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Humanities & Social Sciences Enrolment Advice Session Welcome to our New Students.

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1 Humanities & Social Sciences Enrolment Advice Session Welcome to our New Students

2 Dr Lucy Potter, Associate Dean (Education) Ms Charlotte Powell, Manager Student Services Ms Sarah Dichiera, Student Support Officer Dr Steph Hester, Transition & Study Support Coordinator Humanities & Social Sciences Enrolment Advice Session

3 Housekeeping In case of Emergency – Follow our lead to the Barr Smith Lawns (in front of the library) Toilets – LadiesGround Floor Foyer – GentsDownstairs to basement, or upstairs to Level I University of Adelaide3

4 Format of Session University of Adelaide4 9.30am – 10.30am Info and Enrolment Demonstration Arts Internship & Study Abroad Study Support 10.45am – 11.45am (Napier Building) Program Advice Sessions Speak with Faculty staff (11.00am-5.00pm) Have your student ID card photo taken 12.00 – 4.00pm Discipline Advice Sessions

5 Which do you feel like? University of Adelaide5

6 The Faculty Office Ground Floor, Napier Building Open 9.00am – 5.oopm Mon to Fri (11am - 5pm on Wed) T 8313 5245 E W F University of Adelaide6

7 Activate your email account Login to your Unified account Click on the activate your email button Ensure you check your student email account regularly for all university correspondence University of Adelaide7

8 University of Adelaide8

9 Study Plans at University of Adelaide9

10 Single Degree (3 years full-time) University of Adelaide10 Course = Subject Program = Degree No more than 8 Level I courses (24 units) can be counted toward your degree

11 Identifying First Year Courses Level 1 Fit in First Year HIST 1105 Europe Empire and the World Advanced Level Fit in Year 2 and 3 HIST 2051 Australia and the World Level 3 Fit in year 3 FREN 3201 French IIIA: Language University of Adelaide11

12 Bachelor of Arts University of Adelaide12 Note: A maximum of 24 units of elective courses may be taken from other Faculties. Courses listed on the major, minor or closed electives lists, including those from other Faculties, are not included in this limit.

13 Bachelor of Arts University of Adelaide13

14 Bachelor of International Studies University of Adelaide14

15 Double Degree (4 years full-time) University of Adelaide15

16 Choosing courses Check your study plan/program rules to work out which courses are compulsory: – Major/minor course lists – Faculty Website – Core courses – outlined on study plan (on website) – In later years, you may need to choose Closed Electives (named degrees only) – Faculty Website Select elective courses that interest you – Up to 24 units can be studied from another Faculty within the University (open electives). Search Course Planner for all courses – For HUMSS elective courses, you can find a list on our website University of Adelaide16

17 Level I Core Course – ARTS 1007 The Enquiring Mind: Arts of Engagement All new students complete this course Can be done in either semester 1 or semester 2 Aims to prepare you for your second and third years of study (and beyond) by giving you the higher level skills you need to research and communicate in HUMSS courses. Taught by experienced, research-active academics If youve completed 1 year of full-time tertiary study or more, you may be exempt; Consult Faculty Office staff. University of Adelaide17

18 Using the Faculty Website Undergraduate Enrolment Page – Study Plans – Major, minor and closed elective lists – HUMSS courses – Discipline Advisors Study Handbook – Forms – Administrative processes

19 What is the Course Planner? Information about each course: – Description – Semester Offered – Pre-requisites – Timetable – Class locations How do I find the Course Planner? – University Website: Click on students and study resources – Google University of Adelaide Course Planner – University Enrolment Page University of Adelaide19

20 University of Adelaide20

21 University of Adelaide21 Search for courses by Subject Area

22 University of Adelaide22

23 University of Adelaide23

24 24

25 Are you eligible for Academic Credit? Have you completed prior tertiary or VET study? Complete an Application for Academic Credit form Attach a copy of your official Academic Transcript or Certificate of completion If you are applying for specified credit (i.e. core courses or towards your major/minor) please also attach course descriptions Submit it to the Faculty Office ASAP University of Adelaide25

26 Languages Chinese, French Studies, German Studies, Indonesian*, Italian*, Japanese, Hispanic Studies (Spanish), Modern Greek* Offered at Beginners and Advanced Level Commence in semester 1 with Part A, and then Part B in semester 2 Diploma in Languages (usually Feb intake only) Flinders Language Outreach* Apply online for the Diploma and Flinders languages at University of Adelaide26

27 Full/Part-time Study Can study full-time or part-time 75% load for Centrelink = < 9 units per semester or 18 units per year Concurrent degrees (unlike doubles) are not an approved course of study. Therefore you must ensure you are enrolled in at least 9 units towards one of the programs. Check with Centrelink about the Diploma in Languages. Contact Education and Welfare Officer (EWO) in Student Care for advice: T 8313 5430 University of Adelaide27

28 Critical Dates Last day add/swap a course or class online: Monday 17 March Last day to delete a course from your record without penalty (Census Date): Monday 31 March Last day to withdraw without failure (WNF): Friday 9 May Last day to withdraw fail (WF): Friday 13 June Last day for payment of upfront student contribution / fees Mon 17 March University of Adelaide28

29 HECS-HELP/Fees Commonwealth Support Upfront payment 10% discount or Defer student contribution to ATO to be repaid through your tax. TFN is required Census date = 31 March Find out more at University of Adelaide29

30 Arts Internship Work in an organisation as part of your degree Learn new skills to help you prepare for the world of work Undertake a research project on a topic of interest to you and of relevance to the host organisation Prerequisite: 24 units of Advanced Level courses Competitive entry based on GPA (at least a credit average) University of Adelaide30

31 Industry Partners include: Anglicare SA Australian Art Orchestra Australian Refugee Association Department of the Premier & Cabinet History SA Oxfam Australia SA Writers Centre South Australian Museum The Adelaide Review/Rit It Up Wakefield Press World Vision University of Adelaide31

32 Benefits: Gain hands on work experience outside the classroom Make use of the skills learnt in your HUMSS degree Looks great on your CV Can lead to a job Try out a workplace in your preferred field Great preparation for honours University of Adelaide32

33 Internships Contact Ms Amanda Phillis Careers and Internships Officer Faculty Office 8313 3721 Other Internships: Media Industry Placement South Australian Parliamentary Internship University of Adelaide33

34 Study Overseas Something to consider.... University of Adelaide34

35 University of Adelaide35

36 University of Adelaide36

37 7 Steps to Enrol Enrolments Open on Wed 12 February (B.Arts/B.Teaching double degree opens Tues 11 Feb) 1.Prepare 2.Plan your timetable 3.Log on to Unified and enrol via Access Adelaide 4.Complete your enrolment checklist 5.Enrol in your classes 6.Print your personal timetable 7.Activate your student email account and collect your student ID card University of Adelaide37

38 Step 2 – Plan your timetable University of Adelaide38

39 39

40 University of Adelaide40

41 7 Steps to Enrol 1.Prepare 2.Plan your timetable 3.Log on to Unified and enrol via Access Adelaide 4.Complete your enrolment checklist 5.Enrol in your classes 6.Print your personal timetable 7.Active your student email account and collect your student ID card University of Adelaide41

42 Step 3 – Log on and enrol via Access Adelaide University of Adelaide42




46 ... or press Search Enter enrolment class number i.e. 12024

47 Add the enrolment class

48 Choose the related class


50 A successful enrolment will look like this!

51 Error Messages

52 7 Steps to Enrol 1.Prepare 2.Plan your timetable 3.Log on to Unified and enrol via Access Adelaide 4.Complete your enrolment checklist 5.Enrol in your classes 6.Print your personal timetable 7.Activate your student email account and collect your student ID card University of Adelaide52

53 Step 6 – print your timetable Slide 53

54 Study Skills Support Dr Steph Hester

55 Starting uni can be daunting… Written on our 2013 Facebook page for First Year HUMSS Students. 55University of Adelaide

56 Join the 2014 Facebook page now (the person who wrote this post is one of our admins!) Search for Uni Adelaide HUMSS First Year Group 2014 Its a great way to get information, meet new people and swap study-related memes to your hearts content University of Adelaide56

57 How prepared do you feel academically? University of Adelaide57

58 The First Year Experience Survey A recent research project by South Australian universities to determine the gap between student expectations and experiences in their first year of study. Over 6000 new students were surveyed as they were commencing study (in 2010), and again a year later (in 2011). University of Adelaide58

59 Key Gaps between Student Expectations and Experience Three-quarters of commencing students had unrealistic expectations about how much time they need to study. The recommended amount of study for university subjects is 6-10 hours per week per subject (outside of class time). This is double what is expected of students at school and is equivalent to a full time job. Over 2/3 of new university students believed that their university teachers would provide all the materials needed for their learning, when in reality they needed to learn to source information themselves. University of Adelaide59

60 Academic Skills Preparation Course: Available now A crash course that will prepare you for study in the Faculty of HUMSS in under an hour Developed to address academic issues new students commonly seek assistance with The course looks at the core skills HUMSS students are assessed on in their first year: essay writing, referencing, research skills and grammar. University of Adelaide60

61 Academic Skills Tutorials University of Adelaide61

62 Once the year begins… The clinic holds drop-in sessions every Wednesday 11am – 4pm in the Writing Centre, Hub Central You can also chat with us and make an appointment by emailing or 8313 0303 University of Adelaide62

63 The Writing Centre Level 3, Hub Central Academic Support for all Students, including online resource guides Drop-ins Monday-Friday, 10am – 4pm during Semester Information: University of Adelaide63

64 An English professor asked her students to punctuate the following sentence: University of Adelaide64 A woman without her man is nothing All of the males in the class wrote: A woman, without her man, is nothing. All the females in the class wrote: A woman: without her, man is nothing PUNCTUATION IS POWERFUL!

65 For further help with Study Skills, Writing and Referencing, Degree and Career Planning, Facebook Group membership and what to do after the Zombie Apocalypse... University of Adelaide65 Contact the Study Skills Centre students/support/ Phone: 83130303

66 Orientation Monday 24 February - Friday 28 February Welcome new students! Welcome by the Vice Chancellor Campus Tours Faculty Welcome Sessions Preliminary Lectures Entertainment and Activities Excursion Day …and more! Full program available at:

67 What Next? University of Adelaide67 10.45am – 11.45am (Napier Bldg) Program Advice Sessions Speak with Faculty staff (11.00am-5.00pm) Have your student ID card photo taken 12.00 – 4.00pm (Napier Bldg) Discipline Advice Sessions

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