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Protection Services Ontario Operations 2012 Smelter PMP.

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1 Protection Services Ontario Operations 2012 Smelter PMP

2 Protection Services Personnel Protection Services Personnel (PSP) perform two main functions: -Render Emergency Medical Care -Protect Company Assets Protection Services Personnel (PSPs) can be identified by a blue uniform marked with Vale Protection Services and Security

3 Norcat Cards Norcat card must be carried on your person at all times while on Vale property Must have a valid site specific sticker on the back of the Norcat card All persons entering Smelter property must possess Smelter indoctrination as well as any other location they may be working in while on Smelter property (example, Transportation, Divisional Shops, Acid Plant, Matte Processing, etc.)

4 Vale Contractor / Vale Delivery Pass In addition to all contractors possessing a valid Norcat card, contractors will also have to be in possession of a valid Vale Contractor / Vale Delivery pass. In order to obtain a "Contractor Photo Pass" the Vale Contact Person or designate will have to provide the Protection Services Pass Office with a completed Contractor Photo Pass Application Form. The Contractor Photo Pass Application Form must be completed by the Contractors Vale Contact Person. The Vale Contact Person needs to ensure that all contractors have the appropriate training to work on the specified Vale property.

5 Vale Contractor / Vale Delivery Pass This completed form will provide proof that the specific contractor(s) have received all required training and orientation to be on Vale property. The Vale Contact Person must complete and sign the "Contractor Photo Pass Application Form" prior to the Pass Office issuing a contractor pass and include the expiry date of the individuals Norcat card. One form can be used for a group of contractors as long as the contractors on the list belong to the same company and the company name appears on the form.

6 Vale Contractor / Vale Delivery Pass All contractors requiring a "Contractor Photo Pass" must send their completed forms to the Pass Office either by fax @ 705-682-6584 or by email @ Once the forms have been submitted, the contractor will then have to contact the Pass Office to book an appointment in order to have their picture taken and receive their new card. Contractors are required to contact the Pass Office @ 705-682-6380 or 705-682-6017 to set up an appointment in order to have their picture taken. The Contractor Photo Pass will be valid for the same duration as their Norcat card

7 Vale Contractor / Vale Delivery Pass When the Contractor Photo Pass expires, the same process is to be followed in order to receive a new Contractor Photo Pass. In order to be granted gate access, the manager from each area that is requested must provide authorization. The authorization may be done via signature or email. All contractors must have their contractor pass on their person while working on Vale property.

8 Plant Access/Exit All personnel entering or exiting Smelter property are required to swipe their Contractor/Delivery Pass for authorization. If the card is not programmed/expired, the individual will not be granted access to the property.

9 Inspections All vehicles are subject to inspection upon entry/exit All lunch pails and personal items are subject to inspection at any time while on Vale property

10 Traffic Control. Pedestrians have the right of way Must obey posted signs Park only in authorized designated areas Failure to obey parking regulations may result in your vehicle being towed at your expense

11 Traffic Control All Highway Traffic Act regulations are enforced Speed limits on Vale property are radar enforced All traffic violations are tracked in a database Violations of any in plant traffic regulations may result in the suspension of driving privileges on Vale property Some violations may result in severe disciplinary action

12 Examples of Disciplinary Actions for Violations Speeding (radar enforced): Km/hr aboveDriving Privileges Posted LimitRemoval (months) 20 1 30 3 40 6 50 or more 12 Other violations include: disobeying stop signs, talking/texting on cell phone while driving, failure to wear seatbelt, etc.

13 Deliveries It is the contractors responsibility to provide proper contact information to delivery personnel If the delivery person does not have contact information for the material being delivered, the delivery will be turned away at the gate Any additional expenses of the returns of product will be at the cost of the company requesting the material All delivery personnel must possess a valid Norcat card as well as a Vale Delivery Pass.

14 Escorting If a person does not possess a valid Norcat card or does not have site specific indoctrination (accompanied by a Vale Contractor/Delivery Pass), they may be escorted onto property within the following provisions: -The person may only be escorted by a Vale employee or an authorized escort (in possession of an authorization letter from the appropriate department Manager) -The person shall sign a release form (Form 483) prior to entering the plant -The person must be escorted for the entire duration of their stay on property

15 Injury Protocol In all cases of injury/disease: -Workers must seek First Aid right away followed by reporting the injury/disease to their first line supervisor as soon as possible -To contact First Aid, dial 6622 or 911 from any phone inside the plant -Transportation to medical facilities will be provided by the company either by taxi or ambulance -Under no circumstances will an injured worker be permitted to transport himself/herself to seek medical attention -All ambulance calls must be made through #1 First Aid. Please do not call 911 from any phone other than an in plant line -All ambulance calls require the contractor supervisor to personally contact the injured workers family

16 Equipment/Tools Entering/Exiting Plant All tools/equipment entering property must be checked by a PSP upon entry. This includes all personal tool bags, job boxes, trailers and sea cans. Each item will be listed on a Contractor Material List including serial and model numbers when available. A copy of the Contractor Material List will be provided to the owner of the material or driver of the vehicle and a copy will be kept on file at Central Gate. All material entering/exiting property must enter/exit through the Smelter Central Gate. The same material entering property listed on a Contractor Material List must also exit property together. If there are any items missing from the list, a separate pass-out (Form 0138) will be required to take the equipment/tools out at a later time. Material listed on a Pass-out slip must be authorized to exit the property by an authorized signer.

17 Equipment/Tools Entering/Exiting Plant Any trailers or sea cans entering the property must be thoroughly inspected by a PSP upon entry. This process will be conducted by appointment only. To book an appointment, please contact the Smelter Central Gate at (705)682-5651. If no appointment is booked, the material will be inspected as time permits.

18 Equipment/Tools Entering/Exiting Plant Aluminum Cans, plates trays and foil. Please rinse. Aluminum Cans, plates, trays and foil. Please rinse. Any pick-up trucks with job boxes will also be inspected upon entry and a Contractor Material List will be completed. Please note that in order for the truck to exit the property with the job box, the material in the box will have to match exactly what is on the Contractor Material List. Any discrepancies will not be tolerated. The job box may be sealed upon entry upon the request of the driver. This will reduce exit wait times if the seal has not been broken/tampered with.

19 Equipment/Tools Entering/Exiting Plant Prior to exiting the property with a trailer or sea can, arrangements must be made for the material to be inspected. The trailer/sea can must be inspected prior to being loaded. If the trailer/sea can is loaded upon the PSPs arrival, it will have to be unloaded and re-loaded in order to verify the contents. Trailers/sea cans waiting to exit the property will be inspected by appointment. To book an appointment, please contact the Smelter Central Gate at: (705)682-5651. If no appointment is booked, the material will be inspected as time permits. After the material has been verified by the PSP, a numbered seal tag will be placed on the trailer/sea can. This number will be recorded on the Contractor Material List. After the seal is in place, the trailer/sea can may exit the property at any time.

20 Equipment/Tools Entering/Exiting Plant Plastics #1, #2, #4, #5, #6 Look for the symbols. Please rinse. No motor oil containers Any unauthorized removal of property will result in severe disciplinary action including suspension from working on Vale property.

21 Parking for 2012 Smelter PMP All contractor parking for the 2012 Smelter PMP will be located at Copper Cliff South Mine. All contractor companies are required to provide busing from South Mine to the Smelter. Bus drivers must be in possession of a class C licence as they will be required to drive on public roadways.

22 Parking for 2012 Smelter PMP Smelter South Mine Parking Lot

23 Safety Reminders When red lights are flashing at the entrance to any Vale property, DO NOT ENTER Follow the below steps in an emergency situation: -Remain calm -Remain in your vehicle -On the entrance road to Vale facilities, park along the right-hand side of the road. Leave the roadway clear for emergency vehicles -Close windows and doors, shut off heater, fresh air vents, air conditioner, ventilation intakes -Turn off the ignition and remove the key -Follow instructions of emergency services personnel

24 2012 Smelter PMP Questions?

25 2012 Smelter PMP The End

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