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EBOOKS in EDU March 2013 CC image via

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1 EBOOKS in EDU March 2013 CC image via

2 The market is explodingA variety of models exist New options are being developed all the time

3 eBooks OverdriveBrainHive Follett Shelf Axis 360 Mackin Via SEBCOStoria Individual Publishers

4 Overdrive Website Think: Subscription Access via Media Console 2 part fee: 50% Annual Service Fee 50% Purchase of Titles Image via

5 Overdrive Popular books eBooks and audiobooks Can separate by age Works with most devices Do not own Expensive Annual cost Cannot migrate

6 BrainHive Website Pay-Per-View of eBooks Each click = $1 Can set a do not exceed amount Image via

7 BrainHive No fees Huge catalog Simultaneous access Can opt to buy Do not own Cannot download/migrate No money, no access Not available on Kindle

8 Follett Shelf Website Can keep purchased eBooks Fine print: eBooks only accessible via FollettShelf Focus on educational titles Access via library catalog/web, or app Image via

9 FollettShelf Own books forever No fees eBooks and audiobooks Simultaneous access available Access to many publishers Simultaneous access = expensive Cannot migrate Login required

10 Axis360 Website True ownership (credit to migrate to a new system) Fine print: The other vendor must accept the credit Uses Blio eReading software Can download in multiple formats (ePub/PDF) ADA compliant Image via

11 Axis360 Own books forever Migration is possible Can download eBooks and audiobooks Access for most devices Works with assistive tech One time setup fee ($) Fewer titles than Overdrive

12 Mackin Via Website Integrates eBooks and databases Many educational features: Highlight Citations Notes Can create groups (mini collections) Can search/browse by subject Image via

13 Mackin Via Features support educational use Own books forever No annual fees Can download Access for most devices No audiobooks available Fewer titles than Overdrive

14 SEBCO Website All simultaneous access, all can be downloaded without deletion Multiple book types (interactive/hybrid) Access via website/app Image via

15 SEBCO Own books forever All books are simultaneous access Can download, no deletion Many publishers One-time setup fee ($50) No regional purchases Titles can be expensive

16 Individual Publishers Some publishers host their own eBooks A few examples: Marshall-Cavendish Capstone Each one has different rules/features

17 Individual Publishers Can shop aroundnot locked into one service Rarely involve subscription fees Often simultaneous use DRM is not streamlined Multiple publishers = multiple platforms Limited to a single publisher

18 Storia Website One of the bigger individual publishers Scholastic Platform = Only Scholastic titles Access ONLY via Storia eReading app Limits access on devices other than PC/Mac or tablet Image via personalized-teacher1.jpg personalized-teacher1.jpg

19 Storia Own books forever Can download Read aloud features One publisher All single user Access restricted to Storia app No web-based access only for PC/Mac/Tablets

20 Ownership Model Subscription Model Bigger varietyMore flexibilityHigher cost Potential loss of collection Fewer choicesLess flexibilityCost varies Own books forever There is no perfect solution…yet.

21 SCHOOL LIBRARY SYSTEM PLANS Exploring Axis360, Mackin Via and Overdrive SEBCO Brain Hive Follett Storia Individual Publishers More appropriate for district-level purchasing Looking for greater variety of titles

22 Before You Buy: What is most important to you? Use this chart as a guide:

23 References With Axis 360, Baker & Taylor Establishes a Foothold in the Ebook Distribution Market. The Digital Shift, 2012, March 7. Retrieved from: 360-baker-taylor-establishes-a-foothold-in-the-ebook-distribution-market/ BrainHive Frequently Asked Questions. BrainHive, n.d. Retrieved from: eBooks for K-12 Schools. Overdrive, Inc., n.d. Retrieved from: Follett Shelf FAQs. FollettShelf. Follett, n.d. Retrieved from: LeBlanc, Susan (DCMO BOCES School Library System Director). Email interview. 5 Mar. 2013 Portzer, Candace (Questar III BOCES School Library System Director). Phone interview. 28 Feb. 2013 "Purchase or Lease? Options for School Library eBook Acquisition." K-12 Digital Decisions. Follett, n.d. Retrieved from: Salomone, Claudio (SEBCO Representative). Personal interview. 8 Feb. 2013. Yeager, Regina (Follett Representative). Personal interview. 5 Mar. 2013.

24 Contact Information: Nicole Waskie-Laura a Email: Twitter: @nwaskielaura Tutorials: Broome-Tioga BOCES School Library System:

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