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Choose the right investment!

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1 Choose the right investment!
Capital Growth Bond

2 Choosing the Right Investment
As an investor one of the most important questions you face is: What do you want your investments to achieve for you? Many investors would like a combination of Capital Growth and in an uncertain world, financial security. The ideal solution is EFU LIFE Capital Growth Bond Allows to benefit from investments across a wide range of equities plus good spread of government securities and cash deposits

3 How your money is invested? EFU Capital Growth Fund
Your contributions to the Plan will buy units in the EFU Capital Growth Fund There are two unit prices quoted for this fund Offer The “Offer” price at which you buy units 100% Bid The “Bid” price at which units are bought back from you by EFU when you want to encash the whole or part of your Plan of your investment is used to buy units at the prevailing offer price. The Capital Growth Fund is currently valued daily and the unit prices are published on our website.

4 “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.”
Fund Acceleration Premiums EFU Capital Growth Bond gives you the flexibility to top-up your regular contributions by depositing surplus funds. Emergency Access The Plan gives the flexibility to make partial withdrawals. Retirement Income “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” You have the facility of applying the maturity value to purchase a pension from EFU Life, to help you maintain your standard of living in retirement.

5 Benefits of the Capital Growth Bond
Built-In Protection Benefit “It is better to be insured than sorry.” Accidental Death The accidental death benefit is; Natural Death Greater of, Single Premium Paid or Cash Value of the Plan Plus Basic Cash Value The natural death benefit is; Greater of, 101% of the Single Premium Paid or Basic Cash Value.

6 Other Important Details
The Plan The Plan is a single premium whole-of-life contract. Minimum Contribution Rs. 50,000 per annum. Unit Allocation 100% of your contributions will be allocated to the units on the Managed Growth Fund. Investment Management Charge 0.125% of the fund value per month. Bid/Offer Spread 5% of the contribution.

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