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William Kelly Lesya Kuzmyk Ceida Plasencia Rodrigo Polezel Alex Santos

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1 William Kelly Lesya Kuzmyk Ceida Plasencia Rodrigo Polezel Alex Santos
Transocean Ltd. William Kelly Lesya Kuzmyk Ceida Plasencia Rodrigo Polezel Alex Santos

2 Company Background Transocean Ltd. is a corporation based in Switzerland that provides services, related equipment and crews for offshore drilling of oil and gas worldwide. They are the largest international provider of offshore contract drilling services, owning 136 offshore drilling units.       They provide the following services: Contracted drilling services Drilling Management Services Integrated Services Oil and Gas exploration

3 Where RIG Operates

4 Transocean Ltd Stock Price: $86.60 Symbol: RIG
52-Week High/Low: $ $94.44 S&P 500: $

5 Porter's 5 Forces

6 RIG's Competition/New Entrants
Main Competitors: Pride International Inc., Noble Corp., and Diamond Offshore Drilling. RIG has the largest drilling fleet in the industry, with a total of 136 mobile offshore drilling units and 10 new ultra-deepwater units under construction. RIG holds 19 of 23 world records for drilling in the deepest waters--drilling in 10,011 feet of water. RIG specializes in Harsh-Environment Drilling--not many other companies have the equipment and personnel to do so. High start-up costs prevent new entrants (Moat).

7 The Market Transocean Ltd. (RIG) P/E: 7.60
Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.(DO) P/E: 9.91 PEG ratio: 0.75 (5 year expected) EPS: Price to Book ratio: 3.74 Dividend Yield: N/A Profit Margin: 38.26% Market Cap: 13.81B (US$) Rating: Buy (from Jesup & Lamont on October 23, 2009) Recommendation: 2.7 (1.0 strong buy-5.0 sell) Revenue: 3.64B (US$) Transocean Ltd. (RIG) P/E: 7.60 PEG ratio: 0.58 (5 year expected) EPS: (diluted) Price to Book ratio: 1.44 Dividend Yield: N/A Expected share price return: 10.8% Profit Margin: 29.98% Market Cap: 29, (US$ m) Rating: Outperform (from Credit Suisse on October 21, 2009) Recommendation: 1.9 (1.0 strong buy-5.0 sell) Revenue: 12.09B (US$) Noble Corp. (NE) P/E: 6.87 PEG ratio: 0.63 (5 year expected) EPS: 6.328 Price to Book ratio: 1.72 Dividend Yield: 0.50% Profit Margin: 45.72% Market Cap: 11.36B (US$) Rating: Outperform (from RBC Capital Markets on October 26, 2009) Recommendation: 1.9 (1.0 strong buy-5.0 sell) Revenue: 3.61B (US$)

8 Supplier Power RIG contracts companies specialized in the construction of ships and offshore drilling units Companies engaged in the development of these rigs include Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. (DSME), Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Samsung. Each drilling unit costs an average of $283.5 million Newbuilds such as the ultra-deepwater drill ships are contracted for about $500,000/day  

9 Ultra Deep/Harsh Environment Drilling
Buyer Power The Brand Power Safe, effective and efficient   Known for their deep water and harsh environment explorations "The largest offshore driller" Owns patented structure and  Oil from one company's rig is no different than another's; buyers will look for the best price and contract terms  Dependable Buyers Set contracts from several months to multiple years Contracts with 41 different companies from the NOC, IOC and independents such as Shell, Chevron, BP Average Condition        Drilling Ultra Deep/Harsh Environment  Drilling Buyer has more control over prices RIG has more control over prices More substitutes available Little-to-no substitutes available Less dependent Very dependent Low brand power Stong brand power

10 Threat of Substitute Products
To access natural gas and oil resources located under the ocean, use of drilling rigs is necessary No viable alternative process                                             Transocean specializes in and derives large bulk of revenue from deep water rigs Very few companies possess technology, expertise and resources to create such specialized rigs           As a result, primary substitute product threat faced by Transocean lies with jackups and medium depth rigs Much easier for competitors to create own rigs that can accomplish same objectives at low depths Constitute smaller percentage of Transocean's revenue; minimal threat faced

11 SWOT Analysis

12 Strengths Dominant position in the ultra-deepwater (+4,000 feet) industry with a 35% market share. Stronger cash flows in following years due to lower capex Low debt obligations Recent development of technologically enhanced Enterprise-Class drillships Newbuild program includes three rigs that reach depth 12,000 feet

13 Contract Backlog Strong contract backlog of deepwater rigs, which contributes to 70% of its revenue

14 Weaknesses Small growth potential due to its large market share in the offshore drilling industry as well as the full usage of its deepwater rigs Below average returns due to strong backlog Subletting of rigs can lead to a downward pressure to dayrates Stacked jackups accounting for 40% of the total jackup fleet by year end of 2009 due to competitive rates in this sector

15 Opportunities Due to the recession, investment in oil production and exploration has experienced an overall reduction With the likelihood of oil prices increasing within the next few years due to sustained demand, utilization of rigs is likely to increase With higher oil prices, incentive explore for oil located in the deepest, harshest territories will increase These will increasingly require deep-water capable rigs, which Transocean has an advantage in May seek to acquire competitors, maintain technological dominance

16 Threats International laws and U.S. Coastal Laws may hamper drilling on certain locations Profits dependent on weather conditions, ie. hurricanes, severity of winter. Worldwide political events may impact revenue Advancement of competitor technology could detract from the core competence (deep water drilling) Volatility in oil prices could seriously affect demand for oil rigs Alternative energy sources may reduce future demand for oil rig utilization

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