Media > SIM (1 of 4 FoM Schools) 4 > 1 = new Aberdeen Business School New Department of Communication & Languages, ABS Integrated C&L subject leadership

7 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 7 Restructuring New Department of Communication & Languages: BA(Hons) Corporate Communication BA(Hons) Publishing BA(Hons) Publishing with Journalism No language modules included by CLs in these courses...

8 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 8 Languages in decline Post-Higher (AS Level) entry pre-requisite Up to 50% compulsory language modules Compulsory Yr III abroad (4 yrs Hons degree) Ab initio originally possible for 2nd language, but discontinued CML proposal to allow post Standard Grade entry rejected Dwindling numbers of post-Higher applicants...

9 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 9 Languages in decline Common Course Architecture: introduction of 15 credit modules in place of 10 credit modules Cessation of original portfolio of hybrid language degrees (2006/7) No upgrades of languages hardware/software/training Conversion of multi-media language lab to MBA suite

10 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 10 Languages (Staff) in Transition 1 L (German) > non-language role: intercultural communication/new C & L departmental research co-ordinator 2 Ls French > early retirement Interim solution: (Germanist move into French) + ad hoc p/t staff Economies of scale (or lack of) impact on renaissance of languages

11 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 11 Languages (Staff) in Transition Delivery of cessating hybrid languages degrees 0.5 L (German) + 1 SL (German) > partial redeployment 1 SL (German) > temporary C&L departmental Programme Manager role (non-languages) Professional Skills modules (ABS) Technical Report Writing & Presenting (Engineering) Placement/Dissertation supervision (C&L) Community Advanced German Class (loss leader) New ABS credit-bearing language option portfolio development...

12 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 12 Redeployment Highs & Lows Personal benefits: justify existence, use of TEFL expertise (10% non-native speakers of English), easier to teach, platform for highlighting benefits of foreign language skills move into French = no formal staff development training made available to SL (German) Over-reliance on ad-hoc staff Line-manager reluctance to fund ad-hoc staff development training

13 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 13 Redeployment Highs & Lows Technical Report Writing & Presenting (Engineering) materials developed from a zero base move into Professional Skills = German native speaker teaching English language communication skills No research remit... Less time for new language development initiatives CAGC arts cinema advertising funded

14 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 14 Redeployment Highs & Lows Hark the Herald Angels Sing In the Bleak Mid-Winter...

15 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 15 Maintaining visibility Tactics Participation at CILT, Scottish Enterprise, SCHML, LLAS events Reference to major reports (Nuffield, Citizens of Multilingual World, Languages Landscape) (Inter) governmental strategies/policies: Languages Ladder > Bologna Agreement Feedback to line manager/SMT/Faculty International Group

16 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 16 Maintaining visibility Tactics FH Mainz Internationale Woche, Nov 05: - DHL graduate recruitment policy > very good English + 1 other language Erasmus Mundus Workshop, London, Dec 05: - impact on language teaching for post- graduates? UK Business in an International Context, Cranfield Management Centre, Dec 05: - BMW recruitment issues

17 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 17 Maintaining visibility Tactics External Publications, e.g. LLAS 700 reasons for studying languages, Liaison bulletins etc Internal alliances with linguists & non-linguists at RGU, e.g. Course Leaders, Press, Admissions, European Officers Internal and External Publicity (Prospectus!) Alumni etc languages features Stevenson, DAAD Languages Scholarships British Council English Language Assistantships

18 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 18 External alliances Liaison with schools, council authorities Languages Work 2004 and Languages Work 2005 conferences hosted at ABS Events Manager... High-profile guest speakers, incl ABS graduates EuroAward winners 2004 Huge demand for school presentations/CDrom Faculty Marketing plan fixture/Deans Report

19 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 19 New language portfolio development Introduction of new ABS Management & Management with degree Programme Reduction of entry prerequisite to Standard Grade (GCSE) for language modules Roll-out of new Business French/German optional modules 1-5 Originally available on 5 courses 2004/5 Now expanded to 9 courses 2005/6

20 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 20 New course titles BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management (as of 2005/6) BA(Hons) International Tourism Management (as of 2005/6) BA (Hons) Law and Management (as of 2005/6) BA(Hons) Management (since 2004/5) BA(Hons) Management with Marketing (since 2004/5) BA(Hons) Management with Human Resource Management (since 2004/5) BA(Hons) Management with Finance (since 2004/5) BA(Hons) Management with Economics (since 2004/5) BA(Hons) Retail Management (as of 2005/6)

21 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 21 Internationalisation issues Use of European and International in degree titles (cf Hilary Footit, What does international in HE courses mean?, LLAS, Dec 2004)/ external examiner observations ) ABS increasingly encourages study abroad at partner institutions (delivering academic modules in English) Socrates funds not available for pre- departure language training, only on- arrival training delivered by receiving institution

22 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 22 Internationalisation issues Universities Scotland, HE umbrella body, lobbying Scottish Executive The track record of Scottish students taking placements in overseas not good and we should seek to remove barriers to greater mobility (US policy document: Nov 2005, Scotsman 24.11.05) 1998-2003, Scots funded by Socrates-Erasmus 1,235 > 951 US supporting greater training in FL & more government funding to help students pay their way

23 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 23 Internationalisation issues Which languages at ABS? Spanish? Portuguese? Chinese? Arabic? Challenge ad hoc decision-making Business German 1 take-up: 4 (2004/5) Business German 1 take-up: 17 (2005/6) Will other Faculties adopt business language modules? Open forum with returning Socrates-Erasmus students

24 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 24 Internationalisation issues (Another) Discussion paper on Future of Languages at ABS (Dec 13 2005) ABS Away Day, January 17 2006 Agenda: Internationalisation of ABS

25 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 25 Learning the of language internationalisation... New ABS drivers: - AACSB - EFMD - EQUIS

26 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 26 New drivers... AACSB: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the worlds premier accrediting agency for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programmes in business administration, management & accounting, 1916/2003 EFMD: European Foundation for Management Development founded in the mid-70s, Europes largest network association of management development

27 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 27 New drivers... EQUIS: a European system of quality assessment & accreditation launched by EFMD ABS commitment to become recognised as a major player on the European and International Business School stage... AACSB/EQUIS application in preparation ABS EQUIS Away Day... ABS Policy on Internationalisation Blue print/road map to peace Carte blanche?

28 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 28 New (back-seat?) drivers The theme for the day is our aspiration to achieve international recognition through accreditation by EQUIS & ACCSB The day will be highly participative and pro- active. FMG wish to encourage all staff to contribute to the development and implementation of strategies designed to achieve our aspiration

29 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 29 Specific Indicators of Internationalisation (EFMD) 1.Context/Mission/Governance/Strategy 2.Students & Participants 3.Programme Quality 4.Personal Development 5.Research, Development & Innovation 6.Contribution to the Community 7.Faculty 8.Resources & Administration 9.Connections to the Corporate World 10.Internationalisation 11.Executive Education

30 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 30 2. Students & Participants Foreign work experience of domestic students Student exchange programmes – number of students involved in both directions Practical indications of concern for intercultural exchange for foreign & domestic students International internships

31 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 31 2. Students & Participants International placement of graduates Language ability of graduates (requirements, training) Alumni association: contribution to internationalisation & international reputation of the school

32 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 32 Programme Quality Course content focus on international business environments Courses taught in foreign languages International perspective in all main fields of knowledge or areas Courses jointly designed with partner institutions abroad Internships & study abroad as integral part of programmes

33 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 33 3. Programme Quality International learning materials (translated, customised) Exchange visits Joint programmes with foreign schools International programmes International programme modules

34 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 34 4. Personal Development Business language skills development Educational development of multicultural skills International extra-curricular activities

35 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 35 5. Research, Development & Innovation International joint research projects, programmes and centres Publication in foreign journals Publication of books in foreign languages Translation of faculty books originally published in the domestic language

36 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 36 6. Contribution to the Community Links to the international community List of key relationships with international organisations

37 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 37 7. Faculty Faculty composition (foreign vs domestic) International experience of faculty Foreign language skills of faculty Ability to speak in foreign languages Ability to teach in foreign languages Faculty serving as visiting professors abroad

38 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 38 8. Resources & Administration Language tuition for staff and faculties Incentives to learn foreign languages Staff international exchange programmes Participation of administrators in international conferences Foreign journals, magazines, newspapers books in the library Brochures, websites, manuals, notices and signals in foreign languages

39 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 39 9. Connections to the Corporate World International companies involved in or contributing to the different activities International companies providing jobs and internships abroad International companies sponsoring activities and/or research

40 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 40 10. Internationalisation Internationalisation strategy International dimension in all its activities

41 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 41 11. Executive Education International companies as clients Effectiveness in training for international management Specific resources for international executive education activity Foreigners in the staff EFMD, Brussels:

42 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 42 ABS Gap Analysis ABS findings – confidential!

43 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 43 Discussion paper on Future of Languages at ABS (Dec 13 2005) Increase diversity of languages provision? Rob Peter to pay Paul? Ab initio entry? Drop-in Languages Centre? Formal Language Advisory Service? Virtual campus? Multi-lingual signage/ web-pages > international credentials Compulsory languages for all ABS undergraduates? Postgraduate languages? Subject modules to be delivered in FL? ABS SMT buy in to EQUIS by taking FL as part of Staff Development? New degree titles?

44 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 44 Roller-Coaster ride Languages back on track? New attractions? Hall of Mirrors? Ghost Train? Tunnel of Love?

45 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 45 Summary Hold on... Dont get off the roller-coaster Do scream as loudly as you can! *hot off the press…

46 RidingtheFLRoller- coasterSCHMLfv 46 Hot off the Press… Guardian, 17/1/06: School makes study of Chinese compulsory Independent school, Brighton College, 1 st school in England to make Mandarin Chinese a compulsory subject. Headmaster joining class to show the pupils how important I regard this new addition to our core curriculum)

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