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Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System

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1 Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System
The End of the Line for Termites!

2 Which Termite Manager would make you feel safer?

3 A System for… Eliminating termite COLONIES
More effective termite management Environmentally responsible termite management

4 ELIMINATES the entire colony.
Nymphs Workers Soldiers Queen Eggs Winged Reproductives King ONLY EXTERRA ELIMINATES the entire colony.

5 Here’s how Exterra PROTECTS properties
Exterra starts in the ground… In-ground Stations placed to intercept termites Contain non-toxic timber interceptors

6 Or… In-concrete Stations
are used if the building is surounded by concrete

7 You’ve got termites in the property and you want them gone quickly…
Exterra works inside homes very quickly! Above-ground Stations, are placed on points of termite activity, and baited right away This guarantees quick colony elimination

8 If foraging termites enter the property…..
The termites are intercepted in the In-ground Stations The termites easily detected in the Stations Unique - NO DISTURBANCE Station

9 You’ve found termites, now you want them gone…
Time to put Requiem Termite Bait to work This is added without disturbing the termites It is preferred to wood So they stop feeding on the timber interceptors And feed on the Requiem

10 Termites can’t resist Requiem
The termites readily eat Requiem….. and Feed it to all the colony So ALL the termites die And the colony is quickly eliminated

11 Once the Colony is ELIMINATED
Any Above-ground Stations are removed All Requiem is removed Fresh timber interceptors are placed in the In-ground Stations ‘Peace of Mind’ monitoring continues…

12 Now with FOCUS Termite Attractant
Natural, non-toxic, food-based granule Works with soil microbes to slowly release CO2. University proven that CO2 attracts termites Focus draws termites into the Exterra Stations Instead of buildings….

So termites always find the Exterra Stations first

14 Termite Interception Zone
The only System that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around a building Termite Interception Zone So the building is totally safe.

Long term, effective Family-safe Environmentally responsible termite management Using Exterra In-ground Stations with Focus Termite Attractant. PROTECTED

16 Requiem Termite Bait This product is considered non-toxic.
ACTIVE 1g/kg chlorfluazuron (0.1%) Technical Chlorfluazuron - Oral LD5O rat - 8,500mg/kg Requiem - Oral LD5O rat – 85,000,000mg/kg Material Safety Data Sheet This product is considered non-toxic. No abnormalities in reproduction tests. Teratogenicity (tumours) not observed in rats and mice. All mutagenic tests were negative (reverse mutation, aberrant chromosomes and DNA repair). Effects of large doses of chlorfluazuron were studied, but no abnormalities were observed (central nervous system, respiration, blood pressure and electrocardiograms). The above is excerpted from the MSDS which shows the total safety of the product.

17 Why is Requiem so Safe? It’s Mode of Action is specific to insects
A Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor (CSI) Only insects have an outer skeleton made of chitin To grow they shed the outer skeleton Requiem STOPS new outer skeleton forming It is thin and brittle So the termite dies

18 Normal moulting

19 Moult after Requiem

20 Requiem kills all life stages
Primary Effects Eggs are sterile Workers are killed Early instar (young) termites die Soldiers die (King &) Queen are the last to die Secondary Effects Mouth parts – stops feeding Lining of intestine Slow acting No bait shyness No resistance

21 Some difficult termite jobs. How would you handle them
Some difficult termite jobs. How would you handle them? Firstly a large school. 5 years of termite attack. Three pest controllers have failed. What can you offer. Are barriers practicable or affordable. Others have chased them around with arsenic. Exterra In Action

22 Bait eaten….. Add fresh bait Week 3
We placed 3 AG’s. 2 in the art department. 4 weeks later bother were totally consumed. 800g of Requiem gone. We know 100g kills a colony. Less may kill a colony but this is the least consumption we have had in any site where the nest has been sacrificed to confirm elimination. No IG’s used. Bait eaten….. Add fresh bait

23 Week 3 In the third Station we saw interesting behavioural changes. The termite have created a bivouac at the site.

24 Behavioural Changes – Act differently - Move slowly - Look sluggish
- Sometimes outside of workings And the soldiers and workers were coming out of the workings and wandering about indicating behavioural changes after just 4 weeks of installation. Week 3

25 Normal – mostly workers
Week 3 Normal – mostly workers Inside this Station it was alive with termites.

26 Physiological Changes
Colour changes 1 week later (fifth week), 50% of each Station eaten, and we are seeing discoloured soldiers and workers indicating the effects of the Requiem. Week 4

27 Mostly Soldiers – Caste ratio change Week 4
1 week later, sixth week, we are seeing caste ratio changes. Mostly Soldiers – Caste ratio change

28 Week 4 Feeding has also occurred in the ‘piggy-backed’ station with mostly soldiers now present here too. STALACMITES

29 Week 4 Mostly soldiers Due to workers dying first…
By the seventh week we are seeing dead workers.

30 Week 5 NO WORKER termites COLONY IS DEAD!!!
It is also now a question of spot the worker. So by seven weeks the colony is effectively finished. NO WORKER termites COLONY IS DEAD!!!

31 The Measurable Steps to Success So you know what is going on!!
Did they EAT any Requiem? just 50g needed Did they show any COLOUR changes? Did they ACT / BEHAVE differently? Did you see a ratio change? MOSTLY SOLDIERS Did you start seeing FEWER TERMITES? Now there are NO TERMITES? Benefits to the system are that you can easily chart the progress to colony elimination by checking the signs commonly encountered.

32 Exterra’s LARGER Stations intercept termites better
Exterra Stations are 4x larger Scientific research proves this is better for intercepting and baiting termites So with larger Stations and Focus to direct them, termites will find a Station first And that guarantees the colony is eliminated Keeping properties safe PROTECTED

33 Exterra Eliminates all Termite Species:
Coptotermes formosanus Coptotermes acinaciformis Coptotermes frenchi Coptotermes gestroi Coptotermes havilandi Coptotermes curvignathus Coptotermes vastator Coptotermes treviens Coptotermes michaelseni C. acinaciformis raffrayi Schedorhinotermes spp Heterotermes ferox Nasutitermes exitiosus Nasutitermes walkeri Microcerotermes spp Microtermes spp Porotermes adamsoni Reticulotermes spp Macrotermes gilvus Globitermes sulphureus Microcerotermes losbanosensis + indicates further trials have been successfully completed since submitting to the NRA.

34 Exterra GUARANTEES to solve the problem
Unique Exterra QUALITY tick Authorised and trained operators Station Barcoding

35 Over 10,000 km of buildings protected…

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