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An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Client Services Presentation.

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1 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Client Services Presentation

2 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Why Choose Us ? We at Go4Advisory believe that quality starts from home and from our clients. We believe in delivering value for your money and lay special emphasis on client servicing. At Go4Advisory: We not only tell you what and when to buy/sell but also HOW MUCH, something like the happy sms on the right, each call and each client receives a different quantity to trade with. We practice Risk Management, something which the Fund Managers of today are doing world over. Now make unlimited Profits, but only limited losses. We used to track markets for you constantly, but now we even track your portfolio 24x7, and keep you updated on the outlook of your stocks. Instantly composed automatic sms and IM delivered to you in less than 5 seconds. Professional advice, strong support team, personalized client servicing are just some of the feathers in the hat.

3 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by How we Do it ? Whenever you signup with us, we give you a free login to ProfitGyans portfolio manager. The Portfolio Manager helps us to, take great care of you and provide you with personalized services: Whatever investments you track in the Portfolio Manager, can be monitored by us – be it Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodities or even Mutual Funds. We would never get to know your Portfolio Amount, all we get to know is the percentage investments you make in each asset class or each stock. Whenever we send out a trading calls, the Portfolio Manager helps us to practice Risk Management for your portfolio by not only considering your Portfolio Size but also Diversification, Intra-Day Margins and even the amount available with you for investment. We not only optimize your returns but also guide you to purchase 3 lots where you would have bought 1 and minimize your losses by buying 100 shares instead of 500. Over the years we have proved our mantle and today by being one of the very few Advisors offering ProfitGyan, we have yet again proved our commitment towards our clients.

4 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Risk Management and Us We at Go4Advisory would like to ask you a couple of questions: Why do you keep a Stop Loss? May be because Stop Loss is the only thing which protects you from loosing your entire capital and helps you bail out if the call goes wrong. But does it actually do so alone ? Ask any fund manager, any whos who of this Industry, or even Rakesh Jhunjhunwala they dont believe in keeping a Stop Loss alone. Instead they believe in practicing Risk Management, a term which has been ignored by the less aware advisors of today. What exactly is this Risk Management we are taking about ? Lets, suppose we recommended you to trade in IDFC at Rs. 40 and keep a stop loss of Rs. 30. You have a portfolio of Rs. 40,000 and you decide to buy 1000 shares of IDFC because you believed in our call. But, suppose this calls hits the Stop Loss. In such a scenario you would not loose only Rs. 10,000 but also approximately 25% of your entire capital. And just to recover this 25% loss now you need to earn approx 33% return on your portfolio (10,000/30,000). The Stock Market game is not about how much and how fast you make money but till how long you can sustain and make money time and again.

5 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Risk Management and Us We do not give tall claims about our Performance, instead we request you to judge it yourself. But we practice Risk Management because if we go wrong them also you are profitable and make money. Imagine we had the ability to control how much you invest in each script based on our confidence in that call, wouldnt it work wonders for you ?? There are a number of advisors on the Internet giving you tall claims about practicing Risk Management. Just sending that trade in 100 shares or 3 lots or showing you some chart to tell you how much you should buy based on your Portfolio size is not Risk Management. It is known as fooling the client to get the subscription charges. Correct Risk Management cannot be practiced unless the advisor has upto date information about your portfolio, which none of them has. True Risk Management is done by the best brains in the Industry and today Go4Advisory is proud to count itself as one of them. Oh, and did we mention ProfitGyan does not allow us to lookup your portfolio details, all we would ever get to know is how much you hold in % terms and not in absolute. E.g. we would know you have 25% in stocks and 50% in F&O but we wont know that you have a portfolio of 1 lakhs or 2 lakhs.

6 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Drawdown & Risk Management We are very sure, you would still be skeptical as to why should you practice Risk Management. The actual effect of Risk can only be seen once you understand the equity draw down table. The equity draw down table helps you see that if you loose say an x% of your portfolio then how much returns you would need to generate on the remaining capital to reach the same level again. If you suffer a 2% loss then it is very much recoverable, but as you keep on incurring more and more losses the chances for your to recover your lost investments or even reaching back to your original portfolio become really skeptical. Imagine someone who invested 100% of his portfolio in an Option Call and that particular call has a stop loss of 50% of its buying price. You can be very sure that person is doomed if this happens because recovering 100% in a single month and that also with the restraints of a smaller portfolio would be really difficult, unless he could have controlled himself by investing the right quantity for this trade while at the time of entering the trade. Now, Go4Advisory can help you decide this quantity by practicing Risk Management for you so that you never loose more than 2% of your portfolio on each call. Thus even if there are a row of losses, which has never happened, but if there is you would never ever have to comeback to us and complain to you are out of trading. Now, finally you can enjoy Unlimited Profits and Limited Risk. Risk Management and Go4Advisory now make it possible for you. Loss IncurredReturns Required 2.00%2.04% 10.00%11.11% 25.00%33.33% 50.00%100.00% 75.00%300.00%

7 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Positives of Money Management Over 70% of the clients face severe consequences because of the lack of knowledge about Disciplined Investing, Diversification or Risk Management. Our gut feeling about how successful our call now defines your Profits and Losses. In Technical Analysis there are some calls, some chart patterns which keep on repeating and some others which do not repeat at all. Now, by using ProfitGyan and practicing Risk Management we would be able to suggest you to buy higher quantity for patterns which are repetitive in nature and are successful 90% of the times and even suggest you to reduce the quantity for patterns which are not repetitive in nature and have a low probability of success. Hmmm… now we are talking right ? Okay let this be an eye opener for all of you out there, Risk Management not only helps you to protect your capital but also helps you make more profits. ProfitGyan, did a sample study by practicing Risk Management for few clients and found that their performance could easily be increased by more than 18% if they start incorporating Risk% in their trading calls. This was because: Clients started loosing less on loosing calls. Majority of them used to trade only in 1 lot, because they were not investing their portfolio correctly. An analysts confidence in his calls helped them trade with the right quantity all the time. Giving calls is very easy, anyone can become a trader and start giving calls but managing the trade and taking positions is the art of the game. We would reiterate, no one and we mean it no one apart from you has your financial information based on which Risk Management can be practiced. So stop going to those Advisors on the Internet which give tall claims about everything but do nothing. Money Management with us as simple as following an SMS/IM. We would say either you start educating yourself and spend months doing it, or let us do this dirty work for you.

8 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy With us, you just need to Relax and Enjoy life and let us do the dirty work for you. We tell you When, What and HOW MUCH to trade on SMS in less than 5 seconds and on IM in less than 1 Second. You need not worry about whether you have funds to trade in the quantity we suggested to you, just place the order because each quantity we suggest you is only after looking up the cash you have lying in your account for trading/investment. Worried about are we making you invest all your investments in one stock ? Trust us, we only make you invest at max x% in each stock, futures or option call and we change this x% daily on the basis of market volatility. Worried about your Financial Goals that are you investing in risky stocks ? Well leave this tension on us, if you have filled up the financial goals questionnaire on ProfitGyan then now its our headache to ensure that you only get calls which are suited for your risk apetite. With Go4Advisory you just enjoy life and our calls

9 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by ProfitGyan and Us ? We have tied up with ProfitGyan to deliver more to our clients. Any client with us gets access to: Unique charts which help you compare and analyze your performance. You can even track the flow of money into other assets much before others do. You can even chat with your friends on Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN or AOL online, without even installing their software. Compare your performance with hundreds of other clients of ours or even all the clients on ProfitGyan. Special chat rooms, trainings, webinars, educative material to ensure that you not only make money from our calls but also educate yourself. EOD Charts, so that you can lookup the support and resistance levels for all the stocks in your portfolio, even if we have not advised you to buy them. Now this is what we call a 360° Portfolio Management.

10 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by Did you Know ? The biggest traders know one thing, they just need to take care of their losses and their profits would follow. This is exactly what Go4Advisory and ProfitGyan do for you. We do atleast 10 different calculations before suggesting you the quantity you should trade with and all this is done automatically by the portfolio manager in less than 1 second for over 100 clients. Imagine, whenever you buy a script which is technically weak and is not the right investment, we alert you. True Advisory Services is not about just buy/sell calls but much more than that. Without knowing how much to put in each stock, did you know a set of 5 consecutive losses could take your portfolio to a position from where there is no return. But, with us because we take limited Risks, even if you loose money it is never more than 2% of your entire Capital, rather than loosing 20% or 35% in a single call with other advisors. Did you know it takes us less than 1 second to shoot you a personalized message on yahoo making us the idle fit for all your Momentum Calls. Yes, you read it right, we do it in even less than the amount of time it takes for your advisor to select the people whom the call should be sent to. All our Performance Reports are authenticated by ProfitGyan ensuring that we show you 100% genuine performance. Is there any advisor in the Industry who would be that transparent ? Everybody hides their losses and shows their profits, but we show you what we make every single month. We can go on and on boosting about our services, but we at Go4Advisory want you to experience the power of intelligent investing yourself. Get a free trial today, if you like it pay for it, else we were happy to have you with us.

11 An Initiative by Go4Advisory, Powered by We thank you for going through this PPT and would be happy to hear back from you. Any comments or suggestion are most welcome. Website: Email : Mobile : 91-9376140141

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