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The Dalí Universe Exhibition STANDARD DALÍ TOURING EXHIBITION Presented by The Stratton Foundation © Robert Whitaker.

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1 The Dalí Universe Exhibition STANDARD DALÍ TOURING EXHIBITION Presented by The Stratton Foundation © Robert Whitaker

2 THE SALVADOR DALÍ COLLECTION Exhibited under the auspices of the Stratton Foundation for the Cultural Arts, we are proud to present The Dal í Touring Exhibition. Forming part of one of the worlds largest collections dedicated to Salvador Dal í ; concentrating on lesser known, but equally important, aspects of the great artists lifework, including sculpture, three dimensional objects and portfolios of graphics illustrating the great themes of literature (Illustrated books). © Descharnes / next >< previous

3 This renowned exhibition has been seen by more than 10 million people in 80 museums worldwide, often breaking entrance records for museums. It has been honoured with the patronage of government and cultural leaders. © Descharnes / next >< previous

4 INFORMATION PAGE: » HIGHEST SCULPTURE: Space Elephant 2.27 m » DURATION: minimum 3 months » TARGET: Individual adults, students, families » INSURANCE: Venue would require all risk insurance from exhibition provider approximately 15 Milion Euro coverage » PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: 5 Million euro coverage » TRANSPORT/SHIPPING: This exhibition can go partially by sea and partially by air. Monumental sculptures can go by sea, all the other artworks must go by air. Transport by sea needs to accommodate approximately 25 cubic meters Transport by sea needs to accommodate approximately 4700 kg weight Transport by air needs to accommodate approximately 85 cubic meters Transport by air needs to accommodate approximately 7800 kg weight STANDARD TOURING EXHIBITION: designed for a space of approximately 500/700 m2 © Robert Whitaker next >< previous

5 » INSTALLATION/DISMANTLE: We will provide a technician to assist in the set-up (5 days approx.) and take down (4 days approx.). We ask your venue to supply four support staff to help with the set up and take down » LANGUAGE: English, Italian, French. Museum could translate and reprint graphics in any other language of choice. » CREATED BY: Exhibition curated by Beniamino Levi of the Stratton Foundation » SPONSORED BY: This exhibition is unsponsored. In your venue you may source any kind of sponsor you wish for this exhibition © Robert Whitaker next >< previous

6 Included in the exhibit are the following: » Press kit consisting of high resolution photos and text provided on disc » Text for artwork labels and panels provided on disc » Text of the biography of Salvador Dalí provided on disc » Dvd: interview to Mr. Beniamino Levi, who illustrates the collection » Copies of copywritten texts by world-renowned Dalí experts such as Robert Descharnes, Albert Field, Beniamino Levi and A. Reynolds Morse. » The right to use certain copywritten photos of Salvador Dalí © Robert Whitaker next >< previous

7 CONTENTS: » 2 Monumental sculptures » 15 Large sized museum sculptures » 6 Smaller sized museum sculptures » 10 Daum glass sculptures » 6 Pieces of surrealistic furniture » 10 Original collages » 12 Gold objects » 15 Portfolios illustrating the great themes of literature » 10 Photographs © Robert Whitaker next >< previous

8 These sculptures measure up to seven meters in height and they have been shown in the most exclusive locations around the world. They create an impressive exhibit that leaves visitors awestruck. MONUMENTAL SCULPTURES next >< previous

9 Space Elephant Size: h. 7.24 m / 23.7 ft next >< previous

10 Alice in Wonderland Size: h.4.80 m / 15.7 ft. next >< previous

11 This superb collection, which is the most important and largest collection of Dalí s museum sized sculptures anywhere in the world, brings to light many different aspects of Dalís creativity. Each individual sculpture, from the Dance of Time to the Triumphant Elephant, parallel his most prolific surrealistic themes and imagery. LARGE-SIZED MUSEUM SCULPTURES next >< previous

12 Homage to Terpsichore Size: h. 1.79 m / 5.8 ft next >< previous

13 Cabinet Anthropomorphique Size: h. 0.96 / 3.1 ft next >< previous

14 Femme Giraffe Size: h. 2.40 m / 7.8 ft next >< previous

15 Adam and Eve Size: 2 m / 6.5 ft next >< previous

16 Dance of Time I Size: 2.10 m / 6.8 ft next >< previous

17 Surrealist Piano Size: 2.49 m / 8.1 ft next >< previous

18 Triumphant Elephant Size: h. 2.65 m / 8.6 ft next >< previous

19 Horse Saddled with Time Size: h.1.41m / 4.6 ft next >< previous

20 Saint George and the Dragon Size: h.1.48 m / 4.8 ft next >< previous

21 Snail and the Angel Size: h.1.51 m / 4.9 ft next >< previous

22 Vision of the Angel Size: h.1.40 m / 4.5 ft next >< previous

23 Dance of Time II Size: h.1.50 m / 4.9 ft next >< previous

24 Man with Butterfly Size: h.1.79 m / 5.8 ft next >< previous

25 Woman of Time Size: h.2.42 m / 7.9 ft next >< previous

26 Snail and the Angel Size: h.1.51 m / 4.9 ft Mae West Lip Sofa Size: h.0.85 m / 2.7 ft next >< previous

27 During his lifetime, Dalí created these exciting sculptures to parallel his favorite Surrealistic themes and images. The art-loving world is intimately familiar with the Artists most famous images. SMALLER-SIZED MUSEUM SCULPTURES next >< previous

28 Mannequin Javanais Size: h.17.2 cm / 6.8 in next >< previous

29 La Masque Funeraire de Napoleon Size: h.22 cm / 8.7 in next >< previous

30 Nu Feminin Hysterique et Aerodynamique Size: h. 26 cm / 10.2 in next >< previous

31 Papillon et la Flamme Size: h. 61 cm / 24 in next >< previous

32 Vestige Atavique Apres la Pluie Size: h. 34 cm / 13.4 in next >< previous

33 Yang et Yin Size: h.27 cm / 10.6 in next >< previous

34 The artistic collaboration between Dalí and the French Nancy-based Daum cristalerrie, resulted in a fascinating and original collection of ethereal glass sculptures. Ten of these creations are presented here. DAUM GLASS SCULPTURE next >< previous

35 AntifleurLe Desir Hyperrationnel next >< previous

36 Fleur du MalRhinocerotype Chippendale Calice 156Venus aux Tiroirs Poisson Malebranche Montre MolleCroix de Leibniz Debris dune Automobile next >< previous

37 The furniture was borne out of a creative collaboration between Dalí and a Parisian furniture maker during the 1930s. The resulting pieces are as diverse as they are surreal, the Bracelli lamp and the Vis a Vis Sofa are some of the best examples. SURREALISTIC FURNITURE next >< previous

38 Vis a Vis Sofa next >< previous

39 Muletas Lamp Bracelli Lamp Cajones Lamp next >< previous

40 Leda Armchair Leda Low Table next >< previous

41 These famous original artworks represent the universal Tarot and were created in collage, watercolour and gouache. Dali is the only artist to have re-interpreted the major and minor Arcana since 1910. Dali painted this beautiful series for Gala, his wife and lifetime muse. The entire collection, rarely exhibited, is demonstrative of Dalis skill as an artisan and as an inventor of allegory. ORIGINAL COLLAGES next >< previous

42 Nueve de OrosAs de Oros next >< previous

43 Cinco de EspadasDos de BastosNueve de BastosAs de Espadas Cuatro de OrosSota de BastosSeis de EspadasCoballero de Copas next >< previous

44 Once again, Dalís expansive imagination is dazzling. Dalí d'Or-Objets Montés (Dalí Gold-Mounted Objects) were created by Dalí in order to emulate royalty in all its excess and splendour. In a typically eccentric flourish Dalí went on to create twelve new objects assembled from his Dalí d'Or coins. Sacred emblems and legendary beasts inspired Dali to create these fantasmagoric golden objects THE GOLD COLLECTION next >< previous

45 Isis – Porte-Portrait Soleil Glorieux Tortue Porte-Dali-Bonheur next >< previous

46 Pendantif-Avida Dollars Fume CigaretteCle CroixPendentif Dalinien Pendentif - Serpent Magique Miroir Dali – FleurPendentif - Dali Gala next >< previous

47 Dalí, the undisputed graphic Master, undertook the enormous task of illustrating the great themes of literature in a style expressly Surrealistic – a style which defined him so well. This facet of Dalì's genius is unparalleled by any other artist in history. The etchings and lithographs collected for this exhibition have been carefully chosen for their rarity and uniqueness. ILLUSTRATED BOOKS next >< previous

48 After 50 years of Surrealism (12 graphics) Bestiere de la Fontaine (12 graphics) Divine Comedy (100 graphics) next >< previous

49 Moise et le Monotheisme (10 graphics) Our Historical Heritage (11 graphics) The Bible (105 graphics) next >< previous

50 Gargantua and Pantagruel (25 graphics) Alchimie des Philosophes (16 graphics) Les Amoures Jaunes (10 graphics) next >< previous

51 Decamerone (10 graphics) Carmen (25 graphics) Twelve Tribes of Israel (13 graphics) next >< previous

52 Imagination and Objects of the Future (10 graphics) Hamlet (10 graphics) Tauromachie Surrealiste (7 graphics) next >< previous


54 SELECTED PAST VENUES & VISITOR NUMBERS Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai 50.0002 weeks Retretti Art Center Retretti Arts Center, Finland120.0002 months Arken Museum of Contemporary Art Copenhagen, Denmark110.0002 months Grosse Orangerie des Schlosses Berlin, Germany 81.1406 weeks Charlottenburg Mitsukoshi Museum of Art Tokyo, Japan550.0003 months County Hall Gallery London, UK250.000 annual Espace Dali Paris, France150.000 annual next >< previous

55 PHOTOS OF EXHIBITIONS The Shanghai Art Museum,Shanghai, 2009 next >< previous

56 Zitadelle Museum, Berlin, 1994 next >< previous

57 Palazzo degli Innocenti, Florence, 1993 next >< previous

58 Le Palais de la Bourse, Marseille, 1990 next >< previous

59 next >< previous BLANK COST SHEET The following is an example of our cost sheet. This cost sheet should give you a general idea of transportation and insurance costs, as well as various other specifics for which you will be responsible. (Please note that all numbers are approximate and are intended to give a general idea; obviously, the number of artworks to be included, for example, depends on the amount of space available. This selection of artworks is based on an exhibition space of approximately 500/700 m2.) Please note that all costs are in EUROS, and are approximate. WE OFFER: A) DALÍ SCULPTURE COLLECTION 1) Total Monumental Sculptures 2 Space Elephant Alice in Wonderland 2) Total Large-Sized Museum Sculptures15 Homage to Terpsichore Cabinet Antropomorphique Femme Giraffe Adam and Eve Dance of Time I Surrealist Piano Triumphant Elephant Horse Saddled with Time St. George and the Dragon Snail and the Angel Vision of the Angel Dance of Time II Man with Butterfly Woman of Time Divan Levre Mea West

60 next >< previous 3) Total Smaller-Sized Sculptures__________________6 Mannequin Javanais Masque Napoleon Nu Feminin Hysterique et Aerodynamique Papillon et la Flamme Vestiges Ataviques Yin et Yang B) DALÍ & TAROT Original artworks representing the universal Tarot10 Nueve de Oros As de Oros Cinco de Espadas Dos de Bastos Nueve de Bastos As de Espadas Cuatro de Espadas Sota de Bastos Seis de Espadas Coballero de Copas C) SURREALIST FURNITURE Total Surrealist Furniture6 Muletas Lamp Leda armchair Bracelli Lamp Dalide Gala vis-a-vis Cajones Lamp Leda low table

61 next >< previous D)DAUM GLASS SCULPTURE Total Daum Sculpture____________ 10 Montre Molle Rhinocerotype Chippendale Calice 156 Venus aux Tiroirs Fleur du Mal Croix Leibniz Anti-Fleur Debris dune automobile Poisson Malebranche Le Desir Hyperrationnel E)GOLD OBJECTS Total Gold Objects_______________12 Mirror Dali Flower Isis – Portrait Frame Glorious Sun Avida Dollars Pendant Dali Key Dalinian Gold Pendant Magic serpent Pendant Cigarette Holder Croix Dali Tortoise Charm Dali Gala Pendant

62 next >< previous F) DALÍ ILLUSTRATED BOOK COLLECTION 1) Total Illustrated Books 15 After 50 years of surrealism (12) Bible (105) Bestiare de la Fontaine (12) Divine Comedy (100) Our Historical heritage (11) Moise et le Monotheisme (10) Garguantua and Pantagruel (25) Alchimie des Philosophes (16) Les Amoures Jaunes (10) Decamerone (10) Carmen (25) Twelve Tribes of Israel (13) Immaginations and Objects of the Future (10) Hamlet (10) Tauromachie Surrealiste (7) G) PHOTOGRAPHS Black and White framed photographs which portray Salvador Dali_______10

63 next >< previous H) ADVERTISTING Flyer and poster layouts – We are able to provide you with high resolution copywritten images to use on your flyers and posters, as well as layouts on CD, ready to be translated, personalised and printed. Should you choose to create these layouts yourselves, the Stratton Foundation reserves the right of overall approval, inclusive of your marketing plan. You are responsible for ensuring that all copyright fees are rightfully paid for the use of any and all artworks and photographs used for various advertising and marketing purposes, other than the specific selection of images provided to you by the Stratton Foundation. The Stratton Foundation will be held harmless from all conflicts, legal and otherwise, including but not limited to infringement of copyrights, trademarks and non-payment of royalties, arising from the Salvador Dalí exhibition in the specified location. I) EXHIBITION CURATOR AND CONSULTANCY Mr. Beniamino Levi, President of the Stratton Foundation and world-renowned Dalí expert, will also act as consultant to your exhibition. In addition, the Stratton Foundation is able to provide a projected layout for installation, using the floor plans of the exhibition space.

64 next >< previous J) EXHIBITION MATERIAL: Included in the exhibit are the following: 1) Press kit consisting of high resolution photos and texts 2) Text for artwork labels and panels provided on disc 3) Text of the biography of Salvador Dali 4) Dvd: interview to Mr. Beniamino Levi, who illustrates the collection You are responsible for providing the following: 1) A dedicated Project Manager with whom we can liaise and communicate 2) Professional, high resolution photos of the exhibition (CD-Rom if possible) 3) Press book (containing all clippings and press written about the exhibition) 4) Photos with dignitaries (including dignitaries names) 5) Letters of appreciation from dignitaries 6) Bases: artworks must be exhibited on a base, we will give you the sizes in advance. All small and extremely valuable artworks must be covered by plexiglass cabinets, locked on all four sides. 7) Catalogue of the exhibition. The catalogue will be done with: - Approval of the Stratton Foundation before printing - High resolution photographs and text, which can also be supplied by the Stratton Foundation The Stratton Foundation will give you advice and a project manager for the catalogue.

65 next >< previous YOUR COSTS: A) RENTAL FEE FROM THE STRATTON FOUNDATION rental fee of xxx Euro per x months, for a total of xxx Euro The rental fee includes: The right to use images of all artworks in the creation of a catalogue/promotional material CDs containing high resolution images of each of the artworks Copies of texts written by world-renowned Dalí experts including: A. Reynolds Morse, President of the Salvador Dalí Foundation, St. Petersburg, Florida; Beniamino Levi, President of the Stratton Foundation, largest collection of Salvador Dalí sculpture in the world, and world renown Dalí expert; Albert Field, Official Archivist of Salvador Dalí and world-renowned Dalí expert; B) CATALOGUES 100 copies of the catalogue of the exhibition free of charge to Stratton Foundation (including transport and shipping fees to Chiasso Switzerland) We cannot know the costs of creating and printing a catalogue in your country.

66 C) TRANSPORTATION - SHIPPING & CRATING This exhibition can go partially by sea and partially by air. Monumental sculptures and large size museum sculptures can go by sea, all the other artworks must go by air. MONUMENTAL SCULPTURES 1) Cost of shipping by sea from Chiasso, Switzerland to X locationxxxx 2) Cost of shipping by sea from location to Chiasso, Switzerlandxxxx Transport by sea needs to accommodate approximately 25 cubic meters Transport by sea needs to accommodate approximately 4700kg weight ROUND TRIP TOTAL xxx Euro ALL OTHER ARTWORKS 3) Cost of shipping by air from Chiasso, Switzerland to X locationxxxx 4) Cost of shipping by air from location to Chiasso, Switzerlandxxxx Transport by air needs to accommodate approximately 85 cubic meters Transport by air needs to accommodate approximately 7800 kg weight ROUND TRIP TOTAL xxx Euro These quotations do NOT include transport to and from the port or airport to your exhibition location 5) Cost of the construction of crates for museum artwork collection,various sizes; including packing xxx Euro a) The total weight of the artworks crated is of approximately 12500.00 kg b) The total volume of the artworks crated is of approximately 110 m3 c) Shipping and packing costs need to be paid in advance, 3 months prior the exhibition d) All local taxes, withholding taxes, duties fiduciary bonds and any and all costs related to importation and exportation are to be borne by the exhibitor. < previousnext >

67 < previous D) INSURANCE 1)You must subscribe to our insurance policy which will be attached to the contract and which needs to be paid in advance. Total Exhibition Value & Insurance CoverageEuro xxxx 2)We can offer you insurance for 3 months at secured, location, inclusive of time for transportation (two (2) transports of one week each (to and from warehouse in Port Franc, Chiasso, Switzerland), set-up and take-down for_________________________________________ Euro xxxx 3)It is also your responsibility to provide a civil responsibility insurance policy of Euro 5.000.000 4)The exhibition is responsible for the replacement of broken crates. 5)Any damages and losses must be reported within 24 hours. E ) TECHNICIAN TICKETS___________Estimates to be determined You must provide one Economy class round-trip ticket and one week hotel accommodation, as well as daily food and transit allowance, for one technician to help for each installation. You must provide one addi­tional Economy class round-trip ticket plus one week hotel accommoda­tions, as well as daily food and transit allowance, for one technician to help in the closing and taking down of each installation and controlling the packing. We cannot estimate the cost of the above.

68 next >< previous F) TECHNICIAN FEE______________ 10.000 euro per exhibit Fee of technician to aid installation of the exhibit is 5.000 Euro. Fee of technician to aid take-down of the exhibit is 5.000 Euro. G) INSTALLATION & TAKE-DOWN OF THE EXHIBITION Estimates to be determined We can not estimate the cost of employing technicians for the exhibition. This estimate will have to be obtained by you at a future date. Normally to install this exhibition, a part from our profession technician, 4 or 5 men are needed for the installation and take down which should take approximately ten days. For the installation of the monumental sculptures a crane is needed plus 4 or 5 men and our professional technician. H) INVITATION OF AN OFFICER OF THE STRATTON FOUNDATION Attendance at the first opening of the exhibition by an Officer of the Stratton Foundation, to receive dignitaries. If so desired, he will be available for the press conference to answer any questions. You must provide two round-trip, first class tickets to the location five (5) days first class, 5 star junior suite hotel accommodations, and all expenses paid for a member of the Stratton Foundation including food allowance for 5 days. I) PROJECT MANAGER You must have a designated Project Manager to liase with the Stratton Foundation.

69 CONTACTS IAR Art resources Ltd Via Magazzini Generali 8 6828 Balerna – Switzerland Tel +41 916954740 VISIT OUR VIDEOS ON YOU-TUBE: The Dalí Universe Interview with Mr. Beniamino Levi Dalí Place Vandome, Paris < previous According to the availability of space, this exhibition can be reduced or extended up to 1000 m2. For any extra information please contact us

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