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STUDENT RECORDS Distribution Services Supervisor Victor Parra.

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1 STUDENT RECORDS Distribution Services Supervisor Victor Parra

2 Project Goals Ultimate goal of project is to streamline the student records transfer process. Helping customers who are requesting student records. Finding out what the customer needs.

3 Keeping Inactive Records On Site, keep 4 yrs of inactive records (3yrs plus current) Special Education Records On site for 6 yrs Continue to keep Special Ed Records separated. Can be sent to Corodata for storage after 6 yrs

4 Requesting their Student Records: What do they need? (All Records, Transcripts, shot records?) What do they need it for? (school, work, Court, citizenship?) The Customer

5 What Steps Need to be Taken? 1.The requester can work directly with the site by completing the Records Request Form and attach Support documents, photo ID, etc. 2.The form can be found on line at /Departments/ Distribution Services/Student Records 3.If they are a 3 rd party requesting; a release form must be provided, along with a photo ID, and support documents 4.Court or Attorney request are to be directed to Education Center Legal Department

6 Costs?? Transcripts= $3.00 Mailed records or transcripts =$5.00 $.10 a sheet for additional documents Accept Money Orders only

7 Contact Student Records Via email or voice mail to coordinate transfers. Provide the following information Name Phone Number Site Number of Boxes Transferring CUMS to Storage STEP 1

8 On the Handle end, correctly mark each box with Site name and box number (do not tape any sheets or labels the exterior) STEP 1: Continued

9 Step 2 NAME (Last Name, First Name) SCHOOLBox # YOB (Year of Birth) YOG (Year of Grad) Doe, John AAAA119822000 AAAA1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Complete Excel Data Log Sheet

10 Step 3 Double check box to be sure all files were captured Place corresponding list in each box attached to the inside of the lids Do not tape the lids closed Do not tape additional papers to the outsides of the boxes

11 Note: Submit one continuous spreadsheet. STEP 4 Send complete list via email to Student Records to be reviewed. Student Records will send Corodata barcodes via school mail

12 Attach Bar Codes to the bottom left hand corner of the handle side of each assigned box. Coordinate with your BSS (custodian), make arrangement to have them ready for pick up. Via Email, Inform Student Records that the Boxes are ready for pick up STEP 5

13 Step 6 Student Records will create a pickup request and coordinate with Distribution Services to have boxes picked up either by Truck or Mail Van Note: How we can transfer 1-3 boxes –Mail Van 4-24 boxes- By Truck on the next site delivery day 30+ boxes- Special Truck pick up by Distribution Services

14 Site To Site Transfers Cum Files transferred from site to site: Transfer Form Can be found on the Distribution Services web page under Forms Submit request to Distribution Services Victor Parra via e-mail or fax

15 Suggestions Comments Thoughts Ideas Improving the process Please Email Victor Parra


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