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P7 – S1 Transition Promote your Graze Boxes What is Advertising? If you have something you want to promote or sell and you want to draw attention to.

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2 P7 – S1 Transition Promote your Graze Boxes

3 What is Advertising? If you have something you want to promote or sell and you want to draw attention to it, you advertise it. There are many different types of advertising: 1.Newspaper 2.Radio 3.TV 4.Cinema 5.Internet 6.Word of Mouth

4 Advertise your Graze Box You are required to promote your product to a group of people and convince them that they should buy your Graze Boxes

5 YOUR TASK ….. 1) Is to produce and promote a healthy snack product suitable for the Commonwealth Games Athletes. 2) Convince judges that they should buy this product for the athletes. HOW DO YOU DO THAT????? PERSUASION LETS EXPLORE SOME PERSUASIVE ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES …..

6 What is persuasion? Persuasion is a means of convincing people…. to buy a certain product (your graze box!) to believe something or act in a certain way (exercise is good for you and you must eat healthily!) to agree with a point of view (that your graze box is good value and nutritious!) Grazebox

7 Common persuasive techniques often used in advertising Slogan and Logos Repetition Bandwagon Testimonial Emotional Appeal Expert Opinion Use of Rhetorical Questions Purpose? To sell your healthy Graze boxes to the judges

8 SLOGANS Slogans are short, catchy phrases used by advertisers to promote a product. If effective, they remain in the memory long after the campaign has finished Can you work out these ……..?

9 Snap! Crackle! Pop! Finger Lickin Good Because Youre Worth it Just do it Im lovin it.

10 Think of a good Graze Box Slogan You will need to think up a short, catchy slogan to make people think of your graze boxes and want to buy it. Ideas??? Nutritious nibbles for tomorrows champions Healthy, Fit and Delicious Muscle Food for Muscle Men

11 Your Turn …. You have 3 minutes to think up a short catchy slogan for your product.

12 Logos Logos are symbols that a business or product will use that is easily recognisable … Do you recognise these?









21 Your turn You have two minutes to decide on a logo that represents your delicious and healthy graze box.

22 Advertisers play on our insecurities and make us feel guilty. (Think of all the insurance adverts, cosmetic adverts) They know that people want to: feel safe and healthy Feel that they belong to a group or are accepted by others Be good looking, fit and popular => Advertisers try to persuade consumers that they can buy a better life…eat this product and you will become fit! Persuasive Technique No. 3 Guilt and Insecurities

23 How could you use Guilt and Insecurities in your Graze Box Promotion? You will need to convince the judges that your graze box is: healthy, delicious and good for the athletes. Much better for you than normal snack foods Cheaper than other snacks. Will help them to stay fit or lose weight Provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that they should be eating. IF YOU DONT BUY THESE GRAZE BOXES FOR YOUR ATHLETES THEN YOU ARE GOING TO RISK THEIR PERFORMANCES.

24 What is the most annoying advertisement on television?

25 Repetition: The name of a product is repeated many times

26 How could we use Repetition? Repeat the words that are really important to the athletes and judges: e.g. The name of your Graze Box (so they dont forget it!) Strong words such as Nutritious, Healthy and Delicious Repeat strong emotional words such as success, achievement, fitness when talking about the athletes who eat this product.

27 Three Part Lists Use Three part Lists to explain why your graze box is so good.

28 You try Think of words to describe your graze box …. (healthy, tasty, delicious, nutty, chewy, convenient, inexpensive …) Now think of words to describe an athlete (fit, healthy, determined, successful, driven, muscly, focused, winners, slim, trim, hungry, health conscious …) Now pick lists of three!

29 e.g. For athletes who are fit, determined and hungry.. Helps you to run, jump and swim. … chewy, crunch and delicious. … full of vitamins, minerals and taste.

30 Bandwagon A statement suggesting that everyone is buying graze box, so you should too – otherwise youll feel left out!

31 How could we use Bandwagon? Use Everyone is doing it comments such as Everyone knows it is important to eat well All the best athletes eat healthily Join the healthy people, and enjoy our graze boxes People who eat Graze boxes …. He doesnt !

32 Testimonial Testimonial Testimony is when someone famous helps to promote your product

33 Hi, Im Usain Bolt … and I say No to sugary snacks and Yes to my Graze Box!

34 Rhetorical Questions Rhetorical questions are questions put to people... where you do not really want an answer, because the answer is OBVIOUS!! … you also want the people to THINK about your question. e.g. Do you want to be fitter, stronger, faster and a winner? Do you want to be fit and healthy? Is fitness and health important to you?

35 Emotional Appeal (images) Where a person is made to have strong feelings about a situation or product.

36 Expert opinion Experts recommend this product, so you should use it too. Four out of five nutritionists recommend Our Graze boxes

37 Quick review Slogan Repetition Bandwagon Testimonial Emotional Appeal Expert Opinion Three Part Lists Rhetorical Questions How could you use these Persuasive techniques To promote Your Graze Boxes???


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