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ASC-HS - The official hosting services for ARCHIBUS, the #1 Software Solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Facilities Management in the World ARCHIBUS.

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1 ASC-HS - The official hosting services for ARCHIBUS, the #1 Software Solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Facilities Management in the World ARCHIBUS now in the Cloud Overview What you as an ARCHIBUS prospect should know about ARCHIBUS Hosting Services By Miguel Sánchez-Miguel President ARCHIBUS Hosting Services

2 …since 2005

3 In 2005 ARCHIBUS launched ARCHIBUS Hosting Services, as a visionary approach of the most amazing change, which will drive the IT strategies of companies in the next ten years: Cloud computing.

4 As the #1 global software provider of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management, innovative ARCHIBUS solutions are transforming business processes and saving users an estimated $100 billion annually.

5 Real Estate Portfolio Management Capital Project Management Space Planning & Management Move Management Workplace Services Asset Management Building Operations Environmental & Risk Management ARCHIBUS software provides value in the areas of:

6 …delivery models

7 Four delivery models ARCHIBUS On Premises, ARCHIBUS Hosted (Condo) ARCHIBUS Private Portal and ARCHIBUS On Demand (AoD) in three variations: ARCHIBUS On Demand (AoD), AoD In House and AoD Extended

8 Do you want to buy an application? Or subscribe an ad-hoc service? If "buy" instead of "rent" is your option, sorry this is not your document. Please go to to study options to buy licenses. Thanks! …Why On Demand?

9 …benefits

10 Benefits of SaaS* ARCHIBUS On Demand compared to a self-hosted ARCHIBUS On Premises No Software or Hardware to Purchase, Install, Maintain or Renew Rapid Time to Deployment Lower cost Simple, Global and Remote implementation Ubiquitous on the Web anywhere anytime No Capital Outlay More efficient use of Professional Services Resources No Updates or Upgrades to be installed by IT department No extra Software Annual Support Fees Up to Date… last version deployed on request Remote Customization and Maintenance through Internet Minimal Business Commitment… no obligations longer than one month** Secure Access, Comprehensive Back-up, Disaster Recovery and Support Services Performance Benchmarking (special agreement required) Accessing vendors & providers without risking of the corporate IT security * SaaS – Software as a Service **Only available in Dedicated Server hosting

11 Total Cost of Ownership Over 7 Years Example 25 Users + 8 Apps amounts in $ USD x 1000 For more details check the document "TCO ARCHIBUS self hosted solution vs ARCHIBUS On Demand" more Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7 On Demand 66.21844.22268.30053.81072.31253.810 Initial Implementation38.556 Scope 1 - 5 more users253 Scope 2 - 3 more applications14.490 Minor version update5.200 Major version update18.502 Annual costs27.66238.76848.610 On Premises 152.15030.77478.45231.58959.99731.589 Initial Implementation132.955 Scope 1 - 5 more users4.256 Scope 2 - 3 more applications46.863 Minor version update6.500 Major version update28.408 Annual costs19.19520.01825.089 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7 Accumulated cost On-Premises152.150182.924261.375292.965352.962384.551416.140 Accumulated cost On-Demand66.218110.440178.740232.550304.862358.673412.483 Difference-56%-40%-32%-21%-14%-7%-1% Financial cost Difference (cash-out)85.93272.48482.63660.41548.09925.8783.657 Year financial cost4.2973.6244.13212.08312.0257.7631.097 Accumulated financial cost4.2977.92112.05324.13536.16043.92445.021 Models TCO Comparison Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7 Accumulated cost (+financial) On-Premises156.446190.844273.428317.100389.122428.475461.161 Accumulated cost On-Demand66.218110.440178.740232.550304.862358.673412.483 Difference-58%-42%-35%-27%-22%-16%-11%

12 TCO compared On Premises vs On Demand Total Cost of Ownership Over 7 Years Accumulated TCO ARCHIBUS On Premises Accumulated TCO ARCHIBUS On Demand On Premises TCO is 11% more expensive

13 Secure Access Comprehensive Back-up Disaster Recovery Support Services 24x7 24x7 ARCHIBUS Cloud Computing Global framework Amsterdam, Boston, Cape Town, Madrid, Miami, Rome, Shanghai ARCHIBUS Hosted and ARCHIBUS On Demand are products delivered through the ARCHIBUS Cloud Computing Global framework, formed by Authorized Hosting Partners tenants of Secure Robust Redundant Facilities that meet stringent reliability, business continuity, and physical and information security requirements consolidating a global SAS 70 compliant network of data centers.

14 …advantages and drawbacks

15 Integration The question of integration of ARCHIBUS On Demand with other corporate solutions often comes up in project deployments. By the very fact that a SaaS is delivered over the internet, the integrated application (other vendors software) needs to have a deep capability in accepting web services and other machine to machine communications. Apart are the security issues, and other infrastructure problems with the other application to integrate. This is usually one of the key point to be solved in the ARCHIBUS On Demand deployment, we are flexible enough in our product offering to solve it. Our Business Partners have a high class expertise on these integrations.

16 Performance Internet infrastructure and connectivity is the basis of the ARCHIBUS On Demand. Performance of ARCHIBUS On Demand could be the same or better than an ARCHIBUS On Premises (self-hosted) solutions, it only depends on the bandwidth. Delay is one of the worst effects in the SaaS performance, the delay could be problematic when the user and the SaaS Server are separated by large physical distances, because of that we provide our "Authorized Hosting Partners" (Data Centers) close to you. Shared connections also could be a drawback when various users are competing for the same information in the same time, not so much frequent. That's why we serve on the basis of concurrent user(s) per month to solve your occasional bottle necks.

17 …key factors

18 Project Planning and Design To create an effective ARCHIBUS On Demand solution requires developing and documenting the business processes, allocating these processes to functional operations and carrying out the system design. These activities must be conducted on the same level of precision as an ARCHIBUS On Premises implementation. While deployment is greatly facilitated in SaaS, the work of discovery, design, configuration, roll out, end user training, and testing must still be carried out by experienced professionals like ARCHIBUS Business Partners.

19 Security and Reliability ARCHIBUS On Demand projects are hosted in ultra secure and redundant facilities so that even if one of the sites were physically destroyed, the operation would continue through an alternate site. Data is backed up on a regular basis so if a user should inadvertently mess up or delete their data, it can be quickly restored. Hosting platform is multi-layer, separated by firewalls and IP addresses of the servers are private Data is always property of the customer and is delivered to them in case the service is discontinued.

20 …rejections

21 Where is our data?... Why externalized? Are there something more crucial than the money? Why in a bank? …Because it is just a confidence matter. There is simply nor better neither secured place to have it. …Like your data in our ARCHIBUS Authorized Hosting Partners.

22 Why to pay so much? Have we paid the cost of ownership after three years? No… after 7 years of updated and excellent service, your company still saves over 11% as compared to On Premises self hosted traditional method. Please don't forget hosting and infrastructure hidden cost. Probably you are not estimating all together hardware, software, software upgrades, infrastructure cost, in both cases… See our document "TCO self hosted solution vs. ARCHIBUS On Demand". based on the first global IT consultancy firms.


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