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By Christopher Paul Curtis Powerpoint by Roy Wyzykiewicz.

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2 By Christopher Paul Curtis Powerpoint by Roy Wyzykiewicz

3 Now my friends. I am here to answer the difficult questions about the fantastic books of the world. Up first……. Bud not Buddy This book was a simply exquisite read. I would give this book 9 out of ten stars. It was a very emotional work of art. It ranged from action to touching to suspenceful to funny. Now go get this book. NOW!!!!!!! GO!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!

4 Now my friends. As you have noticed Bud can be kind of a moron at times but when things came his way, he knew how to deal with them. You may think he is an idiot, but when it comes down to things his head is really in the right place. I think that Bud has years of emotions,(both good and bad) that are all corked up inside of him and at the end of the book all the years of emotions flowed out of him and left him feeling happier and more care free. Buds physical abilities are actually pretty capable despite him never really having a full meal on his plate.

5 Herman E. Calloway was the biggest, oldest, fattest jerk in the story. He hated Bud when he first laid eyes on him. He worked Bud like a dog e because he didnt like him. Herman E. Calloway was emotionally scarred because he had a daughter (Buds mom ) who ran away. Herman E. Calloway has a band called the Dusky Devastators of Depression

6 Dirty Deed is the drummer in the Dusky Devastators of Depression. He is in the band because he is white. Herman has him in the band because he is the only one who is aloud to own land. This is because hes white.

7 Lefty Lewis is a character who picks up Bud while he is walking to Grand Rapids and gives him a ride. He is a nice person who goes out of his way to help people. He has 2 grandchildren that Bud meet. Lefty found Bud on the side of the road and embraced him with a sandwich and some red pop that he had. Think about this for a second. Would you give your lunch to somebody that you just met? No didnt think so. content/uploads/2010/10/morgan- freeman-223x300.jpg

8 Doge Not DOgey This story takes place in America during the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time after the stock market crashed in the early 1900s. Many people lost their jobs. The other settings in the story also took place in the Great Depression. One other setting was the town of Hooverville which was a home for just about anyone that was poor and needed a home. This story also took place in the town of Flint, Michigan where Bud starts his journey to Herman E. Calloway.

9 The plot… Or the big part of the powerpoint that takes up 3 pages. The plot of the story is about an orphan named Bud gets sent to a new home at these jerks house. These jerks names are the Amoss. The Amoss have a son named named Todd who is a massive jerk to Bud. Todd decides to start jabbing a pencil into Buds eye while hes sleeping so Bud gets up and starts to fight Todd. The Amoss see him and put him in the shed so he escapes. Bud decides that he will go to the library and sleep there. At the library, Bud meets Bugs. Bud and Bugs decide to go to Hooverville and to ride the rails.

10 After Bud gets to Hooverville he meets a girl named Deza Malone. Deza kisses Bud and Bud doesnt know how to react. When Bud tries to hop on the train he cant make it so he goes back to the library. Bud decides to go to Grand Rapids to find his long lost father. On the way Bud meets a man called Lefty Lewis. Lefty gives Bud a ride to Grand Rapids and drops him off at his fathers cabin. Bud goes in and sees his dad (Herman E. Calloway)playing in his band. Bud walks up to him and states that Herman is his dad. Herman does not take this the right way and despises Bud for about the rest of the story.

11 Bud had to do work for Herman if he wanted to live in the log cabin. Bud met many more members of the band such as Miss Thomas who was the singer and Steady Eddie who was the trumpet player. Bud eventually found out that Herman E. Calloway was his grandpa and that his daughter was Buds mom.

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