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1 Prescott Circle Trail When logo appears here - click mouse to continue Fulfilling a Vision.

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1 1 Prescott Circle Trail When logo appears here - click mouse to continue Fulfilling a Vision

2 2 Willow Lake Trail

3 3 The Vision The Idea for the Prescott Circle Trail was first conceived and drawn on a Forest Service map by the newly formed Yavapai Trails Association (YTA) in 1990

4 4 1990 Circle Trail Map

5 5 Description A 50 mile non-motorized Trail System circling the City of Prescott Cooperative effort between the City of Prescott, Prescott National Forest, Arizona Game and Fish, Embry Riddle University, Storm Ranch, and Yavapai County Listed as a High Priority in the 2003 Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan Listed as a Major Goal in the September 2007 Parks and Recreation Master Plan click to continue

6 6 Watson Lake Trail

7 7 Current Map Completed Sections Proposed Sections

8 8 Peavine Trail

9 9 Milestones 1990 Conceptual Map 1993 YTA Receives Grant to Build Turley Trail 1996 Turley Trail Opens 1999 Prescott NF Prescott Basin II Project Creates an 18 Mile Alignment for the Circle Trail Peavine Trail Opens 2000 Legacy Trail Opens 2001 Prescott NF Converts Roads From Thumb Butte Rd to Iron Springs Rd into a non- motorized Trail Ho-kay-gan Trail 341 Opens 2002 Discovery Trail Opens (Watson Woods) 2003 Willow Creek Trail Opens 2004 Cold Springs Trail 393 Opens (off Copper Basin Rd) 2005 Trail 332 Opens From Iron Springs Road to Granite Basin Road 2006 Jan Alfano Trail Dedicated Trail 332 Opens From Granite Basin Road to Trail 341 Embry Riddle Trail Opens Granite Creek Bridge Built on Discovery Trail 2007 Garden Grove Trail 392 Opens Watson Lake Trail Opens Storm Ranch Preliminary Development Plan Includes Trail Segment for Circle Trail PNF Develops Proposed Action to Complete Circle Trail within the National Forest Goldwater Lakes Trail 396 - 90% Complete Circle Trail Added to State Trails System (click to continue)

10 10 Granite Creek Bridge – Discovery Trail

11 11 City of Prescott Completed Trail Segments 11.2 miles Legacy Jan Alfano Embry Riddle Willow Lake Watson Lake Discovery Peavine Turley

12 12 Over The Hill Gang – Volunteer Trail Crew Built over 8 miles of the Circle Trail in the Prescott Natl Forest Photo by Tony Beere

13 13 City of Prescott Proposed Trail Segments 10 miles Connector Trail (1.4 miles) Legacy Extension – State Trust Land (2.0 miles) Lakes Connector (0.4 miles) Storm Ranch (1.6 miles) Badger P Mountain – State Trust Land (4.6 miles)

14 14 Newly Finished Section - Goldwater Lakes Trail

15 15 Prescott National Forest Completed Trail Segments 22.2 miles Boy Scout 126 Ranch 62 Goldwater Lakes 396 Quartz Mountain Wolverton Mountain 9415 Aspen Creek 48 Cold Springs 393 Potts Creek 327 Circle Connector 322 Garden Grove 392 Circle 332 Ho-Kay-Gan 341

16 16 Garden Grove Trail Near Thumb Butte Photo by Tony Beere

17 17 Prescott National Forest Proposed Trail Segments 5 miles Ranch Extension (4 miles) White Spar (1 mile)

18 18 Trail 332 – Granite Basin

19 19 Trail Access Pioneer Park Willow Lake Watson Lake Peavine Trailhead Turley Trailhead Senator Highway Goldwater Lake Bannon Creek White Spar Cathedral Pines Copper Basin High Valley Ranch Rancho Vista Butte Creek Thumb Butte Iron Springs Road Granite Basin Ho-kay-gan Williamson Valley Rd

20 20 Quartz Mountain Trail – After 2002 Indian Fire

21 21 Projects/Timelines for Completion CITY OF PRESCOTT Construct Lakes Connector Trail 2008 State Land Acquisition 2008 - 2009 Construction of Trails on State Land2009 - 2011 Storm Ranch Development Trail 2010 - 2011 Williamson Valley Rd to Granite Basin 2011 - 2012 Connector Trail PRESCOTT NATIONAL FOREST Conversion of Roads to Trails – Potts Creek 2008 Environmental Assessment & Decision 2008 for 2007 Circle Trail Proposed Action Implementation of Circle Trail Decision 2008 - 2010 Trailhead Construction – Aspen Creek, 2008 - 2012 White Spar, Garden Grove TRAIL WIDE PROJECTS Standardized Trail Signs at All Intersections 2011 Interpretive Signage with Area & Trail History2012 (click to continue)

22 22 Trail 332 – Old Rail Bed

23 23 Community Benefits A Unique Asset Very Few Cities Have Access to Outdoor Recreation from All Sides of Prescott Connectivity of Prescotts Lakes and Pioneer Park Access to Hundreds of Miles of City and Forest Trails Multi-day Experience for Backpacking and Equestrians Ability for Boy Scouts to Earn 50 Miler Award Adds to Prescotts Livability Outdoor Recreation Attracts New Businesses and Families Promotes Tourism for Special Events and Recreation (click to continue)

24 24 View From Future Connector Trail

25 25 How To Help To Volunteer Time or Donate Services City of Prescott Chris Hosking Prescott National Forest Rob Hehlen Cash Donations Yavapai Trails Association PO Box 403 Prescott, AZ 86302 YTA is a non-profit organization. Tax deductible donations will be used as matching funds for grants and projects on the Circle Trail. Presentation and Photos (unless noted otherwise) by Rob Hehlen Thank You for Your Interest in This Project

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