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2014 WAMBA AGM. Agenda 1.Apologies 2.Previous AGM Minutes 3.Affiliated Clubs 4.Treasurers Report 5.Presidents Report 6.Election of Committee 7.General.

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1 2014 WAMBA AGM

2 Agenda 1.Apologies 2.Previous AGM Minutes 3.Affiliated Clubs 4.Treasurers Report 5.Presidents Report 6.Election of Committee 7.General Business 8.Drinks at Garden Bar

3 1. Apologies Received via email: Bec Swan (Geraldton) David Marshall (Albany) John Wallace (Collie) Paul De Klerk (PDMBC) David Willcox (MRORCA) Phil Wilson 2. Previous AGM Minutes Available: Accepted: Seconded: Proxies: Paul De Klerk (Sam Russell) Paul Neve (Margaret McIlroy) Bec Swan (Chairman)

4 3. Affiliated Clubs Currently affiliated: Geraldton Mountain Bike Club Peel District Mountain Bike Club Applications received from: Albany Mountain Bike Club Burrup Mountain Bike Club Esperance Mountain Bike Club Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective Margaret River Offroad Cycling Association Perth Mountain Bike Club South West Mountain Bike Club

5 4. Treasurers Report: Income Total Income 2012: $41,276.30 Total Income 2013: $126,927.63

6 Expenditure Total Expenditure 2012:$31,113.53 Total Expenditure 2013: $94,642.47

7 2014 Budget Current balance: $33,491 Money to come in: $16,750 (Alcoa Grant & Lotterywest Grant for Kalamunda Green Trail) Money to spend: $24,510 (On completion of Kalamunda Green Trail) Slush Grants: $12,000 (12x$10k grants) Untied funds: $13,731

8 5. Presidents Report Kalamunda Trails Trails update Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective Gravity Enduro Sub-committee (WAGE) Jarrahdale Action Group Dwellingup Trails Group WAMBA Marketing Strategic Planning WestCycle Mountain Bike Development Officer WAMBA Slush Grant Around WA What We Didnt Do Challenges Moving Forward Committee in 2014…

9 $120k Lottery West grant Professionally constructed by Dirt Art of Tasmania Contemporary style, 2 x Blue & 1 Black Diamond descents Shuttle-able trails Attracted a whole new style of rider to the area Kalamunda Trails – Mt Gunjin

10 2.4km Black Diamond freeride trail $15k Lottery West grant for materials and machinery hire 1200 volunteer hours Photo competition to open Kalamunda Trails – Luvin Shovels

11 $45k NRM grant Re-align unsanctioned trails out of RPZ and away from DRA Open up access to Farrell Grove car park to ease parking problems at the Dell Blue Square trails Over 900 volunteer hours Kalamunda Trails – Scorpion/Farrrell Grove

12 $30k Lottery West, $4k MTBA, $20k WAMBA fundraising 4km of flowGreen (easy) singletrack that we will be fun for all riders ¾ complete 1 more climb (2km) to be constructed in May 2014 Link Dell and Black Stump providing a short cut home Kalamunda Trails – Green Trails

13 Kalamunda Trail Counters

14 Kalamunda Trails – Trail Sponsorship Agreement with land manager (DPaW) to sell sponsorship rights to individually names trails Agreement is applicable state wide Funds for trail maintenance So far >$15,000 raised

15 Kalamunda Trails – Industry Day Hosted by WAMBA, KMBC & RocknRoll mtbiking Attendees inluded DSR, DPaW, WestCycle, LotteryWest Invaluable opportunity to allow government decsion makers a hands on chance to experience the projects they are giving permission for/funding Excellent feedback from all concerned

16 Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective 550+ members, even busier facebook presence Building a trail community and ownership Very active social rides Good trail volunteering record

17 Gravity Enduro Sub-comiittee (WAGE) Organised Mt Gunjin opening event in August Have now set up as a private race company Running a full 2014 race series

18 Jarrahdale Action Group Organised by Louise Wallace Using funds donated by PMBC from 12 Hour RocknRoll co-ordinated maintenance work 110 volunteer hours Improved signing, car park re-surfacing, new trails heads (DPaW)

19 Dwellingup Trails Group Organised by John Roberts Maintenance and new features added to Marrinup Over 700 hours ALCOA in service volunteers US$3000 ALCOA funds RocknRoll co-ordinated work

20 WAMBA Marketing - Facebook 100% growth for 3 rd year in a row Still only a fraction of riders reached Growth has slowed and effectiveness lessened Still our best communication tool? 2014 2013 2012

21 WAMBA Marketing – e-Newsletter Using the excellent MailChimp tool 12 newsletters sent 7,271 opens (49.5%, industry average 21.6%) 2,362 clicks (10.2%, industry average 3.0%) 4,927 Social media links opened Total reach = 12,198 Growth of email list?

22 WAMBA Marketing – T Shirts

23 WAMBA Marketing – Calendars

24 Women Of WAMBA (WOW) Set up facebook page and group Need to define their role, especially with relationship to Silent Revolution

25 Strategic Planning WA Mountain Bike Strategy Steering committee Third revision due for comment mid-April South West Master Plan Steering committee Prioritisation Assessment nearly complete Toms Crossing-Murray Valley Trail Plan Funding approved Perth-Peel Master Plan Steering committee for funding applications & tender Out for tender at the moment Mountain Bike Working Group Code of Conduct

26 WestCycle Mountain Bike Development Officer Sarah Smith appointed August 2013 Initial 6 month contract Extended by a further 6 months to July 2014 Seeking permanent funding Roles have included WA MTB Strategy Project managing SW master plan MTB Working Group Supporting WAMBA

27 WAMBA Slush Grant $12,000 of WAMBA fundraising made available Up to $1,000 per grant Available to all WAMBA affiliated clubs and groups The focus of the project shall be one of the following: Mountain bike trails Participation Community engagement Closing date 30 th April

28 Around WA IMBA Workshop, Collie SWMTBC 20 th Anniversary MRORCA Margaret River Pines new trails MRORCA LotteryWest funding for Compartment 10

29 Around WA Cape Mountain Bikers, Zone 6, Meelup New grants and trails Pemberton Forest Mountain Bike Park Albany trail planning + urban downhill

30 Around WA Goat Farmers Maintenance Munda Biddi Trail completed Youth development EVERYWHERE!

31 Around WA Perth Mountain Bike Club XC Series & State Championships Peel District Mountain Bike Club DH Series & State Championships Events in general growing

32 Around WA Burrup continue to run many events Karratha and Geraldton growing Fantastic success at the 2014 National Championships

33 What We Didnt Do Downhill advocacy Support club events (beyond some marketing) High performance development Support regional clubs and trails Challenges Moving Forward Imperative that permanent paid position(s) secured Represent mountain bikers whilst improving recognition and continuing relationships with government agencies Department of Water Policy 13 Appropriate levels of planning

34 WAMBA in 2014… More strategic role Less obvious (less glamorous?) Requires BIG thinkers It is a commitment Still available to support small/minority/new advocacy groups

35 6. Election of Committee President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary General committee members (min 2) Sub-committees formed from these Webmaster Newsletter editor Club representatives (1 per affiliated club)

36 Nominees President: Louise Wallace, Seconded: Jake Hannah Vice-President: Lindsay Alsop, Seconded: Margaret McIlroy Treasurer: Nigel Wade, Seconded: Louise Wallace Secretary: Jodie Stembridge, Seconded: John Roberts Webmaster: Shannon Ducker, Seconded: Jake Hannah Newsletter: General committee: Jesse Wickes, Seconded: General committee: John Roberts, Seconded: General committee: Margaret McIlroy, Seconded: General committee: Jake Hannah, Seconded: General committee: Phil Wilson, Seconded: General committee: Kyra Eddy, Seconded:

37 7. General Business

38 8. Drinks at Garden Bar GARDEN BAR

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