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Facebook Social Photo Contest. Mechanics Of Facebook Contest Photo contest: Mùa Hè Yêu Th ươ ng Time: 14.06.2013-14.07.2013 Facebook Users share one photo.

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1 Facebook Social Photo Contest

2 Mechanics Of Facebook Contest Photo contest: Mùa Hè Yêu Th ươ ng Time: 14.06.2013-14.07.2013 Facebook Users share one photo with small description Competitors call their friends to like their submission The result base on the number of Like of each submission Result announcement on 14.07.2013

3 Key Visual

4 Mechanics Of Facebook Contest Step 1 Facebook Users like Sharp VN page Step 2 He/she fill in the registration form Step 3 He/she agrees with the terms and conditions Step 4 He/she uploads his/her photo from computer or Facebook account Step 5 He/she write a small description for the photo Step 6 Request competitors to public their submission Step 7 Photos are voted by other Facebook Users (have to like Sharp VN page) Step 8 Competitors call their friends to like their photos Step 9 Announce the result on 14.07.2013

5 Non-fans are required to Like the page before they submit or vote Nonfan View Process Of The Contestants

6 Fan View After Like SHARP Facebook Fanpage, fans will see other submission Result Terms & Conditions Fans click in Register section to submit their photos Prizes

7 Submission Form After fans click the Register box, they can see the form of submission Process Of The Contestants Personal information Upload photos area Personal statement (~ 50 words)

8 Process Of The Contestants Contestants can share their submission on the wall through the app anytime to grab more attention

9 Term and condition for The Contestants

10 Admin Checking Submissions will be checked by SHARP before they are offically submitted on SHARP Facebook fanpage Process Of The Contestants

11 Submit Successfully Their submissions will appear as in the Fan view page. When Facebook users click the photos, it will automatically zoom in. Process Of The Contestants

12 Inviting Friends Contestants are encouraged to invite their friends to participate the contest by voting or making their own submission Process Of The Contestants

13 Sharing Option Contestants can comments on the photo of other submission Process Of The Contestants

14 Weekly Announcement Every week, Sharp will announce a winner for getting most increasing likes in that week ( throughout 4 weeks of the contest )

15 Real Simulated App Test This is the beta test of this app and can work like a real contest. Users are required to like before entering the contest.

16 Example Submissions



19 Prizes (reference) Highest points: TV LCD SHARP LC-32LE340M (6,700,000 vnd) 5 following: A combo of ricecooker KS-19EV"MV"and jarpot (KP- A16SV) (930,000+700,000 = 1,630,000 vnd x5) Prize of SHARP for the most creative submission: A portable CD player GX-M10H (5,200,000 vnd) – Picked by Sharp Weekly prize: gift away of SharpVN. (the most increasing Likes in a week): Total prizes cost: 20,050,000 vnd Based on the number of Like Submission with highest Likes get the total prize

20 Demo page view for Prizes

21 Demo Weekly Prize Weekly Prize will be announced on Friday of every week during the contest.

22 Communication Framework Sharp VN Facebook seeding: post on recommended Facebook page to spread out the information about the contest Facebook ads: ad banner on Facebook to attract non-fan Facebook users Facebook fan page management: 3 posts/day and keep interaction with customers, fans of Sharp

23 Facebook Seeding Post Các bn ơi, hin nay SHARP có t chc mt chương trình là MÙA HÈ YÊU THƯƠNG trên Facebook SHARP Viet Nam t ngày 14/06/2013 đn ngày 14/07/2013. Th l cuc thi: Các bn đăng kí và gi nh ca các thành viên trong gia đình (hoc chính bn) vi các sn phm SHARP và thêm li bình cho bc nh (~50 t). Hãy tham d cuc thi ngay hôm nay đ có cơ hi nhn các gii thưng hp dn. Hãy th hin đam mê ngh thut nhip nh ca mình và giành chin thng vi cuc thi SHARP Mùa Hè Yêu Thương. Tham gia ngay t hôm nay. Mi chi tit xem thêm ti Facebook SHARP Vietnam và SHARP Vietnam 01 GII NHT Bài nhiu Like nht TV SHARP 32LCD 05 GiI PH Bài có Like cao tip theo Combo ni cơm đin và bình thy 04 GiI TUN Bài năng đng nht trong tun 01 GiI ĐC BIT Bài thi sáng to nht Máy CD xách tay cá tính

24 Facebook Ads Tham gia Mùa Hè Yêu Th ươ ng ngay hôm nay đ nhn nhng phn quà t SHARP Facebook Ads Banner -Possible Categories Activities: Cooking, Event Planning, Food & Dining, Literature/Reading Business/Technology: Real Estate, Small Business Owners Family Status: Parents Interest: Beer/Wine/Spirits, Entertainment(TV), Helth&Wellbeing, Home&Garden, Pets Movie/Film Music Retail/Shopping: Beauty Products

25 Web banner demo

26 Communication Framework Sharp VN Interaction with customers: get feedback, response from customers to address their needs Fans, advocates: increase fans through the contest Brand, sales: attract peoples awereness, rise the sales

27 NoFacebook pageURLFan baseContent theme 1Nhat ky http://www.facebook. com/nhatky 901K Emotion, daily news, entertainment 2 Nhung cau noi bat hu http://www.facebook. com/nhungcaunoibat hu 430K Inspirational quotes, funny stories, entertainment 3 Hoi doc than oidocthan 459K Love stories, funny stories, entertainment 4 Hoi Tho va Nu Cuoi http://www.facebook. com/hoithovanucuoi20 11 331K Inspirational stories, entertainment 5 Hay noi nhung loi yeu thuong https://www.facebook. com/Loi.Cua.Trai.Tim 550K Inspirational stories, entertainment RECOMMENDED FACEBOOK FAN PAGES

28 EXPECTED OUTCOME NoItemKPI 1Facebook fan baseReach 12,000 fans 2Facebook fan page3 posts/day 3Facebook ads3,000 clicks

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