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McAnulty College of Liberal Arts Duquesne University 2013-2014 Personae Learning Community.

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1 McAnulty College of Liberal Arts Duquesne University Personae Learning Community

2 LEARNING COMMUNITIES AT DUQUESNE Duquesne offers several learning communities… Each features a unique identity and theme … Around which courses, activities, and learning goals are structured. PersonaeFidesOrbisRatioPopulusCivitasNarratioJudicium

3 PERSONAE LEARNING COMMUNITY Personae is one of the learning communities you may select from The name, personae, comes from the Latin, meaning mask, and referred to the roles played in a drama Hence, in Personae, we are concerned with the personalities, parts, roles, and characters that shape who we are: as persons and as members of social groups.

4 Each learning community focuses on different themes, concerns, or questions… WHAT ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS THAT GUIDE OUR LEARNING IN PERSONAE ?

5 QUESTIONS WE ASK IN PERSONAE What are attitudes, beliefs, and values; and how are they formed personally in ones self and in others? How are differences between persons formed, and how can I acknowledge, respect, and bridge differences? What is immigration and what are the common aspects across different migration experiences and circumstances? What are the limits and possibilities of cultural integration, marginalization, and assimilation? How do others shape my roles and responsibilities? What is personal identity? What are the interconnections between roles, relationships, and identity? What roles do I play in my world of family, friends, education, work, community? What is cultural identity and why should people care about it? What is my cultural identity and how aware am I of my cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds?

6 The classes that address those questions and make up the PERSONAE Learning Community Fall 2013 Interpersonal Communication(3) Thinking and Writing (3) Introduction to Psychology (3) Research and Info Skills (1) Spring 2014 Theological Views of the Person (3) Imaginative Literature &Critical Writing (3)

7 MEMBERS OF THE PERSONAE LEARNING COMMUNITY WILL: Take classes together as a cohort Extend learning through visits to cultural sites, film viewings, panel discussions, etc. Conduct a meaningful service learning project Share residential space with your cohort Complete integrated assignments that span more than one Personae course Concentrate on an organizing theme that applies across the Personae curriculum

8 Our Service Learning Community Partner Allegheny Intermediate Unit ( aiu ) aiu – English as a Second Language Personae student at AIU, picture courtesy of Sila Ozkara

9 Help ESL Students Be an in-class assistant during ESL classes for immigrants and refugees. Help to increase their communication skills, make cultural adjustments, and navigate community resources. Personae student at AIU, picture courtesy of Sila Ozkara

10 A Former Students Perspective With an open mind, a keen heart, and a desire to help, it is us who can make this service learning project an enjoyable, memorable, and a life changing experience - Shreya Vaishnav, Fall 2011 Personae student at AIU, picture courtesy of Sila Ozkara

11 SO ……. IF YOU WANT TO …

12 …JOIN PERSONAE Ask the big questions Explore relationships Connect with people Serve your community Learn more about personal roles and responsibilities

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