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ABC COMPANY. WHY BEST BUY ® FOR BUSINESS? Over 75,000 associates nationwide have been tested and trained exclusively for the business customer. Business.

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2 WHY BEST BUY ® FOR BUSINESS? Over 75,000 associates nationwide have been tested and trained exclusively for the business customer. Business customers can also shop from a dedicated inventory of commercial grade products and product assortment. And with personal account managers assigned to your business, you can schedule an on-site evaluation of your technology at your convenience. Over 75,000 Associates nationwide have been tested and trained for the business customer. Business customers can also shop from a dedicated inventory of commercial-grade products and product assortment. And with personal Account Managers assigned to your business, you can schedule an onsite evaluation of your technology at your convenience.

3 OUR PEOPLE Were here to understand and tackle the challenges of business >Over 75,000 business-trained and tested Associates in stores >Personalized Account Managers >Onsite consultations >Presales engineering >Geek Squad ® Agents

4 GEEK SQUAD ® SERVICES Support as advanced as the technology Help Desk >24/7, friendly, reliable advice, setup and installation. >Available online, by phone, in store or on site. Bulk Hours >On-going IT maintenance brought to you by Geek Squad Agents that allows customers to pre-purchase support for their IT infrastructure. >IT maintenance, consultations and training included. Installation >Efficient and dependable installation and troubleshooting online, in store, by phone or on site. Buy Back Program >Its a great way to lower overhead and keep pace with the competition. Purchase the program with your new device. Simply bring it back, in working condition with its original accessories, and receive a credit for your next purchase. Geek Squad ® Black Tie Protection >Protect your technology investment with Black Tie commercial and accidental damage plan.

5 PRODUCT ASSORTMENT Specialized business products Dedicated Business Inventory >A wide assortment of over 150,000 commercial grade products, services and connections. Digital Signage >Inform, educate and impress your target audience with content you control. Licensing >Better management of your software costs. >Simplified license management. >Ability to take control of your investment. Fleet >Make your business run more efficiently with real-time access to company-wide data from your vehicles. Surveillance >Allows user to monitor, store and archive video, audio and associated data over the Internet or private intranets. >Preferred over analog solutions due to its high scalability, security encryption and image quality with advanced features like digital zoom and remote accessibility.

6 INDUSTRY SPECIALIZATION We serve businesses of all types and sizes Medical and Healthcare >Computers and tablets for healthcare workers > Refrigeration for medical supplies. Insurance >Best Buy For Business supports carriers, adjusters and claims replacements. Sports, Entertainment and Public Viewing >Support for teams, owners, stadiums and the technology needed to produce the most enhanced viewing experience for fans. Government and Education Organizations >Support from Associates with the experience and knowledge to handle the intricacies required from government and education facilities. Includes support for K-12, public as well as private, colleges and universities. Best Buy For Business can handle compliance with local, city, state and federal governments.

7 INCENTIVES AND PROMOTIONS Best Buy ® can help you increase business directly with your consumers Furniture Retailers/Dealers >Turn to personal Account Managers for inventory, delivery and promotional ideas. Automotive >Dedicated Account Managers can help develop and provide you with promotional and incentive products for your customers. Communications >Dedicated help developing incentives for phone, digital, satellite and cable companies.

8 E-PROCUREMENT Business loves efficiency Take advantage of your companys buying power, streamline the purchasing process and consolidate billing and tracking of expenditures. E-procurement Highlights: >Dedicated account management and back-end support. >Shop local Best Buy ® stores for store pickup, returns and exchanges. >Net-30 financing, pCards, POs and tax-exempt processing. >Automated purchasing seamlessly integrates with your e-Procurement system. >Customized price lists and product selection. >Geek Squad ® installation and Geek Squad ® Black Tie Protection plans. >Co-branded procurement e-commerce solutions available >Take advantage of Best Buy delivery, multi-location shipping and local installation services.

9 EXPANDED BUSINESS CAPABILITIES The right, customized solutions for your individual needs. Volume purchasing >Strong vendor relationships allow us to sell at the most competitive prices. Proposal and contract teams >Our team of professionals can provide you with comprehensive proposals and contracts customized for your business. Logistics delivery plans for both staged and multi-location >Our logistics team can work with almost any delivery requirements, including staggered or staging. Customized price lists >Our team of product managers can help you create a customized product and price list based on your selections.

10 FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS Select individual buyers accounts or allow multiple buyers to purchase under a single account. 24-hour account access Flexible payment options >Net30, credit cards, wire transfer, checks, e-checks and leasing > Purchase orders > Invoicing > Tax exempt > Multi-location delivery Business Advantage AccountSmarter Financials

11 GIFT CARD INCENTIVES The reward that motivates Implement employee and customer incentive programs with the reward that motivates: Best Buy ® Gift Cards. >Easy to give, use and manage >Increases customer loyalty >Motivates sales teams >Spurs employee productivity

12 Let us provide a comprehensive assessment of all your communication requirements. Support and one convenient bill for all your mobile communications, tailored to your business. Advertise in over 1000 stores nationwide. Increase productivity and encourage growth. Motivate, reward and thank your customers, and employees. Designers, architects, homebuilders and agents all count on Magnolia for seamless, reliable integration of pristine, industry- leading technology into their designs. Earn a percent of all revenue generated from sleek, automated kiosks. PARTNER WITH BEST BUY ® Explore new technologies and creative customer solutions and opportunities

13 BUSINESS ONLINE >Share, learn, connect and grow with a network of like-minded businesses. >Select collections of office and technology products for home and small office. >Offers commercial-grade products and services plus dedicated account management. Connect with us online for tips, tools and help for your business

14 Best Buy ® has allowed us to establish ourselves as a company through the use of modern technology. >Ateer Sheth, Operations Manager, Clinical NeuroDiagnostics, LLC, Atlanta, GA We know were going to receive a turnkey solution from Best Buy, which is what we offer our clients as well. >Charlie Bogart Owner, RealCom Solutions, Dallas, TX The Best Buy For Business partnership has been the critical link in helping us grow our business. >Barb Tronstein Owner, Gardner-White Furniture, Detroit, MI CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS What its like to work with Best Buy For Business Ateer Sheth Charlie Bogart Barb Tronstein

15 PUT US TO WORK Your personal Account Manager is available to come to your site. 75,000 business-trained associates available in 1000 locations nationwide. Purchasing and 24/7 Geek Squad ® Support. Give us a call. Wed love to get started. 1-800-373-3050

16 Contact Information Name Title Email Phone Number BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, BESTBUY.COM, GEEK SQUAD, BEST BUY FOR BUSINESS, the BEST BUY FOR BUSINESS logo and MAGNOLIA HOME THEATER are trademarks of BBY Solutions, Inc. © 2011 BBY Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BBY10855

17 CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHIC We serve businesses of all types and sizes Home Office (1-4 employees) >Owner/Operator >Consumer grade products >Basic services >Mixed-use (33% business, 33% personal, 33% both) Small Office (5-19 employees) >Owner/Manager >More complex solution and service needs >No IT staff >Commercial-grade products Managed Office (20-49 employees) >Primarily staffed with office manager, occasionally IT person >Business purchasing methods >Commercial-grade IT, complex solutions and services Large Office (50+ employees) >Professional IT and procurement >Commercial-grade IT, some consumer-grade CE >Formal purchasing procedures >Multi-location integration

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