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By Andelain Erickson and Nicolai Solheim 6 138 kB.

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1 By Andelain Erickson and Nicolai Solheim 6 138 kB






7 …so, what is product placement? embedded marketing / product integration plays, shows, film, television series, reality programs, music videos, video games and books (+ advertising) product, logo, slogan, jingle or characteristics two categories: product placement in order to reduce production cost props, cloths, cars etc borrowed from manufacturers saving purchase or rental fees product placement in exchange for fees or products income articles for crew/directors/actors/associates advertisement placement

8 History The product placement industry and E.T. The 1890s motion picture projections


10 JVC Sterio System Converse All Stars FedEx International Shipping, Tracking & Express Delivery

11 Future Audi …and more!





16 Designers Manolo Blahnik (consistently and constantly) Vivienne Westwood (more than any other designer, most notably as Carries wedding dress) Louis Vuitton (lots and lots and lots) Chanel (at least five times) Dior Ferragamo Roger Vivier Diane von Furstenberg (a scene was filmed in her New York City store) Hermès Christian Louboutin (one very clear shot of bright red soles) Prada Escada Versace Gucci (several handbagsincluding a big white Gucci heart NY oneand brown glossy shopping bags) Vera Wang Oscar de la Renta Carolina Herrera Christian Lacroix Lanvin Nike Adidas Burberry Tiffany and Co. (Carries wedding gifts) Swarovski (constantly sparkled on Carries encrusted cell phone; also shined on a clip in Mirandas hair, Stanfords wedding tuxedo, and on Charlottes daughters cupcake purse) Hello Kitty (décor of choice in Charlottes daughters room) Stores & Services Henri Bendel Scoop Duane Reade Manhattan Mini Storage (boxes and boxes in nearly every scene shot in Carries apartment) Bag Borrow or Steal (referenced, explained, and punned on repeatedly) Netflix U-Haul Gadgets Apple (Carries computer) iPhone (Samanthas cell phonenot exactly Carries style) Blackberry (Mirandas phone) Bang & Olufsen (Samanthas shapely phone in her Mailibu pad) Dell (Miranda and Bigs computers) Cuisinart (wedding gift for Carrie) Sprint (Carries service providerflashed frequently) Publications Vogue (the real editorial office and staffers, a photo shoot, and the magazine itself) New York Post Page Six (what better place for an engagement announcement?) Entertainment Weekly New York magazine Marie Claire The Wall Street Journal (Bigs before-bed read) Sips and Snacks Starbucks (again and again) Pellegrino (on a table or two) Skky Vodka (to drown Carries many sorrows) VitaminWater (first an ad hanging on a wall, then on every seat under the tents for Fashion Week) Smart Water (the water of choiceall over the place) Pret a Manger (bagged lunch in the park for two) Cup of Noodles (New Years Eve feast) From the Pharmacy LOreal Garnier Fructis Nivea Jergens Clean & Clear Places and Ways to Get There New York Public Library (the wedding locale) Lumi (the site of Charlotte and Bigs confrontation) Buddakan The Four Seasons Mercedes-Benz (Bigs chauffer-driven car) Lincoln Town Car (Carries wedding limousine) Christies (the girls attended an Ellen Barkin-inspired jewelry auction here) American Airlines (on an ad in Samanthas office) Sex and the City


18 San Pellegrino Starbucks Coffee Prada


20 Overkill, extreme product placements & further commercialism can we escape? Rolemodels Successful (?) steriotypes

21 Positive effects I scratch your back - you scratch my back

22 Sale relationships percentage increase in sale

23 1) What are the ethic perspectives on product placement? Is there anything wrong? If so, elaborate. 2) Are we victims of commercialism? What make us victims, and if not; what is it then that we are watching (television, films etc.)? Why do we give it our attention? 3) Are we affected by product placement and integration? How can we withstand product placement? Do you think that the use of product placement is likely to reduce ads? Your opinion?

24 During this presentation you have been exposed to 101 products! During this presentation you have been exposed to 101 products!

25 Sources: 6 138 kB

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