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How To Protect The Earth. Abnormal Phenomenon Throughout The World.

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1 How To Protect The Earth

2 Abnormal Phenomenon Throughout The World

3 Even though things are getting worse There is still something we can do…

4 Buy Local Products Buying local foods and products can cut down CO2 emission by reducing unnecessary transport of goods.

5 Buy Fresh Foods Buy fresh foods instead of frozen ones.

6 Eat Less Meat You probably dont know that as a Taiwanese, if you dont eat any meat a day, you can actually reduce 7-kilogram of carbon dioxide emission.

7 Use Energy-saving Light Bulbs Replace the energy- consuming light bulbs with energy- saving ones.

8 Even though youve turned off electronic devices, they are still using energy with the plug plugged in. You can save electricity by unplugging the plug. Unplug The Plug

9 . Dry Your Clothes Under the Sun Sunlight is definitely the best germ-killer and dryer for clothes.

10 Recycle & Reuse Do the recycling in your daily life and make good use of reusable things.

11 Take Public Transportation/ Ride a Bike Utilize public transportation like buses, MRT to get to work or school; perhaps, you can even ride a bike or simply walk.

12 Take A Shower Instead Of Taking A Bath Besides, taking a shower is a good way to save water. Try to make your shower time as short as possible.

13 Encourage People Around You Speak up about the importance of conservation to your families, friends, classmates, and encourage them to take action.


15 Bibliography Information Resources 1.Stop Global Warming 2.Speaking Up 1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2. 2 C http:// 2 2 3. 4.Official Website of We Are the World Related Links

16 Picture Resources [cover] [the third page] [buy local products] bid/77/Default.aspx?tid=1&cid=365783&issueid=727 bid/77/Default.aspx?tid=1&cid=365783&issueid=727 [buy fresh foods] [eat less meat] [use energy-saving light bulbs] id=343373&filters%5B1%5D%5Btype%5D=category&filters%5B1%5D%5 Bid%5D=330264 [dry your clothes under the sun] [take a shower instead of taking a bath] 066.jpg bdbfd64e5da65d8&t=156956&page=12 [encourage people around you]

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