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Faces of ETHIOPIA Photos by Guy Shachar

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1 faces of ETHIOPIA Photos by Guy Shachar

2 Sensation in Bahir Dar

3 Live on the Bahir Dar side of Lake Tana

4 Drinking experiments

5 Cross fingers

6 Just another day at the office

7 Man from nowhere

8 Rural march

9 Holly afternoon above Gonder

10 Market Day

11 Bamboo day

12 Stare

13 Lalibela holiness

14 Sweet chewing

15 Sweet look

16 Curious look

17 Girl from Wondo Genet

18 Highway traffic

19 Papyrus cruise

20 Blue Nile Falls guards

21 Photo Op in Gonder

22 Renovation experts

23 Dodola friendship

24 Cropping

25 Chamo Lake drama

26 Photos by Guy Shachar November 2008

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