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Creating Strategic Alignment Across a Large, Complex Enterprise Lala Mamedov, Intuit David Kay, DB Kay & Associates.

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1 Creating Strategic Alignment Across a Large, Complex Enterprise Lala Mamedov, Intuit David Kay, DB Kay & Associates

2 AGENDA The business context and challenge The KM community of practice What we did, how we did it, and what we learned Outcome Next Steps 2


4 Who is Intuit? Americas most trusted name in tax software #1 best selling tax software year after year More federal returns e-filed with TurboTax than all other consumer tax software combined #1 rated by the Wall Street Journal >85% U.S. retail segment share 7 million U.S. small businesses use QuickBooks #1 payroll service #2 best selling software in the U.S. after TurboTax More than 14 million users Over 75% U.S. retail segment share Over 70% brand awareness in households with PCs

5 How Intuit Develops Products Deeply understand peoples real behavior and real pain points Watch people and then build tools that work the way they work Create solutions that help them make better decisions and feel more confident Launch & learn then revise based on observing users behavior Customer Driven Innovation Find The Important Customer Problem Today That We Can Solve Well

6 Intuit Ecosystem Approach Nine Business Units focusing on specific "Me" Customer experience optimized for users of the product – not for users across the company 6 Portfolios of services: need to present One Intuit

7 KM Challenge at Intuit Shared vision that KM was strategically important... Each group was solving the KM challenge in a very creative and innovative way – but its own way 7 Little in common Customer experiences Agent competencies Processes Technologies Measurement frameworks Photo credit: nerovivo (Creative Commons)


9 Burning Platform? Increase customer delight Prepare for the new models of support Improve the bottom line 9 Better answers faster

10 The Solution: KM CoP What: Cross-Business Community of Practice sponsored by a senior leader 10 Mission : Build social architecture supported by performance and reward system to enable the creation, communication and application of knowledge to achieve business goals Photo credit: ewiemann (Creative Commons)

11 Measurable Outcomes for CoP 1.Identified critical competencies, capabilities, and mindsets 2.Established common framework of people, process, and tools 3.Defined performance metrics, performance standards, and terminology 11

12 Why Our Work Was Cut Out For Us BU1 BU2 BU3 BU4 12 We had at least three failed attempts at KM in the past five years… Our incidents are all unique We are world-class in designing innovative online support experience…but no KB We do everything exactly right – but the other members of our ecosystem dont


14 1. Engaged Executives Individual meetings Open-ended discussion guide –Business goals –Hopes for KM –Pain points –Concerns –Coaching Used to align; dispel myths 14 Outcome: positive anticipation; commitment of staff We need a clear strategy: people, process, technology Different business units are in very different places The nature of our work is changing We need to become One Intuit We have a sense of urgency and a bias towards action

15 2. Built on Proven Practices Extensive questionnaire Each group completed, in detail Analysis –Readiness –Innovations to reuse Group readout 15 Outcome: people knew we were open to their ideas (no NIH). We harvested some really great ideas! Leadership Store, Deliver, & Reuse Contribute / Maintain Customer Engagement Analytics / Measures Operational Profile About Your Business Technology Compe- tencies PPD

16 3. Organized Around Deliverables 16 Outcome: Clear visibility to the finish line; logically structured, manageable chunks of work How should agents use and create knowledge? Knowledge Capture, Reuse, and Improvement How will customers benefit from knowledge? Customer Engagement How do we drive change and inspire participation? Leadership How do we measure success and continually improve? Measurement Do I need a new KM tool? Infrastructure Requirements What skills do I need? Do I need a dedicated team? Competencies

17 4. Distributed Leadership; Self- Organized 17 Outcome: People worked on what was interesting and urgent; had opportunities for leadership, visibility Six total activities –Two parallel tracks –Approximately 3 weeks per deliverable Leaders volunteered –Role / expertise, or interest / desire to help Team members volunteered –Often, they needed to implement the practice –Managers: this is your day job

18 5. Used a Face to Face Kickoff Hard, hard, HARD! …but worth it Official agenda –Scope –Work planning –PPD readout –Controversies Unofficial agenda: create a team 18 Outcome: Quickly dealt with rat-hole issues. More us, less them. Common vision. Accountability. Photo credit: Office Now (Creative Commons)

19 What Would We Do Differently? 1.Better near-term follow-through –Self-assessment and planning tool: dont just offer it, facilitate the use of it Be more explicit: do this next. 2.Use teleconferencing capability more 3.Create an executive summary deliverable as we went 19

20 Self-Assessment and Planning Tool 20


22 Shared Guiding Principles 1.Knowledge management is the core job of support –Capturing and creating –Improving and updating –Sharing and reusing 2.Knowledge is created and captured at every level, including the frontline 3.People are rewarded based on their contribution to the shared knowledge system 4.The Intuit KM Framework is built on the foundation of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), an industry best practice for KM 22 Photo credit: dans le grand bleu (Creative Commons)

23 Tangible Deliverables Compiled requirements for enterprise-wide KM tool and completed vendor selection process 23 INTUIT KM FRAMEWORK Intuit KM Framework – a detailed playbook of six core elements Redefined support agent competencies, published new job descriptions with knowledge creation requirement for each level

24 Intangible Deliverables Sense of community Regular CoP meetings to share challenges and successes Available KM Mentors – people who worked on each section can share best practices with other teams KM CoP is recognized as a success story and will be used as a blueprint for future cross-BU initiatives 24


26 Next Steps for KM and Intuit Applying the Framework to two initial groups KM tool implementation based on the Framework Other groups are already lining up Sustain community as members cycle in and out Evolve the Framework with new learnings Take it beyond Support 26

27 Lessons Learned: Change Management Establish common understanding with key leaders: what success will look like Answer simple question: what it all boils down to Define specific outcomes early Find out what already wors (PPD) Self-organized team: people with passion or pain (or both) – then negotiate to make this part of their day job Break out massive project into small chunks, have small groups work in parallel 27

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