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From an idea... to reality! About INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Presentation: Visit our web site at or

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1 From an idea... to reality! About INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Presentation: Visit our web site at or select Departments / Industrial Design to download this presentation Images used in this presentation illustrate existing products designed by professional industrial designers, and do not represent student projects unless otherwise specified.

2 E ver wonder who turns ideas into objects that we use everyday ? Apple Motorola Bombardier BMW

3 I nterested in sketching, rendering and 3D model making ? Student: Adam Tkhach Portable BBQ project Marker rendering Presentation model Solid Works computer rendering

4 If so… this three year learning experience offers a unique chance to enter a profession that creates opportunities as unique as a students personality and … Solid Works computer software Semester end presentation

5 … thereby open a wide range of career possibilities, which can include any of the following domains of design: - Electronics and consumer products - Sporting goods and equipment - Medical, industrial and toy products - Furniture, lighting, exhibition and display - Transportation and packaging - Model making and prototyping - Etc…

6 - Existing electronic products Motorola Alienware I-River Samsung Electronics

7 - Existing consumer products Shell Products Phillips Inditex, s.a. BMW Built NY

8 - Existing sporting goods and equipment products Thule, Inc. Kestrel Bicycles Decathlon Fox Racing Guru bicycles Montreal

9 - Existing medical products GMP Wireless Medicine, Inc. Violite LLC Medela

10 - Existing industrial products Mad VacMakita

11 - Existing toy products Sony Automoblocks

12 - Existing furniture and lighting products Akromills

13 - Exhibit and display products

14 - Existing transportation products BombardierAC Delco Segway

15 - Existing packaging products Shiseido

16 - Model making and prototyping Student Nicolas Yur Scale model Rapid prototyping Student Nicolas Yur - Prototyping Silicon mold Resin casting

17 W hat do Industrial Design Technicians do ? - Industrial Designers use imagination, critical thinking and technical knowledge to make manufactured objects better - As a team member they play an important role in the research and development of new products - Their expertise will carry an idea to the manufacturing stage Student Qi Wang: Shopping CartPhoto Works computer renderings

18 Y ou will learn to sketch, render, build 2D and 3D models to materialize your imagination, to make manufactured objects better! Student Nicolas Yur: Home BBQ Marker renderingPhoto Works – Computer rendering

19 F rom concept to production, you will contribute by: - Researching and documenting existing products - Sketching, drawing and illustrating new concepts - Specifying materials and manufacturing processes - 3D modeling and prototyping - Renderings for presentations and concept evaluation - Producing CAD (computer aided design/drafting) drawings for technical development - Documenting technical information for manufacturing

20 M aking peoples life more enjoyable by … - making products safer and easier to use - improving functionality and quality - reducing the negative impact on society and the environment (making products more ecological) … creating better products ! Student Alessandro Vardaro: Public furniture Photo Works computer renderings

21 T he industrial design profession helps make products more competitive in a global market by … - Making them more attractive - Improving quality - Making them more cost effective - Selecting the most appropriate materials and manufacturing processes Student Jared Curtis: Water Cooler

22 U pon completion of this program you can also further your studies in related fields such as: - Bachelors degree in Industrial Design - Architecture or Engineering - Computer modeling and animation Year end Vernissage Third year students in class

23 W hy Dawson College? - The Industrial Design program at Dawson College is the only English speaking program of its kind in Quebec. It is recognized across North America for the quality of the education offered and is also accredited by ADIQ, the Association of Industrial Designers of Quebec. - In close ties with local industries and manufacturers is equipped with up to date computer labs and workshops for students, usually between 10 to 20 / class. - Affordable living and housing near campus, exciting downtown Montreal location, direct underground access to metro and shopping center. -Instructors are bilingual, accredited award winning professional Industrial Designers. - Students and alumni of the program have won numerous international design competitions, recognized in professional publications. - Year end graduation show attracts many potential employers, professionals, interested students and receives multi media coverage.

24 T he Industrial Design Program is equipped with up to date computer labs and unlimited high speed internet. 3ds max 6 3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation softwares discreet character studio 4 Free SolidWorks student design kit

25 - W e welcome you to visit our Kiosk at Dawson College Open House !

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