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Ch 31 P2 Objectives- students will understand…

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1 Ch 31 P2 Objectives- students will understand…
How mass production and new technologies created new prosperity and a new American landscape. How radio, movies, literature, and sports created a national popular culture.

2 ID- Babe Ruth: The Sultan of Swat
Summary 1- What does this photo imply about sports in America and who Babe Ruth is? Sports became a national obsession, Babe Ruth most popular athlete OI- Mass Consumption Society 1) How quickly could Henry Ford’s assembly line finish a car? 10 seconds (higher output meant more products and lower prices) 2) What was the new problem that companies had to solve in the Twenties (think about the increase in the production of goods.) Overproduction (too many products, too many companies) 3) How did business solve this new problem and what techniques were used? Advertising (convincing people that happiness can only be achieved in buying the newest product, pointing out new problems they never knew existed)

3 4) Who were the two most famous athlete’s of the twenties and what sport did each play?
Babe Ruth (Baseball), Jack Dempsey (Boxing) Notre Dame (College Football), Gertrude Ederle (Swimming) Radio/journalism- allowed people in far away places to follow sports and players in other cities (players became hero’s) Baseball, College Football, Boxing- most popular sports Why was USC beating Notre Dame so important for LA? 5) What new way of buying, that is common today, was made available to buyers who could not afford all the goods they wanted to purchase? Credit (people could borrow money and pay later) How will this help increase purchasing and spending in US? What is the problem with relying on this type of spending?

4 ID- Henry Ford in His First Car (733)
Summary 2- What was Henry Ford’s contribution to the American economy? Model T (first affordable automobile) Summary 3- Identify several (3) ways this would change America? Mobility, jobs, new landscape and environment Provide examples of how each of the above will be seen and change America? ID- Cost of a Model T Ford (734) Summary 4- How did the Model T change the availability of the automobile? Lowered cost of automobile ownership Summary 5- In 1908 how many months of work did it take a person to afford a Model T? How was it different in the 1920’s? What was the result on automobile ownership? 20 months, 3 months, increase in ownership by ordinary Americans

5 OI- Putting America on Rubber Tires
6) What did Frederick Taylor try to eliminate? Wasted motions (bring work to workers) 7) How did Henry Ford change automobile production? Assembly line (workers had 1 task while car traveling on conveyor belt) 8) How much did a Model T cost? $260 9) How many Model Ts were built in 1914 compared to 1930? k, million

6 OI- The Advent of the Gasoline Age
ID-Gas Station Summary 6- Besides Gas Stations, think of three new businesses that would be created with the rise in popularity of the automobile? Car sales dealerships, car repair (mechanics), road construction, tire industry (rubber), oil industry, glass (windshields), car theft/robbing banks/ rum running OI- The Advent of the Gasoline Age 10) What industry was helped the most by the automobile and what industry was hurt the most? Oil industry (gasoline), Railroads

7 12) What were the negative impacts of the automobile? (2 examples)
11) How did the automobile change the lives of ordinary Americans for the better? (2 examples) Fresh foods (fruit), paved streets, transportation (live outside city, away from work), road trips (travel), women (mobility), school buses (higher attendance), 12) What were the negative impacts of the automobile? (2 examples) Death (more people died on roads by 1951 than all wars combined), sex (young people have a private place away from parents), crime (get away)

8 Summary 6- What stunning achievement did Charles Lindbergh accomplish?
ID- Lucky Lindy Summary 6- What stunning achievement did Charles Lindbergh accomplish? 1st solo flight across the Atlantic ocean (33 hours) Summary 7- Explain how this would change the public’s perception of the airplane? That flight is safe and air travel is possible

9 OI- Humans develop Wings 13) Who invented the Airplane?
Wright Brothers (1903) 14) What was the name of Lindbergh’s plane and what do you feel was the hardest part about his journey? Spirit of St. Louis, staying awake 15) How did Lindbergh’s accomplishment change the world? Created a new industry (Airplane- LA center, WHY?), hurt RR Legitimized a new form of transportation

10 Radio and Movies- most popular forms of entertainment
Radio- invented in 1902 (1920- KDKA first station) NBC (1926), CBS (1927) Programs- radio dramas and comedies Radio is called the most visual of all mediums, WHY? Movies- B+W, silent, Hollywood center of film production (WHY?) The Great Train Robbery (1903) 1st movie (nickelodeon) Birth of a Nation (1915) 1st blockbuster (glorified the KKK) The Jazz Singer (1927)- 1st talking picture Steamboat Willie (1927) 1st talking cartoon (Mickey Mouse) How would national forms of entertainment change the American culture? How do celebrities influence us?

11 ID- The Guardian of Morality
Summary 8- Why is this man checking the bathing suits of the women? To insure she is not showing too much leg Why is America so concerned about how much skin women show? OI- The Dynamic Decade 16) Who was Margret Sanger? Advocated women using birth control What does using birth control imply about new freedom’s women have? Why are some so angered by birth control? 17) What is a “Flapper”? Party girl (young women who want to have fun for themselves, short hair, loose fitting and revealing clothing)

12 18) What was the music of the 1920s
Jazz (uniquely African/American music f. the South) 19) What did Marcus Garvey promote? Back to Africa movement and Black Pride Harlem Renaissance- revival in black literature and art where Af/Am. made themselves known as a talented group within the US but different from white America Langston Hughes, Zora Neale, Claude McKay- most famous authors What type of a movement for all minorities are African/Americans are the forefront of?

13 OI- Cultural Liberation
20) Identify one idea written by F. Scott Fitzgerald Having fun in life (party on!!!) New vs. Old Money- even if you bring yourself up from nothing, the “Old Money” rich will still look down on you (there is no real upward mobility) People are driven by shallow materialism Identify a show today (reality TV) and critique it a Fitzgerald 21) Identify one idea written by Earnest Hemmingway React against patriotic propaganda and told of horror of war Simple style of writing Americans could understand 22) What was the “New Negro” That Af/Am are equal to whites

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