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Our Beliefs Respect Collaboration Excellence Integrity Community Destination: 2011 Enrollment.

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1 Our Beliefs Respect Collaboration Excellence Integrity Community Destination: 2011 Enrollment

2 The Road to Enrollment Healthcare Environment is Changing How Our New Medical Plans Stack Up Cost Sharing Turbo Charge Your Health: The Value of Your Health & Wellness Resources Roadmap for Whats New for 2011 Your Options for 2011 Navigating Open Enrollment Questions? 2

3 Staying on Track Improve the health of our employees Control costs Educate/communicate Provide a competitive benefit program 3 Global Health Care Strategy

4 Healthcare Environment is Changing Health Care Reform has become law Called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Health care cost increases are higher than normal Our goal was to comply with the law, while minimizing financial impact on employees Our approach: redesign the medical plans into two new HRA-based plans Enables BorgWarner to continue to offer a $0 contribution plan (when both premium discounts are applied) No changes to price tags for other benefits – RX and Dental/Vision Provides employees with competitive benefits; lower employee contributions than national average Will walk through new medical plans shortly

5 How Our New Medical Plans Stack Up Our new medical designs provide great value and are priced below market when compared to competitor plans Changes help offset additional costs of Health Care Reform; keeping with 80/20 cost sharing goal 5 *2011 Hewitt national average vs. BW Buy-Up family contribution 23% of annual premium 14%

6 Copay, Coinsurance, & Deductible Sharing Average cost share based upon medical and Rx spend for 2010, trended for 2011 – Does NOT include contributions (slide 5) BorgWarner share appx 80% Employee share appx 20% Although the Health Care cost pie is larger, your slice of the pie will be the same National Average

7 Partnering for a Healthier Workforce BorgWarner continues to strengthen its investment in employee health by: Rewarding you for leading a healthier lifestyle Giving free access to wellness resources and programs to promote healthy living Providing valued cost comparison tools that give you more control in how your HRA dollars are used 7

8 Turbo Charge Your Health Value of Your Health and Wellness Resources Available to you and your family members who are involved in CIGNA medical or dental program No cost to you Your privacy is protected Managed through third-party No individual data or results are shared with BorgWarner All information protected in accordance with state and federal privacy laws No negative consequences; benefits wont be cancelled and rates will not increase because of your participation or results Voluntary participation 8

9 Your CIGNA Wellness Programs 9

10 My Health & Wellness Center Your own private portal Password protected Confidential Centralized tools in convenient, easy-to- navigate web page Relevant and trustworthy health and medical information Recap Health Assessment I Nutrition I Stress I Physical Activity I Sleep 10

11 Tobacco Cessation I Weight Management I Stress Management Program Overview Evidence-based, using behavior modification CIGNA HRQ outreach phone call or self-enrollment Telephonic support through dedicated wellness coaches, or on-line behavior change programs Long-term follow-up Coordination with other programs/services 24/7/365 access CIGNA Lifestyle Management Programs GET STARTED! Call 1-866-417-7848 or visit > My Health tab> Health Resources tab> Lifestyle Mgmt Programs Recap 11

12 CIGNA Health Advisor Program Overview Team of professional coaches Registered nurses/Behavioral Health Clinicians/Health Educators/Nutritionists Reach out to members at risk for significant health issues (based on HRQ results) Offer coaching/resources to prevent chronic conditions Your HRQ report may include suggestions on certain 8-week programs that would be helpful for you. GET STARTED! Call 1-800-244-6224 Recap Health Assessment I Nutrition I Stress I Physical Activity I Sleep 12

13 CIGNA Well Aware Program Overview Helps you manage a chronic condition 24/7 telephone access to nurses who specialize in your condition Work together to design a personalized action plan under your doctors guidance Provide educational materials, reminders of important tests/exams, self-care info and more Asthma I Diabetes I Heart Disease I Low Back Pain I COPD I Other Recap GET STARTED! 1-866-797-5833 or visit 13

14 Your Aetna Wellness Programs 14

15 Aetna Navigator ® Member Web Site Health Assessment I HRA Activity I Cost I Quality I Claims Your own private portal Password protected Confidential Centralized tools in convenient, easy-to- navigate web page Helps you manage your benefits GET STARTED! Recap 15

16 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life ® Program Overview Online lifestyle management to help you improve your health or fine-tune daily habits Starts with online health assessment Based on results, select from numerous online wellness programs to fit your goals Access to interactive tools Nutrition I Physical Activity I Stress I And More Recap GET STARTED! 16

17 Tobacco Cessation I Weight Mgmt I Stress Mgmt I Nutrition I Exercise Program Overview Evidence-based, using behavior modification Contacted by Aetna HRQ outreach phone call Telephonic support through dedicated wellness coaches with on-line behavior modification programs Long-term follow-up Coordination with other programs/services Convenient hours offered day or evening, Mon-Sat Aetna Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Programs GET STARTED! Call 1-800-650-2747 or visit the Aetna Navigator web site: Recap 17

18 Aetna Disease Management Asthma I Diabetes I Heart Disease I Low Back Pain I COPD I Other Program Overview Helps you manage a chronic condition 24/7 telephone access to nurses and clinicians who specialize in your condition Work together to design a personalized action plan under your doctors guidance Provide educational materials, reminders of important tests/exams, self-care info and more Nurse case management if you are high risk GET STARTED! Call 1-800-650-2747 or visit the Aetna Navigator web site: Recap 18

19 The Value of Taking the HRQ It protects you Its confidential Puts you in the drivers seat Gives you invaluable insight to act on No negative consequences You earn $50 off your monthly premium And it could save your life… 19

20 Connecting You to the Right Resources To help ensure members gain access to the most relevant resources and programs, HRQ results are shared by CIGNA/Aetna with nurse practitioner If at risk for or already diagnosed with chronic condition, members may receive a call from a nurse inviting them to participate in select programs You decide whether or not to participate 20

21 Your Roadmap to Whats New for 2011 21

22 Extended Dependent Eligibility Currently Can cover unmarried children under age 19 Or under age 25 if: he/she is a full-time student OR permanently and totally disabled For 2011 Can cover children up to age 26 Regardless of: If the child lives at home Is listed as a dependent on your tax return Is a student Is married 22

23 Special enrollment period that runs 30 days from date you received your enrollment packet (or end of annual enrollment, whichever is later) Enroll your children who lost eligibility because of their full-time student status or their age changed. Enroll any of your children under age 26 who were previously denied enrollment or who were ineligible to enroll because of age. Coverage begins January 1, 2011 Extended Dependent Eligibility continued What This Means to You/Action to Take Adding a dependent? Complete the Eligibility section of your form and provide birth certificate as proof of dependency. 23

24 Extended Dependent Eligibility continued Eligible dependents* will now include: Your spousedefined as your lawful spouse Co-habitants, common-law marriages, legally separated individuals, life partners or divorced spouses are not eligible. Your children up to age 26, regardless of whether the child is living at home, is listed as a dependent on your tax return, is a student or is married. A child is defined as: Biological child; Legally adopted child or a child who has been placed with you for adoption; Stepchild who lives with you. (Restrictions may apply). Court-appointed child for whom you have full (not limited) legal guardianship; or A child for whom you are required to provide health care support under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO). * Dependent eligibility varies for life insurance. 24

25 Extended Dependent Eligibility continued Working Spouse Rule If spouse is offered a plan through their employer they must enroll in their employers plan in order to be eligible as a dependent under BorgWarner coverage Self-employed spouses with no medical plan available do not apply Coordination of Benefits If you and spouse are BOTH eligible for employer-provided medical coverage you may be able to enroll in both, but carefully consider this option May have to pay premiums for each; to BorgWarner and spouses employer Our policy is total reimbursement from both plans cannot be more than allowable benefit under the BorgWarner plan 25

26 OTCs & FSA Reimbursements Currently Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicines and medical items can be paid for using FSA $$ For 2011 OTC medicines cannot be paid for using FSA $$ UNLESS you have a prescription for them Can still use FSA dollars WITHOUT prescription for: Medical equipment Medical supplies Diagnostic devices For complete and up-to-date list of eligible expenses, visit: 26

27 OTCs & FSA Reimbursements EXAMPLES of OTC Items that Are Still Reimbursable Adhesive bandages Braces and supports Contact lens solution/supplies Diagnostic tests and monitors Insulin and diabetic supplies Reading glasses And more… EXAMPLES of OTC Medicines No Longer Reimbursable (unless with a prescription) Allergy and sinus Cough, cold and flu Pain relief Respiratory treatments And more… What This Means to You/Actions to Take After Jan 1, 2011 you can still be reimbursed for these items purchased in 2010, using 2010 funds, by submitting an FSA Claim along with the 2010 dated receipts by March 31, 2011 Eligible expenses are subject to change. Contact CIGNA for most recent and most comprehensive list: 27

28 Plan Limit Changes HRA fund rollovers will be limited to: Employee: $3,000 Family: $6,000 (Note: This cap aligns with the medical plan out-of-pocket maximum so no one is losing money due to this cap) HRA funds remaining at end of 2010 will rollover and follow you into your new medical plan To comply with Health Care Reform, chiropractic benefit limits changing from a dollar limit (cap) to maximum of 12 visits per calendar year Medical plans will now consider bariatric surgery an eligible expense if meeting specific criteria. Contact CIGNA or Aetna directly for details 28

29 Medical Plan Redesign Currently You have 3 options Choice Health Fund 1 Choice Health Fund 2 POS Plan For 2011 You have 2 options: Basic Plan ($0 plan) Buy-Up Plan What This Means to You/Action to Take All employees must make new medical election for 2011 Still have opportunity for $0 contribution (Basic Plan) Carefully evaluate which plan is right for you using online tools 29

30 A Look at the New Medical Plans Both of the new plans: Provide free preventive care coverage Have a BorgWarner-paid Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) as your first source of payment for medical costs Comprehensive financial coverage to protect from serious illness/injury Same comprehensive prescription drug coverage as last year They differ in the way you pay your portion of the costs 30

31 How the Plans Work 31

32 Comparing the Plans 32 In-Network Benefits Basic PlanBuy-Up Plan EmployeeFamilyEmployeeFamily Preventive 100% Plan Deductible $1,500 / $3,000 BW-Funded HRA $500 / $1,000$750 / $1,500 Member Deductible Gap $1,000 / $2,000$750 / $1,500 Coinsurance 20%10% Copay No copays NET Out-of-Pocket Max $3,000 / $6,000 * Out of Network is 2x In-Network level

33 Comparing the Plans: Family Coverage 33 You pay $0 in annual payroll contribution (assumes both premium discounts met) You pay $1,440 in annual payroll contribution (assumes both premium discounts met)

34 Comparing the Plans continued Basic Plan $0 in payroll contribution Lower HRA Higher deductible gap Higher coinsurance requirement (20%) Buy-Up Plan Higher payroll contribution Higher HRA Lower deductible gap Lower coinsurance requirement (10%) Your Bottom line… 34

35 Trouble Choosing a Medical Plan? Try CIGNAs/Aetnas plan selector and cost estimator tools Estimate how much you will use covered services, such as doctors visits, specialty care, Rx, etc. Calculate the approximate cost of care Compare medical plans based on estimated out-of- pocket costs, payroll deductions and BorgWarner contributions GET STARTED! Visit Click on Medical Plan Selector link on left of page 35

36 Premium Discounts HRQ Pledge Complete pledge by Nov. 12, 2010 Take HRQ online or through onsite health clinic by November 30 $50 monthly premium applied January 2011 If completed after deadline, applied within 30 days Tobacco Cessation Pledge Complete pledge by Nov. 12, 2010 If required, complete program by February 28, 2011 Otherwise premium will return to regular rate as of April 1, 2011 Must use CIGNA Quit Today program or other HR-approved program $50 monthly premium applied Jan. 1, 2011 The premium discount program will continue for 2011 36

37 Impact of Discount on Costs 2011 Medical Contributions 37

38 Your 2011 Benefit Options 38

39 Your Benefit Options Medical Dental/Vision Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) Life and Disability Insurance 39

40 Medical Plan Options 40

41 Prescription Drug Plan In-Network Benefit Retail (30-day supply) Mail Order (90-day supply) Generic Diabetes Generic Medications $8 copay $0 copay $16 copay $0 copay Brand Formulary$8 + 30%30% to $150 max. Brand Non-Formulary$8 + 50%50% no max. Specialty Pharmacy Brand Formulary30% to $50 max.30% to $150 max. Brand Non-Formulary50% to $100 max.50% to $300 max. For both medical plans: Same as last year! 41

42 Dental/Vision – Combined Benefit Dental Checkups Fillings Braces Vision Eye exams Glasses or contacts Go to then click on CIGNA Vision for vision directory 2011 Monthly Cost Share Dental/ Vision Employee Only$15 Employee +1$30 Family$45 Choose pre-tax or after-tax contributions Same as last year! 42

43 Flexible Spending Accounts Health Care FSA (HCFSA)or Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA) Employee-funded with pre-tax dollars You make tax-free contributions You get tax-free reimbursements Full amount available Jan 1 (HCFSA) Use HCFSA fund for your member deductible gap You must enroll every year Federal rule says year-end balance forfeited if not used by next March 15 for HCFSA, December 31 for DCFSA Have until March 31 to submit claims 43

44 Flexible Spending Accounts continued How claims are paid Health care services received January, 2011-March 15, 2012 Have until March 31, 2012 to file 2011 claims Regardless of FSA auto-forwarding selection, order of reimbursement for deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays for will be: 1st - Remaining FSA balance from prior year 2nd - HRA fund 3rd - FSA current year Reimbursement options Direct deposit – go on-line to enroll at, or call customer service at 1-800-244-6224 Check – default method 44

45 45 Long-Term Disability DesignLTD 60% OptionLTD 70% Option Benefit Level60% of annual earnings70% of annual earnings (including average of past three years of bonus pay) Taxation of LTD Benefit 100% taxableOnly the portion of the benefit BW pays for is taxable MINIMIZES YOUR TAX BURDEN Income Replacement LowerHigher PremiumBW PaidEmployee Paid Long-Term Disability Options Use online LTD calculator to calculate your contribution for each option and decide which option is right for you:

46 Benefits Paid by BorgWarner Basic Life Provided directly through MetLife: Provides financial protection for your survivors in event of your death while employed at BorgWarner Benefit is equal to the amount of your annual base pay Minimum of $25,000 to maximum of $500,000 AD&D Accidental death or dismemberment benefit: 1 times annual base pay up to $500,000 Business Travel Accident & Medical Insurance Only applies to company-approved travel for BorgWarner Provided through CIGNA this coverage combines global accident coverage with international medical protection Refer to online Benefits Reference Guide for details 46

47 Optional Life Insurance Employee pays cost Offered directly through MetLife Coverage options include: Employee Life: 1 times annual base pay up to 8 times base pay Spouse Optional Life: $5,000/$10,000/$25,000/$50,000/$150,000/$250,000 Child Dependent Life: $5,000/$10,000/$15,000/$20,000 No guaranteed coverage during open enrollment Subject to Evidence of Insurability (EOI) 47

48 Additional Points of Interest Navigating Enrollment 48

49 49 Roadside Assistance Check out inside cover of your Enrollment Guide

50 Roadside Assistance 2011 Benefits Enrollment 50

51 Mandatory enrollment by November 12 Make sure to fully complete the Premium Discount section of your enrollment form Choose a new medical plan: Basic Plan or Buy-Up Plan or Opt Out Contact MetLife directly to make changes to life insurance at or 1-888-622- 6616 New medical ID cards issued in late December Benefits take effect January 1, 2011 Key Items to Remember 51

52 Your Destination: 2011 Enrollment Enroll by November 12 52

53 Optional Slides

54 CIGNA Quit Today CIGNA Quit Today ® Two 8-week program options: Telephonic Coaching Online Web-based Program Coach credentials – minimum BS in psychology, nursing, counseling, health education Support lines available in English and Spanish Program includes: Toolkits Free Nicotine replacements – OTC patch/gum Participate as many times as necessary to obtain success 85% of participants QUIT after 6 months Recap

55 CIGNA Quit Today Convenient and secure online registration at A 2-week Planning to Quit and 6-week Quit for Good module E-mails and online articles Key learning themes, motivational information, and tips Ability to contact a wellness coach via telephone Outcome surveys at 30 days, 6 months, and 12 months post-completion Web-based Program Recap

56 CIGNA Quit Today continued Telephonic Coaching Toll free one-on-one coaching sessions with a dedicated wellness coach at: 1-866-417-7848 Based on readiness to change, motivation, confidence, tobacco usage, support system Available evenings and weekends Reviews health status, risk factors, and co- morbidities Develops a personalized quit plan Support line 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Follow-up and long term support post- graduation Recap

57 CIGNA Quit Today continued Tobacco Cessation Drug Aids via CIGNA Pharmacy and Aetna Pharmacy Through the Quit Today® program certain drugs can be covered under the CIGNA or Aetna Pharmacy: Nicotine inhibitor and certain anti-depressants $0 copay, limited to 1x per year If a second attempt is needed, you can still receive refills under your normal co-insurance share. Free Nicotine Replacements – OTC patch or gum – Available only through Quit Today® Not available through CIGNA or Aetna Pharmacy Recap

58 HRQ Two methods: Online: Or go to your onsite clinic and participate in their health screening process Accessing The HRQ: Log onto and go to My Health tab New users register by following prompts Return users – login Recap

59 HRQ continued My Health and Wellness Center Centralizes tools in convenient, easy-to-navigate page on The members journey begins when they take my health assessment questionnaire (HRQ) Recap

60 HRQ continued Brief, easy-to-understand survey 65 questions, averaging 10-15 minutes Identifies health risk across biometric, psychological and behavior measures my health assessment Alcohol Blood pressure Body weight/Body mass index Cholesterol Existing medical conditions Health age index Illness days Job satisfaction Life satisfaction Medication for relaxation Perceived health Physical activity Safety belt usage Smoking Stress Call-outs help define questions, helping to ensure accurate responses Productivity question set utilizes WHO Health and Work Performance Questionnaire (HPQ) developed by R.C. Kessler at the Harvard Medical School Recap

61 HRQ continued Recap

62 Tobacco Cessation Premium Discount Earn $50/month tobacco cessation discount Encourages healthy living and rewards positive behavior How it works Complete the Tobacco Cessation Pledge on your enrollment form and submit it by Nov 12, 2010; effective Jan 1st If you pledge to complete the Tobacco Cessation Program, you must do so by Feb 28, 2011; if not you forfeit the discount starting April 1, 2011 Eligible tobacco cessation program includes: The CIGNA Quit Today® Program Program pre-approved by your HR Department Recap

63 Tobacco Cessation Program Offers resources and tools to help tobacco users quit tobacco before they develop chronic conditions Available to all employees and dependents age 18 or older who are CIGNA or Aetna members Provide assistance to quit through: Quit Today® - tobacco cessation drugs (with annual cap) and free counseling services $150 annual reimbursement on acupuncture and hypnosis Excellent resource to help those interested in earning one of the medical premium discounts Recap Tobacco Cessation Premium Discount

64 Which Plan May be Right for You? 64 If you expect total claims between $12k-$34k, Buy Up plan beneficial Contribution Gap Family Options Basic Plan Buy Up Plan HR Slide

65 Which Plan May be Right for You? 65 If you expect total claims between $4k-$19k, Buy Up plan beneficial Contribution Gap Employee Only Options Basic Plan Buy Up Plan HR Slide

66 Building Your HRA Your HRA and member deductible gap combine to make the plan deductible If you have money remaining in HRA at year end it rolls over for next years use That means you have the BW annual HRA contribution + rollover dollars; growing your total HRA balance The higher your HRA balance the lower your member deductible gap Rollover dollars from current plans will follow you to new plans

67 Comparison of 2010 to 2011 Plans - Contribution 67 Choice Health Fund 1 Basic Plan EmployeeFamilyEmployeeFamily Mthly Contribution$0 Deductible$1500$3000$1500$3000 HRA$750$1500$500$1000 Net Deductible$750$1500$1000$2000 Coinsurance80% Choice Health Fund 2 Buy Up Plan EmployeeFamilyEmployeeFamily Mthly Contribution$35$95$40$120 Deductible$1000$2000$1500$3000 HRA$500$1000$750$1500 Net Deductible$500$1000$750$1500 Coinsurance80% 90% 2011 plans have same net out of pocket max and preventive benefit as 2010

68 Comparison of 2010 to 2011 Plans - HRA 68 Choice Health Fund 1 Buy Up Plan EmployeeFamilyEmployeeFamily Mthly Contribution$0 $40$120 Deductible$1500$3000$1500$3000 HRA$750$1500$750$1500 Net Deductible$750$1500$750$1500 Coinsurance80% 90% Choice Health Fund 2 Basic Plan EmployeeFamilyEmployeeFamily Mthly Contribution$35$95$0 Deductible$1000$2000$1500$3000 HRA$500$1000$500$1000 Net Deductible$500$1000 $2000 Coinsurance80% 2011 plans have same net out of pocket max and preventive benefit as 2010

69 Comparing the Plans : Employee Only Coverage 69

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