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Create Your Own Magazine Cover !. Magazine Title.

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1 Create Your Own Magazine Cover !

2 Magazine Title

3 Article Teasers (short blips of information)

4 Reverse Text (Shape behind text)

5 Barcode & Issue Date and Price

6 Small photo

7 Color coordination: No more than 3 colors on the cover; Matching clothing to article teasers or reverse text.

8 Get creative but keep it clean- looking!

9 Use different font styles sparingly. Use colors for accents rather than changing the font.








17 Magazine Cover Rubric Requirement Points Possible Points Awarded Page Setup: 8x10 inches, 150 resolution10 Appropriate magazine title depicting your life in one word (title must describe you, not My Life) 10 At least four article teasers all about your life (tell me something I don't know about you, your likes, your hopes and dreams, etc.) 20 Picture of self is used on background, appropriately cropped, high quality, and matching overall theme 50 Another small picture is located in a box (i.e., pet, boyfriend, family member, etc.) 10 Reverse text is used on a shape or stripe10 Issue date and price are conveniently located on publication 5 Barcode is used in convenient location5 Grammar/spelling20 Overall professional appearance (colors coordinate, arrangement is clean, no more than two font styles, fonts are legible, fonts are large enough to be seen, font colors are not obnoxious) 10 TOTAL150

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