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STARY BROWAR AND STAJNIE MARCONIEGO Konstancin Jeziorna – Obory Real Estate for sale/rent Central Plaza Sp. z o.o. STARY BROWAR I STAJNIE MARCONIEGO Konstancin Jeziorna - Obory

2 Description of Konstancin-Jeziorna
Konstancin-Jeziorna and the nearby towns are located on the Mazowiecka Lowlands, on the banks of the Jeziorka river. Surrended by wild Chojnowsko-Słomczyńskie forests, which have designated natural reserves, and from the north Kabacki forest. The name „Konstancin” derives from the name Konstancja of Potulickich noble descend of countess Skórzewska. Konstancin Jeziorna was created from parting the Obory property, which was parted by the son of Konstancja, the count Witold Skórzewski, Konstancja’s manor farm (around 100 ha) at the end of XIX century- official date of establishing the town is 1897. Presently Konstancin is made up of forest areas near Warsaw, located along the Trakt Królewski with convenient transport by the Wilanowska trains. It quickly became an elite place to build summer and all year round houses for people valuing peace and quiet. The neighbourhood boasts with special spa conditions, and what comes with it, is the convenience to open spas. It is a place With underground thermal waters. Green and quiet area also helps To develop tourism. Konstancin, named the Polish „Beverly Hills”, is without question The place where many famous Polish businessmmen, artists and journalists have located their residences. Some of them include Ryszard Krauze, Jan Kulczyk, Lew Rywin, Jerzy Urban, Mariusz Walter, Zbigniew Niemczycki and Jan Wejchert.

3 The history of the property
This unique property, which we want to offer to you are the buildings of old brewery and a stable belonging once to the Palace complex in Obory (presently Dom Pracy Twórczej im. Bolesława Prusa). The first owner of Obory (from 1433 to 1643), was the family of Oborscy. Later the property went through Koniecpolscy, Wielopolscy, Potoccy and in the year 1893 to the family of Potuliccy and in their hands remained until The manorhouse and the surrounding buildings in their present form were built between by Jan Wielopolski according to the project of Tylman z Gameren, and were finished by the Potuliccy family in 1893 according to the project of Władysław Marconi (among others the brewery and the stable). The name Obory does not have any plebeian connotations, though it is not exactly known. There are many legends. The first one says that the name comes from „Au Bord Du Vistula”, which means ‘on the banks of the Vistula River’. This is how Maria Ludwika D'Arquien, the French speaking wife of Jan Wielopolski (sister of Jan III Sobieski wife) called this place. The most probable version seems to be that when the Vistula River changed the original river bed, the land where Obory is located, was ploughed. This seems to confirm the presence of Oborscy, who got their noble name from the name of their property. Oborscy Koniecpolscy Wielopolscy Potoccy Potuliccy

4 Location of „Stary Browar”
Convenient location: Warsaw Centre – 18 km Stara Papiernia - 1,7 km Park Zdrojowy (Tężnie) - 2 km American School - 3,5 km British School - 13 km French School - 12,5 km Canadian School - 11km Chopin Airport - 14 km Bypass 724 – 1 km Ex. Road S2 – 4.5 km Vistula - 4 km Warszawa Centrum 18 km Wisła 4 km

5 Getting Around Besides being located in a quiet and peaceful part of
the natural park, Obory have convenient connection with the city. Additionally, quickly developing road infrastructure will make commuting even faster. Planned S2 route (part of A2 – 4,5 km) Obory

6 Neighbourhood of „Stary Browar”
From the west the property borders directly with historical palace complex in Obory. From the property windows you can see wide, old park with unique trees and in the centre there is a XVII-century palace – Dom Pracy Twórczej. The surrounding ponds, visible from the windows of our property, inhabited by waterfowl create breathtaking atmosphere, allowing you to relax from the everyday harsh city life. From the south and east the property borders with "Łęgi Oborskie”Nature Reserve, and from the north with gronds, which will are planned for a golf course. The nearest neighbouhood is made up from beautiful green spaces. So this is actually a unique opportunity to live in a nature park.

7 Spatial development plan
The property is located within an area, which presently does not have any spatial development plan. Planning works are currently taking place. Explanation: red – plans passed after 1995; violet – projects of plans under consideration due to objections and remarks; yellow – projects of plans under arrangement; green – projects of plans in preparation; broken line - plan of the bypass of the route 724 Obory

8 Data concerning the property:
Location: Obory in Konstancin-Jeziorna Legal status: Plot of land number 4/158 with an area of m2 developed, consisting of a building with the space of m2 Land and Mortgage Register Number WA5M/ /1 Land given to perpetual usufruct until Plot of Land evidenced in the land register with symbols: B - RVI farmable land developed LsIV- forests N- wasteland RVI- arable land

9 Building - area m2 View of the building from the courtyard

10 Courtyard

11 Front

12 Description of the living area
The south wing was adapted for the living purposes. This constitutes of 700 m2 of usable space, which includes such premises as: living space (430 m2), attic (180 m2) and cellar with machine space (90 m2). Living space is completely furnished and equipped. Living room with a fireplace, spaciuos kitchen open to the living room, study room, 6 bedrooms, large guest room and 3 bathrooms. All buildings are also fitted with alarm devices supported by monitoring. All tastefully and harmoniously finished, perfectly fitting the surrounding.

13 Draft of the living space
Usable space (700 m2): Living space (430 m2): bedrooms, bathrooms, guest room (first floor) kitchen, living room with fire Additionally: attic 180m2 cellar 90m2 1 2 2 Rzut całości; osobny slajd z blowout-em i zakolorować 1

14 Photos of the living space

15 Photos of the living space

16 Description of the space for convertion
The middle wing with the space of around 600 m2 is presently in the building shell state and gives any possibility of arrangements. The rooms with the height of nearly 8 metres will allow to build a second floor and thereby double the room space. Interesting architecture of the old brewery additionally gives many arrangement possibilities.

17 Draft of the space for convertion
and old brewery m2 bricked fence with a gate 3 4b 4b 3 5 Jak w „Szkic sytuacyjny części mieszkalnej” 5

18 Photos of the part for convertion

19 Photos of the part for convertion – stable part

20 Photo gallery – old brewery

21 Photo gallery - an oasis of peace

22 Photo gallery

23 Description of the stable
Offer of the property is especially directed to horse lovers, enthusiasts as well as owners of horses. For people or businesses that want to run their activity, it is the perfect place to locate their beauty saloon as well as a restaurant. It could be an ideal place to open a prestigious wedding house with restaurant, pub or a club .

24 Draft of the stable space
stylish entrance gate - 55m2 stables (presently garages)- 355m2 former fodder storage m2 4a 4 4a 6 Jak w „Szkic sytuacyjny części mieszkalnej” 4 6

25 Photos of the stable part

26 Tracks for horse riding

27 Real Estate for sale Price for the real estate is negotiable. Due to the specificity of the property we are waiting for both rental and sale offers at first. Additional information Possibility to obtain additional usable space of around 600m2 by creating the second floor in the middle wing of the building. Possibility to purchase the neighbouring plot with an area of about 8000m2 (currently a purchase offer was placed). Planned location (construction) of a golf course with an area of 87 ha in direct neighbourhood.

28 Conditions of the rent:
Rental Offer The monthly rent is zł net. We are waiting for your offer. Conditions of the rent: - deposit in the amount of a 3 month rent - rental period – minimum 1 year - with rental agreements for minimum 2 years possibility to negotiate the rent - limited or unlimited time rental agreements

29 How to get to Obory OBORY PROPERTY

30 Satelite view planned golf course
Stary Browar and stables of Marconii Stary Browar and stables of Marconii Konstancin zone „A” Pałac literatów Rezerwat przyrody

31 Contact Central Plaza Sp. z o.o. Grzybowska 37A 00-855 Warszawa
tel fax Contact person: Daria Jagielska tel tel Central Plaza Sp. z o.o. Uzupełnic i dać logo

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