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Introduction to Imperial and College Support Services

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1 Introduction to Imperial and College Support Services
Dr Sharon Bolton, Head of International Student Support

2 Welcome! How many UG students?
How many Masters students? PhD students? How many Europeans? How many from outside Europe? How many from Engineering / Natural Sciences / Medicine / Business School / Humanities? Say hello to someone new!

3 Orientation Workshops: Wednesday 25th September
10-11 Introduction to Imperial and College Support Services The Student Hub and Private Housing Options 12-1 Mind your Peas and Queues: an introduction to British etiquette 2-3 Students’ Union and SU Advice Centre 3-4 Campus Challenge: scavenger hunt 1pm – some depts coming to collect you for lunch. Rest of you are free to go

4 Orientation Workshops: Thursday 26th September
10-11 Immigration issues for non-EEA students Getting used to Listening in English 12-1 Your Health whilst in the UK 2-3 Student Support Services 3-4 London on a budget: how to make your money go further 4-5 Making the most of your time as a student Alternative event today – don’t take their food!

5 Orientation Workshops: Friday 27th September
10-11 Work During and After Your Studies Plagiarism Fundamentals of English Pronunciation 2-3 Staying Safe in London 3-4 Personal Safety and self-defence

6 Friday night: Bingo Time: 5pm
Place: Queen’s Tower Rooms, Level 1 Sherfield Cost: £5 PRIZES!

7 We want your feedback! Tell us what you think about each session
Any suggestions for improvement Any additional information you would have liked Win a £10 voucher!

8 International Students Welcome: Sunday 29th
Great Hall (Level 2, Sherfield) Talks, refreshments and a mini-fair UG – 1.00 pm PG 2.00 – 4.00 pm

9 First Week of Term Monday 30th September Departmental Welcome talks
Tuesday 1st October Freshers Fair Wednesday 2nd October Departmental inductions + sports trials UG timetable PG timetable

10 International Student Support: what we do
Immigration Orientation Trips Termly Newsletter PhD Parents’ network

11 International Student Support: How to find us
Where? Level 3, Sherfield Building Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm (Wednesdays 11am – 5pm) Daily Drop-in Quick Query sessions (Wednesdays 11-12)

12 Central College Support Services
Student Hub Careers Advisory Service Counselling Service Disability Advisory Service Chaplaincy Graduate School Personal Tutor / Course Leader / Departmental Administrator English Language Support / Study Skills (Library)

13 When will I get my College ID card?
Registration on e-service completed? Photo uploaded to e-service? Students in halls: your ID card will be available from the Warden at your hall of residence Students not in halls: your ID card will be available in your department on Monday ID card webpage

14 How can I get connected to WiFi?
Imperial Wireless Network: Imperial-WPA Use your College username and password (same as e-service) Password problem? Call with College ID College ? ICT webpage

15 Introducing our Student Panel
Ayodeji Agbaje Qifei Gu Lavinia Raganelli Faizan Javed Mingjia Tu

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