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Copyright © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. McGraw-Hill/Irwin FUNDAMENTALS OF SELLING Customers For Life Through Service 12.

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1 Copyright © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. McGraw-Hill/Irwin FUNDAMENTALS OF SELLING Customers For Life Through Service 12 th Edition Charles M. Futrell

2 4-2 The Psychology of Selling: Why People Buy Chapter 4

3 4-3 Chapter 4

4 4-4 The Tree of Business Life: Benefits I T C Ethical Service Builds T r u e Relationships T TT TTTT TTTT The Golden Rule Guided by The Golden Rule, emphasize benefits to improve your: Communication Skills Ability to unselfishly help a person make the correct buying decision

5 4-5 Exhibit 4.1: Why People Buy– The Black Box Approach Internalization process is referred to as a black box We cannot see into the buyers mind Stimulus-response model Exhibit 4-1: Stimulus-response model of buyer behavior Stimulus Black box Response Sales Presentation Buyers Hidden Mental Process Sale/No Sale

6 4-6 Whats Known About Mental Process People buy for practical (rational) and psychological (emotional) reasons. Some of a persons thoughts can be determined. Buyers consider certain factors in making purchase decisions.

7 4-7 enefit dvantage A FABulous Approach to Buyer Need Satisfaction Stressing benefits is a very powerful selling technique FAB selling technique helps emphasize benefit F A B eature

8 4-8 The Products Features: So What? Feature – a physical characteristic Many salespeople emphasize features Examples: Size Color Price Shape

9 4-9 The Products Advantages: Prove It! Advantage - a performance characteristic The chances of making a sale are increased by describing the products advantages How a product can be used How a product will help the buyer Examples: Fastest-selling Store more information Copy on both sides of the paper

10 4-10 The Products Benefits: Whats in it for Me? Benefit – a result of advantage People are interested in what the product will do for them Benefits can be both practical and psychological Benefits should be specific statements, not generalizations Emphasizing benefits increases sales

11 4-11 Why Does Someone Buy These Items? Diamond ring Camera film STP motor oil Baseball tickets

12 4-12 People Buy Benefit(s) High performing salespeople stress benefits They know this increases their chances of making the sale and helping someone

13 4-13 Example: Sporting Goods Salesperson to Customer: With this ball, youll get an extra 10 to 20 yards on your drives ( ) helping to reduce your score ( ) because of its new solid core ( ). feature benefit advantage

14 4-14 Use Your FABs Feature – Physical Characteristic Buyer thinks So What? Advantage – Performance Characteristic Buyer thinks Prove It! Benefit – Favorable result from advantage Benefits are what people buy! You can have a benefit of a benefit or a FABB

15 4-15 Use the FAB Sequence The standardized FAB Sequence can be used as follows: The…(feature)…means you…(advantage)…with the real benefit to you being…(benefit)…. Note how a benefit is emphasized Pick a product. Insert a FAB of the product into the above sequence Put in your own words Try it. It works!

16 4-16 Which of the following is a feature, advantage, or benefit? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Made of pure vinyl Gives 20% more miles to the gallon New Lasts twice as long Saves, time, work, and money Lets Review FABs F B F A B

17 4-17 Lets Review FABs Blade changing is quick ( ) and easy ( ) with this saw, because it has a push button blade release ( ) advantage benefit feature

18 4-18 Lets Review FABs The king size ( ) will bring you additional profits ( ) because it is the fastest growing ( ) and more economical size ( ) advantage benefit feature

19 4-19 Lets Review FABs For long wear ( ) and savings on your clothing costs ( ), you cant beat these slacks. All the seams are double stitched ( ) and the material is 100% Dacron ( ) advantage benefit feature

20 4-20 Exhibit 4.4: Match Buyers Needs to Products Benefits and Emphasize Them in the Sales Presentation BenefitsSeller BuyerNeeds Unimportant (de-emphasize) Important (emphasize)

21 4-21 The Trial Close–a Great Way to Uncover Needs and Sell The trial close asks for an opinion, not a decision to buy It gives feedback. The trial close is one of the best communication techniques in the sales presentation

22 4-22 The Trial Close Helps You to Determine: Whether the prospect likes your products features, advantages, or benefits Whether you have successfully answered any objections Whether any objections remain Whether the prospect is ready for you to close the sale

23 4-23 In These Examples of Trial Closes, Notice They Do NOT Ask Someone to Buy Directly How does that sound to you? Is this important to you? Thats great - isnt it? I notice your smile. What do you think about…?

24 4-24 Exhibit 4.5: The SELL Sequence: Use It Throughout Your Presentation SELL Show feature Explain advantage Lead into benefit Let customer talk

25 4-25 SELL Sequence - Show Feature - Explain advantage - Lead into benefit - Let customer talk S E L L - physical characteristic - performance characteristic - result of advantage - ask opinion question

26 4-26 Industrial Salesperson to Industrial Purchasing Agent: This equipment is made of stainless steel ( ), which means it wont rust ( ). The real benefit is that it reduces your replacement costs, thus saving you money ( )! Thats what youre interested in – right ( )? Skip video Video Help advantage benefit feature trial close

27 4-27

28 4-28 Lets Review! When Are the Times to Use a Trial Close? 1. After making a strong selling point in the presentation (FABs) 2. After the presentation but before the close 3. After answering an objection 4. Immediately before you move to close the sale

29 4-29 It Helps to Construct Four Columns in Creating Your SELL Sequence Feature Product made of stainless steel Advantage Will not rust Benefit Reduces your replacement cost Trial Close How does it sound to you?

30 4-30 Exhibit 4.6: Examples of Features, Advantages, Benefits, and Trial Closes that Form the SELL Sequence

31 4-31 Personality typing Adapt your presentation to the buyers style T I F S ntuitor style– ideas, innovation, concepts, long-term Adaptive Selling Based on Buyers Style ensor style – action, to the point, verbal com eeler style – peoples needs, small talk, hinker style – logic, ideas, systematic, details

32 4-32 Exhibit 4.8: Guidelines to Identify Personality Style

33 4-33 Watch for Clues to Someones Personality Type How would you describe this person? What is their time orientation – past, present, future? What does their desk look like? What does their room look like? How do they dress?

34 4-34 Determining Style Can Be Difficult What is the persons primary style? What is the persons secondary style? Does the persons style comprise all four types?

35 4-35 First Know Your Style This helps you to adapt to the other persons style Which leads to better communication Knowing your style helps you identify a persons style, especially if your styles are the same (It takes one to know one.) Page 579 to take the style test

36 4-36 You Can Classify Buying Situations Some decisions are routine Some decisions are limited Some decisions are extensive

37 4-37 Exhibit 4.10: The Three Classes of Buying Situations

38 4-38 View Buyers as Decision Makers Five basic steps in the buying decision 1.Need arousal 2.Collection of information 3.Information evaluation 4.Purchase decision 5.Postpurchase: Satisfaction Dissonance

39 4-39 Exhibit 4.12: Personal, Psychological, and Social Forces that Influence Consumers Buying Behavior

40 4-40 Satisfied Customers Are Easier to Sell to It is easier to sell to a customer than to a stranger Building a relationship is important to a salespersons success

41 4-41 Video Help: Video One The video should start automatically. If it does not, you must move the mouse to the middle of the screen. When a hand icon appears the video is ready. Click once anywhere on the screen to start video. Click once during playback to pause/unpause video. Press the space bar twice to stop video and continue presentation. When video is over, click the next arrow to continue presentation.

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