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Photo: San Bernardino Press Enterprise Photos: HSUS and AHA Rescue, Hurricane Katrina 2005.

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4 Photo: San Bernardino Press Enterprise Photos: HSUS and AHA Rescue, Hurricane Katrina 2005

5 Leaving pets behind, even if you try to create a safe place for them, is likely to result in their being injured, lost or worse. Running the streetTrapped at home

6 Stranded on a rooftop Trapped on top of a submerged vehicle

7 Safe from the stormKitty gets a bath to remove chemicals from his skin

8 Reunited at last! 17 days alone with no food or water


10 Moonridge Animal Park buffalo that was transported by ACC officers to Glen Helen An Animal Control Officer helps to evacuate a horse from the mountain area

11 The severely injured paw of a bobcat that was trapped by the fire Animal Control Officers rescue a dog trapped in his backyard kennel

12 RC High SchoolVV Fairgrounds Norton AFB Glen HelenDevore Shelter


14 Do not wait for a disaster to strike! Where will you take your pet? Friends and family Boarding facilities and vet offices Pet-friendly hotels/motels Animal Shelter should be your last resort REMEMBER: Red Cross Shelters cannot accept pets!

15 Post Pet Alert Stickers on windows Set up a Buddy system with trusted neighbors Pet-sitting services may be able to help You can print this sticker from ACCs website under the Disaster Preparedness Section

16 Pet Food Bowls Can Opener Spoon Bottled Water Collar/ID Leash/Harness Halters/Leads/Rope Carriers/Cages Litter Box/Litter/Shovel Newspaper Blankets/Bed Toys Brushes/Combs/Toenail Trimmers

17 Pet Shampoo (preferably waterless) Paper Towels/Pooper Scooper Trash Bags Vet Records Pet Medications (including flea products) Ice Chest Current Photos of Your Pet/Bill of Sale Radio/Batteries Flashlight Emergency Cash Pet First Aid Kit

18 Muzzle 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Sterile Eye Patch Antiseptic Cream/Wipes Penlight Pet Thermometer Paint Sticks (used for splints) Towels/Wash Cloths Gauze Pad Adhesive Bandages/Tape Antibiotic Ointment Scissors Tweezers Grooming Clippers Cold Pack Disposable Latex Gloves Syringe/Eyedropper Cotton Tipped Applicators Emergency Phone Numbers Pet First Aid Book

19 Bring pets indoors Make sure all pets have collars with ID tags Place small pets in cages/carriers Secure leashes on all large dogs Load pets into your vehicletake them with you!

20 Take your pet disaster supply and first aid kits Call your pre-arranged animal evacuation site to confirm availability of space Comfort your petthey are scared just like you! Evacuate ASAP!

21 Seek treatment for injured pets right away. Check inside and outside your home for sharp objects, wildlife, downed power lines and other hazards. Familiar scents and landmarks have changed, which may confuse your pet. Keep pets indoors as much as possible. Make sure dogs are on a leash when going outside. Cats are always safest indoors.

22 If your pet has not eaten for a long period of time, offer small servings until they regain their appetites. Allow pets to rest and recover from the trauma. Give them time to settle back into their routine. If you have LOST your petvisit animal shelters EVERY DAY and post flyers of your missing pet.

23 Animal Care & Control 1-800-472-5609 Emergency Pet Clinics Your Pets Veterinarian Boarding Facilities Pet Sitters Pet Friendly Motel/Hotels Friends/Family that may be able to care for your pet

24 Permission is granted for using this presentation for educational purposes so long as credit is given to the San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program.

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