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Using the Gantt Chart to Optimize a Schedule Model Gary Chefetz MSProjectExperts Henry Laurence Gantt.

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1 Using the Gantt Chart to Optimize a Schedule Model Gary Chefetz MSProjectExperts Henry Laurence Gantt

2 Microsoft Project MVP Author or Co-author of 13 books Microsoft Certified IT Professional Microsoft Certified Trainer CEO MSProjectExperts Recovering PMO Director Passionate Business Theory Junkie


4 Karol Adamiecki 3/18/1866 – 5/16/1933 Henry Laurence Gantt 1861 – 11/23/1919 Photo Source: Wikipedia

5 One of the most famous management researchers in Central and Eastern Europe Began his research in St. Petersburg Russia, and moved to Poland in 1891 Inventor of workflow diagrams showing interdependencies in 1896 1903 published first article on his theories in Polish and Russian 1931 published more widely known article on the Harmonograf or Harmonogram

6 Harmony of choice (all production tools should be compatible with each other, with special regard to their output production speed) Harmony of doing (importance of time coordination, schedules and timetables) Harmony of spirit (importance of creating a good team)

7 Source: Project Management with CPM, PERT and precedence diagramming. Moder, Phillips, and Davis, 1983

8 1861 to 1919 Mechanical Engineer Popularized Gantt charting first half of 1910s Designed the task and bonus system of wage payment The social responsibility of business 1916 Work, Wages and Profit 1919 Organizing for Work

9 We all realize that any reward or profit that business arbitrarily takes, over and above that to which it is justly entitled for service rendered, is just as much the exercise of autocratic power and a menace to the industrial peace of the world, as the autocratic military power of the Kaiser was a menace to international peace. This applies to Bolshevists as well as to Bankers.

10 Source: Organizing for Work. Henry L. Gantt, 1919

11 This chart system has been in use only a few years, but it is so simple that it is readily understood by the workman and employer, and so comprehensive that one intelligent workman made the remark, If we chart everything we are doing that way, anybody can run the shop. While we are hardly prepared to agree with this opinion, we are entirely satisfied that if the facts about a business can be presented in a compact and comprehensive manner, it will be found possible to run any business much more effectively than has been the custom in the past.

12 The Industrial Revolutions Late 1800s - The Second Industrial Revolution Product Production Factory Process Optimization Frederick Winslow Taylor

13 Develop a "science" for every job, including rules motion, standardized work implements, and proper working conditions. Carefully select workers with the right abilities for the job. Carefully train these workers to do the job, and give them proper incentives to cooperate with the job science. Support these workers by planning their work and by smoothing the way as they go about their jobs. Frederick Winslow Taylor, 1911

14 The purpose of the schedule model is to provide a useful road map that can be used by the project manager and the project team to assist them in completing the project successfully. PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling Stakeholders

15 Determine how the schedule will be developed Understand the full scope of the project Identify the project and schedule Establish project calendars and work periods Establish the optimum Project Update Cycle Establish the Project Update Method Establish an effective activity coding structure Establish an effective activity coding structure Determine resource planning requirements



18 Interactive

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