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Results of a face-to-face interview-survey conducted in 9 province of 930 borrowers Survey conducted by: Progressus Research & Development.

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1 Results of a face-to-face interview-survey conducted in 9 province of 930 borrowers Survey conducted by: Progressus Research & Development

2 Methodology Demographic profile of Borrowers Loan Description Loan Outcome Loan Impact What impacts on Loan Outcome? The Borrowing Experience Consumer Education Challenges in Research Conclusion

3 Combined Loan book -Total RHLF loan book per Province Verified suburbs/villages (Google Earth) 3 random points selected per Province Cluster points -> All towns/ cities/ villages closest to this cluster point were marked. Borrowers listed within these towns/ cities/ villages from all Lenders were included in the sample frame for the Province. Cluster expanded where necessary to reach target sample size. Sample frame -> randomised. A final sample list was prepared of borrowers who are traceable.

4 Training of Interviewers, and Supervision of fieldworkers essential Sampled Borrowers were traced by employing the following means: Telephone appointments made for an interview. Home addresses were traced and Borrowers were interviewed immediately where possible, or an appointment made for later Work addresses were followed to find respondents at work – interview scheduled, as well as appointment made to visit the home after work to obtain the GPS reference point and picture. Methods used interchangeably (up to 3 visits)

5 Lenders Sampled Borrowers Weighted Sample according to number of Loan Sample Accuracy: Sample is accurate in 95% of cases within a range as specified Bayport % Elite % Indlu % Izwe % Kuyasa % Lendcor % Mafori % Norufin % RPH % Vecto % RHLF TOTAL %


7 Gender: 50.5% Male Average age: 48 years old High employment rate Private sector (two thirds) Government (third) Income Individual income: R6,821 Household Income: R9,111 Household Size: 5 people 59% Nuclear families; 23% Single parent families; 12.8% Singles/ Singles Sharing 2% Disabled

8 Savings 47% of Borrowers save actively 84% Fixed monthly payment; 12% When they can R625 p/m 57% use Bank for savings; 24% Stokvel



11 Loan Size: R7,971 Requirements: Mostly ID Book, Payslip, Bank Statements





16 Built on average 36m² At a cost of R744 per m² 12% self built, friends, family (39 days labour) 44% stock piled materials in preparation of building 10% build in sections when they had money available 88% started building after 1 month of getting loan 58% used additional money (on top of loan) to build (Mean: R17,605 Median: R7,000 from OWN SAVINGS)


18 Self reported impact: 91.6% said loan made life better



21 Positive impact on Security of Tenure 20.6% reported INCREASE in sense of security – (A sense that you will NOT easily loose your home)


23 Repeat Loans: 24% took more than 1 loan from Lender Intention to take Repeat Loans: 82% intend to use Lender again



26 Gender Home Improvements more likely if Female (57%) than when Male (37%) Income Home Improvements more likely if smaller income R,7,500 (I: 39% HH 39%) Tenure: Home Improvements more likely if: OWN (47%/ 37%) Tribal Land (89%) than: RENT (11.2%)




30 92% - Easy to obtain loan Mostly helped by Lender to apply 89% will recommend Lender


32 56% received consumer education (mostly from Lending Institution) 86% received Loan Agreement 85% received explanation on Loan Agreement 78% had opportunity to ask questions prior to signing it


34 Inaccurate contact details for Borrowers: Provinces being recorded incorrectly on the address lists provided by Lenders Contact address not where investment was made Contact address not where borrower lives most of the time Borrower suspicion about the nature of the interview Family unaware of borrowers loan – borrower wants to keep it a secret Time and money spent on home visits, while loan was not used for housing More support needed from Lenders – borrowers phoning the Lender and not get confirmation that the research is legitimate

35 Impact Measurement challenging Borrowing Experience positive HOUSING Loan Outcome can be improved Gender, Income, Tenure impacts on Loan Outcome Loan Impact: Overall made life better Self worth Quality of Life Education Security of Tenure Impact on poor (

36 36 DEVELOPMENTAL IMPACT Development impact statistics compiled fromMar-10 monthly Housing Impact Monitoring Reports Number of new loans33112 Loan usage New House3% Extension8% Improvement71% Services2% 84% Others (mainly education)16% 100% Repeat loan borrowers29% Borrowers using loan together with government subsidy32% Gender of borrower Male41% Female59% Borrower's employment Private sector30% Public sector68% Self-employed, informal2% Borrower's income less than R % R1 500-R2 5009% R2 500-R3 5008% R R % R6 001-R %

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