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SanDisk Corporation July 1, 2008. Why Doesnt the Software Do What I Need IT to Do? or Aligning IT Objectives With the Business Cecilia Claudio SVP & CIO.

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1 SanDisk Corporation July 1, 2008

2 Why Doesnt the Software Do What I Need IT to Do? or Aligning IT Objectives With the Business Cecilia Claudio SVP & CIO SanDisk Corp.

3 3 But before we talk about software… Cecilia, the person Journey on becoming CIO Decisions made, e.g., left good job due to CIO position not being available Look for opportunities and go for it Luck, timing and who you know Relevant position to influence, drive and make a difference Seizing the moment!

4 4 About SanDisk A Silicon Valley high technology success storyfounded in 1988 Invented CompactFlash & co- developed all major card formats Designs & manufactures its own flash memory chips & cards Completed fourth NAND flash fab in Japan; currently worlds largest Opened assembly plant in Shanghai in September 2007 $3.9 Billion in revenue for 2007 with 3,100+ employees worldwide

5 5 Growing Global Reach: 222,000+ Storefronts Worldwide 37,000+ Food & Drug 60,000+ Mobile Stores Bell World Best Buy Blacks Costco London Drugs Radio Shack Sears Shoppers Drug Mart West Fair Canada Tire T Mobile Carphone Warehouse Woolworths Dixons Orange Wal-Mart Camara Euronix FotoSistema Fotoco FNAC Foto Service Germanos Internet shops Knut Leclerc MakroMarkt PhotoStation Pulsat RIC Ringfoto Schlecker Best Buy Brooks/Eckerd Circuit City CompUSA Wal-Mart Costco K-Mart Musicland Office Depot Staples Sears Rite Aid Radio Shack Meijer/Food Safeway Kroger HEB AAFES MDI GameStop Sprint Verizon Best Coles Fortress Broadway Lotte Costco Sunfar GoMe SuNing DahZong Officeworks Big W Harris Tech. Good Guys H Norman Woolworths Aeon BIC Best Edion Ks Kitamura Kojima Lawsons Matsukiyo Yamada Yodobashi Americas 81,000+ Europe 79,000+ Asia/Pac Rim 31,000+ Japan 17,000+

6 6 Mobile/CE/PC Driving NAND Future Email PDA Phone PC, CE Markets Mobile Market Camera Phone Imaging Video Phone Video MobileTV TV / STB Application Music Phone Music Game Phone Game GPS Phone Map

7 Why do Software Projects Often Fail?

8 8 Caveat The type of software development I will be speaking about is for business oriented applications. Although most of what will be discussed is applicable to scientific or engineering oriented software, I realize there is a difference. Ive highlighted some of these differences (from my perspective) on a subsequent slide Since Ive primarily been involved with business applications Ive based my presentation on business oriented software development. My belief is that most of the major challenges however (whether business oriented or engineering oriented) are common

9 9 Software Development Typically Follows a Development Lifecycle Generic Lifecycle Requirements Design Testing Implementation Many Variations of the Lifecycle Are Used Waterfall Incremental Model Spiral Model Etc.

10 10 Some Differences Exist Between Engineering Oriented and Business Oriented Software, For Instance:

11 11 Having Said This ……. As Business Applications Become More Integrated There is an Evolution Towards Becoming More Engineering like And Regardless of the Type of Software, the Main Challenge (making it do what it is supposed to do) Remains the Same So Lets Take a Look at Why the Software Often Fails to Meet Expectations

12 12 What is Failure Anyway? My definition (mgmt perspective) of software development failure is When the end user (or customer) is not satisfied with the results Granted, this is a stringent definition Particularly when users dont always know what they want and/or When they belatedly realize want they want they try and use scope creep as a means of retrofitting their requirements… oh no, weve always said that the software should do a, b, c, … etc. The Bottom Line Though … Is that users have great influence on their management and if user management is not happy with results there is no way to convince them otherwise. In their minds the software development project has failed and this belief will be near impossible to overcome, no matter the reality.

13 13 When Failures Arise, Often Developers Respond By Works as designed Guaranteed to evoke a strong reaction Or, its not a bug, its a feature May lead to physical manifestations of frustration Rarely by Hmmm, thats interesting let me review the requirements and advise Or, perhaps the requirement was flawed, Ill have to take a look at it Or, I see your point, however what you are telling me is different than what the requirements stated, perhaps there is a need to revise the requirements In any case, these situations arise at the end of the development lifecycle, which is obviously the most inopportune (and expensive) time to address these issues

14 14 Why do Software Projects Often Fail? CCs Top 10 Reasons for Software Development Failures: 1. Overselling the new solution Emphasizing that the new system will solve all the problems of the old, and therefore lets move forward 2. Overly optimistic schedules Most IT Staff are Optimists when evaluating how long things will take, or the number of barriers that jump up during project execution 3. Shortchanging design or the are we coding yet? phenomena The perception that coding is where the action happens, and that design is boring or takes too long

15 15 Top 10 Reasons for S/W Failure (cont) 4. Key Assumptions are Not Validated We assumed the device would work like….. but it really ….. 5. Lack of Stakeholder Buy in Often accompanied by lack of user input nobody asked us 6. When the schedule is under pressure, the plan is abandoned were way off schedule and there is no time to fix it or I Know what needs to be done, I dont need a schedule to tell me 7. Putting dates ahead of quality (or shortchanging the time for QA) Look, we told them it wil be ready on MM/DD/YY and IT WILL be ready then.. Old adage, when the boss wants it really bad that is how he gets it

16 16 Top 10 Reasons for S/W Failure (cont) 8. Having the wrong (or too many) people in charge Inadequate or weak skill sets Changing players frequently 9. The Us vs Them Syndrome Developers assume role of undervalued heroes and end users are characterized as the ever-demanding-never-reasonable enemy 10. Poor (or politicized) project controls we all know that were behind schedule but if we show it that way our boss is gonna kill us, color it green and lets find a way to make up the time..

17 17 Wait, You Dont Believe That These Mistakes Are Still Happening? While it is True That Most of These Mistakes Were Known For Quite a While Standish Group Published a Classic Report on the Topic in 1995 (Chaos Report) Yet Software Failures Continue to Happen, Consider British Airways CIO Apologises for T5 Launch Debacle Feb 13, 2008 We do make mistakes. T5 is probably at the front of all your minds, and I would just like to say that I am very sorry, he said, speaking at the Forrester IT Forum in London. BA has previously blamed the incident on a combination of software failures and poor training. software

18 18 Preventing Failures – Macro View At the Macro Level, the Job of Preventing Software Failures Boils Down to a Simple Formula Success occurs when, Expectations = Reality The Key to Success is Having Good People and a Good Governance Structure That Represents a True Partnership Between IT and the Business

19 19 So How Can These Failures Be Prevented? My View is That All of These Problem Are Addressed by Proper Governance What is Proper Governance? One that is effective at continually managing end user (or customer) expectations One that has the right representation from the end user community as well as the developer community Right - means that the representatives of each constituency are at a decision making level and have the appropriate authority One that continually focuses on the end goal, emphasizes one team behavior and looks forward to results minimizing or eliminating the blame time sink In a Nutshell, Proper Governance Represents a True Partnership Between IT and the Business

20 20 Governance Structures That Work – My Experience Business Technology Integration (BTI) A Model Used at Farmers Insurance IT Governance – Operating Council SAP Deployment at SanDisk

21 21 Summary Software projects often fail even though the reasons for this are well established Failure occurs when: Expectations Results The key to preventing software failures is having a proper governance structure that: Continually manages user (or customer) expectations Has the right representation from each constituent Is forward looking, focused on the end game, emphasizes results, overcome obstacles, and only looks back when results have been delivered (during post mortem)

22 22 Q & A

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