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In your Answer Document, use pictures, numbers or words to explain which student correctly added the decimals.

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2 In your Answer Document, use pictures, numbers or words to explain which student correctly added the decimals.

3 Courtney starts with 12 birdhouses. She makes three new birdhouses each week. How many birdhouses will she have after 12 weeks?

4 The middle school team scored three field goals worth three points each and two touchdowns worth six points each, including extra points. Write a numerical expression to find the team's score. Evaluate the expression.

5 Four marching band members are walking in line. Carlos is behind Guillermo. Abe is ahead of Guillermo. Rick is behind Carlos. What is the order of the four band members from front to back?

6 Two out of every 3 seats were taken. Out of 33 seats, how many were taken?

7 Elissa bought a pen for $1.55, an eraser for $0.84, a ruler for $1.55, and some paper clips for $0.87. How much did she spend in all?

8 A case of 12 toy rockets is $ One rocket cost $4.61. What is the savings if you buy a case instead of 12 individual rockets?

9 Tracy takes a flight across the country. The flight is 5 hours long and covers 2,500 miles. How many miles per hour did the plane average?

10 Aaron saved $60 to buy airplane models for his collection. The cost of each model with tax included is $7. How many models can he buy?

11 1. How confident are you about passing the Math OAT? Why? 2. Do you think you have improved your math skills from last year? Support your answer. 3. What has been your favorite activity/topic/lesson/project we have done in math so far this year? Why did you like it? 4. There is 1 ½ months of school left. What would you like to do/cover (math related) the last few weeks of the school year?

12 Explain the difference between area, volume, perimeter and surface area. How do you find each of them?

13 Draw an acute, obtuse, and right angle. Label them with degrees

14 Reuben recorded the heights of 7 boys and 7 girls in his class in the table shown. Calculate the range, the median and the mode for the height of the boys and for the height of the girls. Use the range, median, or mode to compare the heights of the boys and girls and tell which group you think is taller. Explain how you made your choice.

15 The table shows the weekly hits on Ronans Web site for the month of November. Compute the total number of hits in November WeekHits 11,187 22,374 34,

16 On a piece of loose leaf paper complete page 33 (1-18) as a pop quiz. You may not ask neighbors for help. Stick in and close book when you are finished. Dont turn in.

17 A cone and a cylinder are shown. Give one way that they are alike and one way that they are different.

18 One month Tonys puppy grew ½ of an inch. The next month his puppy grew ¾ of an inch. How many inches did Tonys puppy grow in two months?

19 Ruths garden has 6 rows of strawberry plants. There are 20 strawberry plants in each row. How many strawberry plants are in Ruths garden? What is another way she could have planted them?

20 A figure is shown on the grid. What is the area and perimeter of the figure?

21 On a piece of loose leaf paper write your problem of the week: Write the digits 0-7 in the row of boxes using these rules: No side by side numbers can be put in the boxes beside each other Pattern alternating number high and low (high low high low high low)

22 September 17, 2008 A sycamore tree grew 30 feet in 20 years (after it was planted). An American elm grew 1.6 feet each year over the same 20 years (after it was planted). If both trees were 5 ft tall when they were planted, which tree was taller at the end of twenty years?

23 Randy made this shape with toothpicks. What is the perimeter of the shape? Explain how you found the perimeter

24 Ms. Benitezs class recorded the temperature for several mornings at 9:00 a.m. The temperatures the class recorded are shown. 63º, 63º, 62º, 64º, 66º, 63º, 60º What is the mean, median, mode and range of the data the class collected?

25 Joe is putting a low fence around all four sides of a rectangular flower bed. The flower bed is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. Each section of fencing is 2 feet long. How many sections of fencing will Joe need?

26 Alan will be gathering data about the temperature. Describe the steps Alan should use to gather and present the information

27 Identify 10 fractions about the people below.

28 The diagram shows how far it is from Annas home to her school, from her school to the library, and from the library to her home. Each school day, Anna rides her bike from her home to her school. After school, she rides to the library and then home. On Saturday, Anna rides her bike from home to the library and back home. She does not ride her bike on Sunday. Annas mother says that her daughter rides about 30 miles every week between her home, the school and the library. In your Answer Document, use estimation to determine whether Annas mother has made a reasonable estimate. Show or explain your work. (4 points)

29 Mr. Flora has six shirts and four pairs of pants. His shirts are red, green, white orange, pink and yellow. His pants are navy, gray black and tan. list all the different shirt and pants combinations that Mr. Flora can wear. (2 points)

30 Some fractions are less than one. Some fractions are equal to one. Some fractions are greater than one. Write a fraction that is equal to one. Use words, pictures or numbers to show or explain why your fraction is equal to one.

31 Ethan rakes leaves to earn money. He uses the information in the table shown to find how long he takes to rake lawns of different sizes. In your Answer Document, write a rule that tells how the amount of time Ethan needs to rake a lawn is related to the number of square feet in the lawn. One of Ethans neighbors has a 150-square-foot lawn. Use the table or your rule to state how long it will take Ethan to rake this lawn. Show or explain your work. Use the table or your rule to state what size lawn Ethan can rake in 65 minutes. Show or explain your work. (4 points)

32 The restaurant manager has 4 ½ quarts of ice cream left in the freezer. If it takes ¾ of a quart to make an ice cream pie, how many pies can he make? Include fractional parts of a pie if there is any leftover ice cream. Show your work

33 Anthonys family plants 15 trees each weekend.

34 For a Grade! In your red math notebook answer the following questions in complete sentences 1.What is the worst possible first move anyone could make when playing the factor game? Why? 2.What is the best first move for you to make when playing the factor game? Why? Is this also a good move for you if your opponent makes this move? Why? 3.What move would benefit you the most for your opponent to pick first? Why? 4.If you were playing on a game board that went up to 48 what would be the best first move for you to make? Why? When you are finished leave your notebook open to the page you wrote on and have your name at the top of the page.

35 Raymond has these notebooks and pens in his backpack. List all the possible combinations of one notebook and one pen that Raymond could take from his backpack.

36 Mike surveys his class to find each students favorite dessert and records his data as shown. Using your frequency table construct a bar graph with labels.

37 Amber made the input- output table shown. Which rule explains how to get the output number from the input number?

38 Justin keeps his toys in a box like the one shown. In your Answer Document, explain the difference between the volume and the surface area of the box. (2 points)

39 A survey at Albion Elementary School asked fifth graders to select their favorite kind of pizza. 42 percent chose cheese, 0.23 chose sausage, and 7/20 chose pepperoni. How would you list the favorite kinds of pizza from least to greatest number of responses?

40 Mrs. Garners classroom had 25 desks. They were arranged in 5 rows that each contained 5 desks. Write the fraction of the desks that are in Row 1. Write this fraction as a percent. Show or explain your work. Another classroom has between 15 and 22 desks with the same number of desks in each row. Row 1 has 25% of the desks in this classroom. Draw an arrangement of the desks in this classroom. How many desks are in Row 1? (4 points)

41 Answer the following questions on an index card. Must be turned in before you leave 1. Write a fraction and a decimal that represents the number of students wearing hats. 2. John saw 6 cats and 9 dogs in the veterinarians waiting room. What is the ratio of cats to dogs?

42 A rectangle is shown. In your Answer Document, find the area and the perimeter of the rectangle. Show your work. Label the area and the perimeter with the appropriate units. (2 points)

43 Make a line plot showing the number of letters in your classmates first names. Use your flip book if you forget what a line plot looks like.

44 Brainstorm with your table some questions you would like to collect data about from your classmates. You will share these aloud with the class.

45 Graphs You will create two different graphs of the following: Bar Graph- Line Plot Double Bar Graph- Line Graph Collect your data first before making the graph Make sure you have all the necessary titles and it looks neat. Use Markers (not pencil)

46 Brian can run 5 km in 18.4 minutes. If he keeps on running at the same speed, how far can he run in 23 minutes?

47 The table shows the number of cans of paint Joe used to paint benches. A parallelogram is shown on the grid. Write an expression that represents the area of this parallelogram.

48 Jim created a table of the different types of music in his CD collection. He started to create the circle graph shown to represent these data. What type of music does the shaded section represent?

49 The height of a maple tree is recorded for each of 5 years in the table shown. Chris displays the data in the circle graph shown. Explain why Chris circle graph is not an appropriate way to display the data. Create an appropriate graph to display the data shown in the table. Be sure to give your graph a title, labels and a scale (if necessary). Explain why your graph is a better way to display the data. (4 points)

50 On a piece of loose leaf paper list all the possible combinations for rolling two dice.

51 A class needs 64 brownies for a bake sale. Mike brings 28 brownies. In your Answer Document, write two number sentences using different operations to find the number of brownies the class still needs for the bake sale. (2 points)

52 Erik walked Mrs. Johnsons dog each day for six days. He earned $1.25 each day. How much money did Erik earn?

53 Joels field is 20 yards wide and 50 yards long, as shown. He wants to divide his field into two congruent rectangular fields, one for corn and the other for strawberries. Determine the length and the width of the two new fields. Explain how you know that the two new fields are congruent.

54 Dan wraps a box with paper. How should Dan measure to determine the amount of paper he needs to wrap the box?

55 Pam has 70 baseball cards. She decides that she will buy 10 more baseball cards each week. In your Answer Document, write an equation that describes the number of cards, c, she will have in w weeks. Then, use your equation to find the number of baseball cards Pam will have in 6 weeks. (2 points)

56 Two triangles are drawn on the grid.

57 Write in your notebook a definition (or how to find) Mean, Median, Mode, and Range. Find the mean, median, mode, and range of the following data set Data Set: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Predict what would happen if 15 were added to the set. Why?



60 What is your class average per student in the food drive? What would your average be if you collected 200 cans?

61 Ms. Benitezs class recorded the temperature for several mornings at 9:00 a.m. The temperatures the class recorded are shown. 61º, 63º, 62º, 65º, 66º, 61º, 60º What is the mean, median, range, and mode of the data the class collected?

62 Gregg has four shirts and three pairs of pants. His shirts are red, green, white and yellow. His pants are navy, black and tan. In your Answer Document, list all the different shirt and pants combinations that Gregg can wear. (2 points)

63 Create a KWL Chart in your Notebook. Fill out the K & W sections KNOWWANT TO KOWLEARNED

64 Four lines are drawn as shown. Write a statement that appears to be true of the two lines that intersect at point G?

65 Roberto had $20. He bought a soccer ball that cost m dollars. He now has less than $5 left. Write an inequality represents this situation.

66 Grant does 20 sit-ups each day. Which expression represents the total number of sit-ups that Grant will do in n days?

67 Peggy sold a total of 6,198 vanilla and chocolate ice cream cones during the carnival. About half the cones she sold were vanilla. Which estimate is reasonable for the number of chocolate ice cream cones sold?

68 Maria found the same pair of shoes on sale at three different stores. All the stores have the same original price. The first store has the shoes on sale for 1/3 off. The second store has them on sale for 20% off. The third store has them on sale for one-fourth off. In your Answer Document, determine which store has the best sale for the shoes. Explain your answer, using pictures, numbers or words. (2 points)

69 Janet has a box of 30 cards. There are 15 blue cards and 15 green cards in the box. Janet pulls out a card, records the color and returns the card to the box. After pulling 10 times, she has recorded 6 blue cards and 4 green cards. Is her experimental probability close to the theoretical probability? Explain

70 Triangle ABC is shown. What is the measure of angle C? What type of triangle would this be?

71 Beverly writes each letter of her name on a separate index card, as shown. She puts all the cards in a bag. She randomly pulls out one card. What is the probability that the card is an E?

72 Amber made the input-output table shown. Which rule explains how to get the output number from the input number?

73 Cindy and 2 friends ordered a large pizza for $9.00, 3 large drinks for $0.99 each, and a salad for $1.50. If they split these costs evenly, how much money did they each spend?

74 Stylists at a hair salon charge $26 for each haircut. If they gave 63 haircuts, how much money did they collect, not including tips? How much did they collect if each person left a $3 tip?

75 Wilma ran 4 miles. She wants to find her running time per mile in minutes. What additional information does she need?

76 What is the difference between area, perimeter, surface area, and volume? When would you use each of them?

77 Olivia bought some candy for $0.58. She received $0.42 in change. What is the least number of coins she could have received?

78 When Marco's dog got loose, it ran 1/3 mile on Pine Street, 1- 1/2 miles on Oak Street, and 2- 5/6 miles on Hickory Street. Which procedure can Marco use to find the total distance in miles that his dog ran?

79 Stan must buy paper plates and plastic forks for a picnic. Plates are sold in packages of 8 and forks in packages of 12. What is the least number of packages of plates and packages of forks that Stan can buy to have an equal number of plates and forks?

80 Draw as many rectangles as you can with an area of 24 square units. Be sure to label your dimensions. Draw as many rectangles as you can with a perimeter of 32 units. Be sure to label your dimensions.

81 What is the area and perimeter of the shape below? You may have to divide the shape into sections to find the area.

82 Find the area and perimeter of the shape below


84 Explain the difference between area and perimeter. Describe how to find each measurement. How do you think you would find the area and perimeter of a triangle?

85 Laurence was asked to find 2 integers that have a difference of 1 and a sum of 59. He said the integers were 29 and 28. Why was Laurence's answer incorrect? What is the correct answer?

86 Draw a circle and label the radius Draw a second circle and label the diameter How could you find the diameter if you knew the radius? How could you find the radius if you knew the diameter? Draw a third circle and highlight the circumference. Looking at your work from Tuesday, how does knowing the diameter help you know the circumference?

87 The ratio of red rosebushes to yellow rosebushes in the school garden is about 3 to 4. If there were 36 yellow rosebushes, about how many red rosebushes would there be?

88 By 2:30 P.M. on Monday, 25% of the classes at Valley Middle School had finished taking yearbook pictures. What fractional part of the classes had NOT yet taken yearbook pictures? If there were 20 classes, how many classes had not taken yearbook pictures? Show your work. Have out all of your work from yesterday

89 How many cubes are in this entire rectangular prism? How do you know? How many squares would be painted if we decided to color this box?

90 Mr. Chávez distributed 78 sheets of drawing paper to the art students in his class. Each student received 3 sheets of drawing paper. Write an equation that can be used to find s, the number of students in the class. How many students are in his class?

91 Francesca used a square piece of poster board to show the main points of her history presentation. The length of each side of the poster board was 24 inches. Find the area and perimeter of the poster board.

92 Mrs. Smith is taking a log to the lumberyard. The log is 12 feet long, and she wants to have it cut into four pieces that are each 3 feet long. If the lumber-yard charges $2 per cut, how much will she spend?

93 Stephanie bought a basketball on sale for $15, which was 1/5 off the original price. What decimal represents the discount she received? How much was the original price?

94 Using only the buttons listed on the board on the calculator, find a way to get the number in the answer column as your answer. Record the information in a chart similar to the one shown. AnswerProblemButtons Pushed on Calculator …50

95 Scott has 5 green marbles, 8 red marbles, 2 purple marbles, and 6 blue marbles in a container. If he draws a marble at random from the container, what is the probability that he will NOT draw a blue marble?

96 A rectangular carpet is 9 feet long and 6 feet wide. What is the area and perimeter of the carpet? Are there other dimensions that would give the carpet the same area?

97 Write at least two one step equations and two two-step equations that you could use in the function box

98 Joan went fishing. On the first cast she hooked a trout 80 feet from the boat. Each time she reeled in 10 feet of line the trout would take out 5 feet. How many times did she have to reel in to get the fish to the boat?

99 A square piece of paper is folded in half as shown and then cut into two rectangles along the fold. The perimeter of each of the two rectangles is 18 inches. What is the perimeter of the original square?

100 There are 4 separate large boxes, and inside each large box there are 3 separate small boxes, and inside each of these small boxes there are 2 separate smaller boxes. How many boxes, counting all sizes, are there altogether?

101 Mr. Granger is building a fence. He places 15 fence posts 8 feet apart. What is the distance from the first fence post to the last?

102 There are eight more girls than boys in the 5 th grade school math club. The club has a total of 44 members. How many boys and how many girls are there?

103 Five flags are spaced evenly around a track. It took a runner 30 seconds to get from the first flag to the third flag. If the runner continues at the same speed, how long will it take her to get completely around the track?

104 Rectangular cards, each 2 inches by 3 inches, are cut from a rectangular sheet 2 feet by 3 feet. What is the greatest number of cards that can be cut from the sheet?

105 Helen bought popcorn at the movies. She bought 2 large bags, and each one cost $ How much change did she receive from a $5 bill?

106 The weight of a glass bowl and the marbles it contains is 50 ounces. If the number of marbles in the bowl is doubled, the total weight of the bowl and marbles is 92 ounces. What is the weight of the bowl?

107 Slim has $6 to spend on hamburgers and colas. Hamburgers cost 80 cents each and colas cost 50 cents each. If he buys 5 hamburgers, how many colas can he buy?

108 Jerry wants to enclose the largest rectangular garden possible with the 24 feet of fencing that he has. What are the dimensions of his garden? (Use only whole numbers.)

109 Along the curb on Main Street, there are six trees. The Merchants' Association decided to string lights along the street. They use 100 feet of lights between each pair of trees. How many feet of lights do they need?

110 Six dollars were exchanged for nickels and dimes. The number of nickels was the same as the number of dimes. How many nickels were there in the change?

111 Mark has 2 quarters, 3 nickels, and 3 pennies. Joan has 1 quarter, 2 dimes, and 1 penny. Frank has 1 half-dollar and 4 pennies. How can Mark, Joan, and Frank share the coins so that each has the same amount of money?

112 At her fruit stand, Wendy sells apples for 25 cents each. One day she sold three fourths of her apples and had 33 apples left. How much money did she make on the apples she sold?

113 James bought a hamburger for 89 cents and a cola for 39 cents. He gave the clerk a $5 bill. How much change did he get?

114 Jim is a busboy. He makes $15 per day plus tips. Last week he made $27.50 in tips. What were his total earnings during those five days?

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