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Viking Shield Your personal safety app while at CSU.

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1 Viking Shield Your personal safety app while at CSU.

2 About Viking Shield Viking Shield is a safety app made specially available to CSU students and staff. The app can be downloaded through Apples App Store and the Play store on Android phones. The App is FREE.

3 Functions- Panic Button Opening the mobile app automatically displays the panic button screen. If you have an emergency, open the app and press the button which best describes your situation (Police, Fire, EMS). Pressing the panic button beings a short countdown before connecting you to CSU police.

4 Panic Button Continued When the countdown reaches 0, the panic button performs two functions: – Sends your location and profile information to CSU police. – Connects you via phone to CSU police. Your location updates every 20 seconds unless cleared by the police or you deactivate the panic button.

5 Safety Checks Set a safety check when youre walking alone and want additional safety. Simply select an end time, if you dont enter your secure PIN before that time expires, your emergency contacts are sent a text message. Set safety checks while: » Walking to and from class/the library » Walking to your car » On a date » Attending social functions » Traveling

6 Safety Checks Continued Choosing your emergency contacts: » You are able to add up to three emergency contacts, select family or close friends who have a CELL PHONE and are dependable (remember, if you miss a check these people are sent a text message). *Its always safer to walk in a group. But if you must walk alone, safety checks are an additional tool at your disposal.*

7 iReports – iReports allow you send photo, video and text messages to CSU police. Use iReports to share: » Crime tips » Service needs » Suspicious activity If you do not wish to be contacted, you can send iReports anonymously and CSU police will not be provided any of your personal information. *Do not put yourself in harms way to capture an iReport.*

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